Robin Givens dating

Robin Givens is lifting the lid on what dating Brad Pitt was really like, way before the star became the Hollywood hunk that we know and love. Robin Givens is adding director to her résumé with the new Lifetime movie “A Murder to Remember.” “Extra’s” Billy Bush caught up with Robin, who opened up about the film, which is ... Robin Givens seems to have a very different version of the night her ex-husband, Mike Tyson, allegedly caught her in bed with Brad Pitt. Former heavyweight champion Mike, 56, famously wrote in his ... She has two children named William Givens Jensen and Michael Givens. Age, Height, and Weight. Being born on 27 November 1964, Robin Givens is 55 years old as of today’s date 13th September 2020. Her height is 1.65 m tall, and her weight is 56 kg. Career. She started her Hollywood journey in 1978 with an uncredited role, ‘The Wiz.’ Who is Robin Givens dating? Robin Givens is currently single, according to our records.. The American TV Actress was born in New York City, NY on November 27, 1964. Head of the Class actress and ex-wife of Mike Tyson who appeared in Boomerang and A Rage in Harlem. More about the Robin Givens and Brad Pitt dating / relationship. More about the Robin Givens and Mike Tyson dating / relationship. More about the Robin Givens and Marcus Schenkenberg dating / relationship. More about the Robin Givens and Howard Stern dating / relationship. More about the Robin Givens and Svetozar Marinkovic dating / relationship. Who is she dating right now? Robin Givens is currently single. Relationships. Robin Givens was previously married to Svetozar Marinkovic (1997 - 1998) and Mike Tyson (1988 - 1989). Robin Givens has been in relationships with Marcus Schenkenberg (2005 - 2006), Howard Stern (1999 - 2000), Murphy Jensen (1998 - 1999), Brad Pitt (1986 - 1987) and ... On 27-11-1964 Robin Givens was born in New York City, New York. She made her 2 million dollar fortune with Head of the Class, House of Payne & Riverdale. The actress & model her starsign is Sagittarius and she is now 55 years of age. Robin Givens revealed all about her Brad Pitt driveway moment and dating Howard Stern on 'Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.' 100 women, 100 years Mental health tips 🧠 RVing for newbies ... Robin Givens’s Boyfriend. Robin Givens is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Robin had at least 6 relationship in the past. Robin Givens has not been previously engaged. She married Mike Tyson in February 1988, and the pair divorced a year later. She was then married to Svetozar Marinkovic from 1997-1998. She has sons, William and ...

(Spoilers Extended) So Spake Martin Extended: rarely seen quotes from GRRM part 5

2020.09.18 17:09 zionius_ (Spoilers Extended) So Spake Martin Extended: rarely seen quotes from GRRM part 5

I've made four posts (1, 2, 3, 4 ) presenting some rarely seen or discussed quotes from GRRM on ASOIAF. Now it's time for the 5th part. (Some were posted before as standalone posts, but for the sake of completeness I'd still include them here)
In my original proposal, I estimated that each volume of the trilogy might run as long as 800 pages in manuscript...The three books of the trilogy would be structured around the long, slow seasons of Westeros. A Game of Thrones would be summer’s book, A Dance with Dragons would take us through autumn, and The Winds of Winter…well, the title says it all.
[After he reached 1300 pages when writing AGOT] Out went the elegantly structured trilogy, with each volume built around a single season, I would tell the tale that I’d set out to tell, from beginning to middle to end, and never mind how many books or years it might require. By rearranging a bit, moving some chapters up and some others out, I found a very satisfactory resolution for first volume, and delivered a massive manuscript of 1188 pages to my publishers in October, 1995.
Elio: Back in 2003, when George was talking to Tom Maringer at Shire Post about replica coins, I received an email which went into George's idea that certain coinages that were circulating prior to the Conquest were co-opted by Aegon and the Targaryens and became part of the standard currency of the Seven Kingdoms. In the case of stags, they were coins used in the stormlands and became part of the currency of the Seven Kingdoms. There are also silver moons, a larger coin than a stag, originated from the Vale of Aryn.
In a partial manuscript of AFFC dated Jan. 2004, Boros Blount was looking increasingly ill and died at the end of the partial manuscript,
In THK, some Blackwoods were at the Ashford tourney. Their names were given in a roll of arms in the comic version of THK Note: only the four Blackwoods were not called "ser". They were squires. Elio asked about why the Blackwoods, who followed Old Gods took part in the tourney, and GRRM replied:
House Blackwood follows the old gods, so the Blackwoods are technically only squires, not knights, since they have never taken vows. The house is very old and high in honor, though, so allowances are made.
PS. You can find many more interesting tidbits in the roll of arms in THK comic, including GRRM's own sigil!
A fan was wearing a "Benjen Lives" t-shirt. George saw it and said that he couldn't say whether that was true or not, but that we'll definitely have more about him in ADwD.
George said that he knows the ending of the story and how many of the major characters will end. He explained that it is like travelling; you want to go from Barcelona to Paris, you know your destination and the roads you plan to take but you don't know what is going to happen in your way there. You have to be there, in your way to learn it. As an example he explained that he had Bran's first chapter in his mind from the very beginning but he didn't know who the man that Eddard Stark executes was, it was not until he was writing the eighth chapter that he realized that this man was the one from the Prologue.
Ted Nasmith: You may have seen my small painting of Eastwatch by the Sea. That was a private commission, for which I relied on the very limited info in the novel. On doing it, he remarked that it was inaccurate, then admitted that any descriptions were in his head, as yet, but were to be included in one of the sequels.
In a podcast recorded in May 2010, GRRM said:
There’s actually one thing under consideration right now. I can’t say too much about it, but that might impact… It’s very minor, though, it would be changing a character’s name, changing the name of a minor character for the television series, and if we go ahead and change that name, I might go back in the books and change his name in the books, as well. So in the later editions of the book, the minor character would have a different name. But it’s still up in the air whether we’ll actually do that or not. So that’s really all I can say about it right now.
Then in July, he hinted:
Lysa's son has been renamed for the series. "Robin" instead of "Robert," as in the books. He's still Sweetrobin.Marillion has not been renamed, though I offered to do so. I was tired of people assuming he was named after the band. I had never heard of the band when I named him, though I've heard a lot about them since.
Finally in Oct, he confirmed:
The name change that was being contemplated (as mentioned in the podcast was for Marillion, to avoid confusion with the band.HBO decided it was not necessary.The Marillion thing has annoyed me for years. So far as I knew at the time, I'd made up the name. It was never meant to refer to the band of the same name.
According to Elio, "pie or wine was poisoned during Purple Wedding" was one of the 100+ things they asked GRRM to verify, in order to make A World of Ice and Fire app.
And the app says the wine is poisoned.
On the issue of the differences between the series and books. I recently interviewed actor Ivan Reon, and he said that playing Ramsay Bolton was easy. Because, the quote, "Ramsey is a happy man." Did you make this character happy?
(laughs) Wow ... Actually, no. I did not write Ramsay as a happy person, at least in books. You know, you need to make a distinction between my version and the one you see on the screen. There is a lot of Ramsey background in the books - he is a child born after rape, which was not interesting to anyone. Until mother brought him to the castle. And since Roose Bolton had no legitimate heirs, he took Ramsay to himself, deciding: “This is the best I have. I am not very pleased with this, but that is it. " Ramsay in the books is motivated by this huge uncertainty due to the fact that he is unwanted. And at the same time he inherits the titles of Roose Bolton, and many around doubt his abilities and rights. He is, you know, the guy who doesn't fit. Because of this, there is a lot of anger in him and, of course, innate cruelty.
The transcription of the whole interview was posted before, but in that video the signal was lost for 2 mins. I find another video showing what GRRM said during the lost 2 mins.
ASOIAF is already older than 20 years. There is a lot of fan theories. Do these help you or influence you?
No the fan theories don’t influence the books. I largely try not to hear about the fan theories. In some cases those people write me emails. Back in the late 90s when around the time the 2nd book came out in 1999, the first few fan sites poped up on the internet. And I did visit them at that time, I was thrilled. “Oh they are talking about my book, what are they saying? Let me read them.” And it was fascinating to read, it was very ego gratifying. But at a certain point I realized there were difficulties here. I didn’t want to know about fan theories that may be wrong. It might give my some ideas, it might change something. I don’t want to change something, I want to be true to my own envision. And I also don’t want to know when they were right, which might also cause me to change something. “My god, they already guessed this twist, and guessed it like three books before I write it. I don’t like that. Should I change it? Make it something different?” No I already structured it, I set the twist since 1991, changing it now would spoil the structure to a ruined state. So there is really nothing to be gained by me reading the fan sites. Although I meet fans at conventions and public events. I don’t want to hear their theories. Let them enjoy making them up, but leave me out of it.
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2020.09.15 23:01 StevenStevens43 From Rud Hud Hudibras to Meryptah

From Rud Hud Hudibras to Meryptah
Rud Hud Hudibras:
Rud Hud Hudibras was king of Loegria.
The first sensational claim about Rud Hud Hudibras, is that he founded kaerreint (Catnerbury).
Rud Hud Hudibras
Rud Hud Hudibras (Welsh: Run baladr bras) was a legendary king of the Britons) as recounted by Geoffrey of Monmouth. He was the son of King Leil and ruled during a civil war.
During the waning years of Leil's reign, the kingdom of the Britons became unstable, and civil war broke out. Rud Hud Hudibras became king after his father's death and reigned for 39 years, ending the civil war and restoring peace to the kingdom. During his reign, he founded Kaerreint, later renamed Canterbury by the Angles.
Link for photo
Canterbury Arms
Durovernum Cantiacorum:
Now whilst there is nothing to support the claim that there was a settlement founded here by Rud Hud Hudibras, there is also nothing to contradict the claim.
There is believed to have been a tribe known as the Cantiaci which settled in this area in a pre-roman settlement known as Durovernum Cantiacorum.
The Cantiaci or Cantii were an Iron Age Celtic people living in Britain before the Roman conquest, and gave their name to a civitas of Roman Britain. They lived in the area now called Kent, in south-eastern England. Their capital was Durovernum Cantiacorum, now Canterbury
Link for photo
And i am sure it goes without saying, that evidence of inhabitation in this area, dates all the way back to the Pale-olithic era.
Early history
The Canterbury area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Lower Paleolithic axes, and Neolithic and Bronze Age pots have been found in the area.[11]
Link for photo
Canterbury City walls
The earliest known attestation for Cantium, comes from Julius Caeser in 55 BC, whom actually spoke quite fondly of the Cantiums.
Julius Caesar landed in Cantium in 55 and 54 BC, the first Roman expeditions to Britain. He recounts in his De Bello Gallico v. 14:[citation needed]
"Ex his omnibus longe sunt humanissimi qui Cantium incolunt, quae regio est maritima omnis, neque multum a Gallica differunt consuetudine.""Of all these (British tribes), by far the most civilised are they who dwell in Kent, which is entirely a maritime region, and who differ but little from the Gauls in their customs."
Link for photo
Apparently, he also founded Kaerguenit (Winchester).
Rud Hud Hudibras
He is also said to have founded Kaerguenit (Winchester)
Link for photo
Winchester coat of Arms
Now, Winchester, also has evidence of inhabitation dating back to pre-historic times.
But Winchester also has an oppidum, which is an Iron age settlement.
The area around Winchester has been inhabited since prehistoric times, with three Iron Age hillforts, Oram's Arbour, St. Catherine's Hill, and Worthy Down all nearby. In the Late Iron Age, a more urban settlement type developed, known as an oppidum
Link for photo
British Late Iron-age:
The late British Iron age began in approximately 100 BC.
Therefore it would appear archaeologists do not believe the Oppidum to be any older than 100 BC.
Hill forts.
However, three Iron-age hill forts were also mentioned.
And according to the periodisation link above, the British Iron-age dates back to beginnings in 800 BC.
Now no date is actually given for what appears to be the oldest of the Iron age hill-forts, St Catherines Hill.
So could be anywhere between 100 BC, and 800 BC.
St Catherines Hill
St. Catherine's Hill is a 43-hectare (110-acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest on the outskirts of Winchester in Hampshire.[1][2] It is managed by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust,[3] and most of it is an Iron Age hillfort, which is a Scheduled Monument.[4]
Link for photo
St Catherines hill
Paladur Castle:
So, you can decide for yourself whether or not we found evidence to support the claim.
Certainly did not find anything that contradicts the claim.
But that is not all.
Apparently Rud Hud Hudibras also founded Paladur Castle, in what would today be Shaftesbury.
Rud Hud Hudibras
and Paladur Castle (Shaftesbury).
Link for photo
Shaston 12
Caer Palladour:
Whilst some historians dismiss this legend as "mere invention", it does not take away the fact, that even today, "Caer Palladour", is an alternative name for Shaftesbury.
The original Celtic name is first recorded in Medieval Welsh literature as Caer Vynnydd y Paladr (The Mountain Fort/City of the Spears)[2] and Thomas Gale records the name as Caer Palladour in his work of 1709.[3] Though "Palladour" was described by one 19th-century directory as "mere invention", it has continued to be used as a poetic and alternative name for the town.[4]
Link for photo
Melbury hill
Anyway, legend places Rud Hud Hudibras reign around the same period Capys was king in Alba Longa.
Rud Hud Hudibras
Geoffrey places Rud Hud Hudibras' reign during the time Capys was king in Alba Longa and Haggai, Amos), Joel), and Azariah) were prophesying in Israel.
Given his name, i am surprised they are not placing his reign alongside Robin hood.
Link for photo
Robin laughing
Now, Capys is said to have reigned from 963 to 935 BC.
Capys, mythological king of Alba Longa and descendant of Aeneas. Said to have reigned from 963 to 935 BC.[3]
Link for photo
,[4] in the Etruscan language the word capys meant \"hawk\" or \"falcon\" (or possibly \"eagle\" or \"vulture\").
Fiachu Finscothach:
Now, i would just like to look at other events happened around this given period.
Fiachu Finscothach whom reigned as high king of Ireland 975–955 BC, was sent in to exile, but returned as head of a "black fleet".
Fiachu Finscothach
Fíacha Fínscothach, son of Sétna Airt, was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, a High King of Ireland. His father became High King after killing the previous incumbent, Rothechtaid mac Main, in single combat at Cruachan in defence of Fíachu. Fíachu went into exile, but returned at the head of a "black fleet", and, with the assistance of Muinemón,
Flag of Cornwall:
Now i just wonder if the words "Black fleet" give a clue as to where he went in to exile? And i wonder if it was in the lands of Queen Gwendolans descendants in Cornwall, desperate to ally themselves with others, for their fight against Loegria.
Link for photo
Flag of Cornwall
Prophets of Israel:
Now, surprisingly, i am not going to bother verifying the prophets of Israel.
Quite simply, during the Egyptian 18th dynasty, which pre-dates the prophets of Israel by some considerable margin, there was a High priest of Ptah, named Ptahmose.
Thutmose was an ancient Egyptian vizier) under Amenhotep III, during the 18th Dynasty.
As vizier of the North (i.e. of Lower Egypt), Thutmose officiated from Memphis, while his southern counterpart was based in Thebes. He was married to Tawy, and had at least two sons: Ptahmose, who became High Priest of Ptah
Ptahmose reigned under two pharoahs, Thutmose IV, and Amenhotep III.
Ptahmose was High Priest of Ptah in Memphis during the time of Thutmose IV and in the beginning of the reign of Amenhotep III.
14th Century BC:
Just to get a rough idea of what period we are discussing, Thutmose IV reigned from approximately 1401 – 1391 BC .
Thutmose IV
Thutmose IV (sometimes read as Thutmosis or Tuthmosis IV, Thothmes in older history works in Latinized Greek; Ancient Egyptian: ḏḥwtj.msj(.w) "Thoth is born")[1] was the 8th Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt, who ruled in approximately the 14th century BC.
Link for photo
Thutmose IV
High priest of Ptah:
Now, the job description of a high priest of Ptah, pretty much translates to "chief architect".
High priest of Ptah
The High Priest of Ptah was sometimes referred to as "The Greatest of the Directors of Craftsmanship" (wr-ḫrp-ḥmwt). This title refers to Ptah as the patron god of the craftsmen.[1]
Link for photo
Temple of Ptah
Now, Thutmose also had another son, named Meryptah, whom also became a vizier.
Meryptah likely became the first ever vizier, to be awarded with the title "prophet", in his job description, amongst his other titles, such as chief steward of the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III, which i imagine translates to, "architect of the construction of Amenhotep III's resting place.
He was married to Tawy, and had at least two sons: Ptahmose, who became High Priest of Ptah in Memphis, and Meryptah, who later assumed many titles such as prophet and chief steward of the Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III.[1]#cite_note-1)
Link for photo
Temple of Amenhotep III
For reasons connected with above, i have no motivation to go to 800 or 900 BC in order to verify the existence of Prophets.
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2020.09.15 00:52 Sanity0004 Rivals III from a first time viewer.(Part 11: Jesus, I didn't think my hate for Johnny could go any higher)

I'll be honest. I'm not exactly looking forward to Rivals. What I would call Rivalry's, or worthy of calling a rivalry, have been either pretty tame or pretty rare. The season's have been on a pretty downward spin with the casting being low caliber and not much competition when it comes to actual challenges.
Anyways, this is my eleventh go-around, if you want to check out my thoughts on other seasons check out my submissions. As I get close to caught up with CBS All Access I'm thinking more and more about a finale type post to follow the seasons of a whole bunch of rankings and thoughts on the show overall as I was going through it. If you have any ideas for random rankings you'd like to see that I might not have thought of, just let me know in the comments.
EP 1:
Wes and Bananas this time around?
Fucking Vince...
It's weird they're listing "championships" with the confessionals? Bananas has 5?
Johnny Reilly is back again? Didn’t Exes prove that he was worthless and got lucky with his first season?
I'm actually surprised Nany has only been on five seasons. It feels like more.
They brought Christina back after one episode? What? just because she hooked up with someone immediately?
Sarah's back? I honestly thought she was done the way she was talking on Exes.
Johnny saying someone else is playing dirty is hilarious. Only because it was against him.
Well this Ashley chick looks like a fucking wreck.
I'm fine with seeing Kellyanne again.
Jenna again! They really see more out of her than I do.
Kinda surprised to see Avery and Jessica back. Those are two people I didn't expect to see again.
Fucking Dario, guess we know Vince's rival.
Thomas, Cory, and Leroy. Ok, I'm honestly not hating this cast so far.
Thom now changes the story to making out. Fitting with the narrative Cara was pushing lmao
I'm not hating the rookies either. This cast has potential.
Nicole, Jamie and Vince walked in. I changed my mind. Well we needed some fodder I guess. I can't wait to see Vince prove he's the worst.
I'm so goddamn tired of Johnny's speeches.
I'm not liking how many people of Johnny's inner circle there are this season. Camila, Nany, Vince, Leroy, Johnny, Jenna, who knows how many other ties he made in the off season or how the rivals of those people will feel. I feel like Johnny would be the quenticiential pregamer. Any time anyone even has the potential of getting on the show I feel like he's probably chatting them up and trying to get friendly with them before the show even starts.
Jenna's butt has returned to the screen after being absent for a season. Nicole's cartoon makeup has returned.
These AYTO people are dumb lmao, trying to talk strategy right by the pool in front of everyone haha These fucks have no chance. I don't know what this AYTO show is but they need to stop looking to it for casting.
You don't jump, you don't get on the season. Make it the rule!
Is Sarah's rival Johnny? Are they doing a guy/girl rivals?
"Mexico's an island right?" I remember why Jenna is here.
Was honestly anticipating Wes and Johnny being forced to work together. I'd be fine with opposite sex rivals if they did something similar to Bloodlines of the two teams structure. Think there was a lot of potential there that got screwed by so many early exits that forced alliances so quickly.
The lengths they go to fill these 'rivalries' is hilarious. "He disrespected your little night...the first day of the previous season."
Say any negative word about someone in a confessional one time. Producers: "Such rivalry!"
The first time Wes gets a female partner that isn't terrible? Better than Mandi and Casey at least.
Cory and Ashley seems like a trainwreck waiting to happen.
I kinda like this Briana chick.
Johnny is really stuck on the red hair and freckles
Jessica is cute as hell, but her mouth is sooooooo damn big.
Leroy tries to calm down Simone for a single second and then walks away like "nevermind" hilarious.
Fucking Tony
Ashley gets turned on by people fighting.
"Smashley" Ok Cory is pretty funny.
This season is actually off to a pretty good start.
Like the top tiny section of this house looks like it's the same size as the first Fresh Meat house all together lol These houses just get bigger and bigger. Least it's not a bunch of bunk beds this season.
They only have like 4 different color jerseys this season? Couldn't try for more disparity?
Oh Nicole's makeup....oh oh oh. Girl...
Jessica's fall was scary as hell, Nicole fell like 5 inches.
I have a feeling this challenge isn't regulated by height like Survivor does. Nany didn't even have to let go of the side rail to grab the first skull, and here Simone is struggling to even get the first lmao
Vince overcoming his challenge terrible-ness on the first challenge? This will just completely inflate his ego.
Sarah being Johnny's best partner? I feel like Camila and Sarah would be a pretty good comparison. I think Camila is underrated.
Johnny just throwing it because Vince won and he gets a chance to let Sarah fall. Sounds just like Johnny.
Camila is a badass, I just think her partner is going to end up sucking.
I'm predicting Johnny/Jessica being first Eliminated. No matter who their contender is. Johnny showed on Exes he was bad.
Man, we're getting to the point where even premieres don't have a full challenge and elimination in them without getting a to be continued?!
EP 2:
Episode starts with “Champ is here” yeah definitely doing wonder for Vinces ego
Sounds like Leroy has a bruised tailbone
I really don’t want to see Johnny R again. Please go. You suck, a Bananas puppet and you got second by almost pure luck.
“Super twisty!” What a tease! /s
I actually like Leroy but would like him more if he wasn’t dumb and best buds with Bananas
Everyone keeps trying to talk about this skydiving
haha shut up
“The little sex cops” ok I’m a Jenna fan
Tony not taking any advice at all and not taking it slow at all.
Tony, still a mess confirmed.
At least Jess is calling things off before anything happens unlike Cara.
Leroy No! That’s a bummer.
Silver lining is it hurts Johnny's numbers.
Oh shit. Two pairs going in? So much for telling that rookie couple they were safe haha
Oh stuck with their word. Good for them. Would have been a second easy pick.
Inner rookie drama is least interesting drama
Cory is so damn horny for this girl.
All these times Johnny is seeing Jessica go home. Know what he’s not seeing? Johnny, doing anything other than a final.
Bananas losing Leroy and Johnny in the first go would be a dream come true lol
Darn! Jess carried Johnny to a win.
“I understand the nuances now.” Dude you’re going first after like 3 days here you learned nothing.
EP 3:
Replacements? Hmmm
Please send in Abram and Cara! Haha
Smashley looks smashed and trashed.
Good god. Watching Camila of all people trying to rationalize with a crazy drunk is giving me life right now haha
Smashley about to hulk smash haha “piss in your pants bitch!”
I’m kinda liking Cory a lot so far this season.
Hahahahaha she goes to Jamie afterwards and asks HIM why HE is pissed?!? Hahaha
“You don’t want people to talk about you, don’t give them something to talk about” Simone, girl, preach!
It’s going to be nobody again isn’t it? TJ turning around and looking like he’s trying to find them just seems like peak bad TJ acting.
More rookies? That was a let down. I would have rather had no one.
Oh the elim winner picks order. Interesting change that I’m ok with.
This challenge reminds me so much of the older school style of challenges. I’m all for that.
“I’ve been practicing with Jamie all week.” I puked in my mouth a bit.
Wes looks tired instantly. He coming in a bit out of shape?
Why is she moaning? Hahahaha
Maybe the funniest challenge.
Oh never mind Wes is being smart.
What the hell kinda quesadilla is spicy? Simones asshole feels like a spicy quesadilla...
I don’t like the game getting more twisty!
Every time I get just a tiny glimpse of Christina I either think Casey or Melinda is on the season. She’s like a weird amalgamation of the two.
Johnny trashing Wes and Simone defending him lol
“I carried her ass to the end” you were gone like fifth what are you talking about? Lmao
“I would have never done that.” I would have had Leroy or Jenna/Jay do it for me. So I can still claim I was loyal.
Wes looking at the camera and saying “this happens all the time” after Simone walks away mad is fucking hilarious.
This Tony dude is always getting in arguments with girls. There is something with him. Always.
All this fighting because he asked what season of a show she was from lol
EP 4:
This season going fast. I’m enjoying the hell out of this season so far.
I haven’t said it yet but I’m kind of shocked Jamie is back. That dude was literally invisible last season. Every time he appeared on screen I was confused for like 3 minutes pricing together who he was.
Simone going home with a torn butthole is a new one.
“How is a butthole going to send me home?!”
Nicole is so much cuter without all the makeup. Quit it chick!
They really went all out in this house party. Dang.
Here comes Camilinater!
Camila, you could just approach it calmly and say no that didn’t happen and then try to see who said it. But to flip out right away just comes off as defensive.
“I’m going home” this is not the Camila I know. Now she’s crying? You’re really taking on the Robin vibes as of late.
Kellyanne, you can’t keep saying be quiet and trying to be quiet and not seeming suspicious.
It’s on its way to getting resolved and Nicole calls Camila crazy lol good people skills
I’m glad these rookies don’t seem to awful this season.
Haha I love how these rookie AYTO players are having a meeting talking about allegiances and Wes is just quietly in the middle of them barely even being shown on camera lol
Arguing about which show is better haha
“You’re on a dating show! Shut the fuck up!” Lol
This new freckle chick is coming in wanting to get under everyone’s skin. If only she was good at challenges she’d be my new favorite cast member.
Since when do they have security?!?!
I think Camila just wants to kiss the freckle girl. Lol
Quittin bitch! I was liking Brianna. Jennas cousins namesake didn’t not chew bugs and end up finishing the final for you to quit on another girl named Brianna the following season because you had a case of the sads. How dare you!
So many people standing there look like they want to punch the dude lol
I feel like Brianna could be back.
I feel like Johnny and Wes are working together this season on the sly. They’re always close together during the comps talking and when Reilly got to decide order he put Wes in the second group.
Oh oh oh Ashley got caught on a rope or something. Wow that’s definitely a production fuck up. Ouch.
At least Dario isn’t talking as much shit this season.
How are you gonna end on a cliffhanger on Camilas normal looking fall when Smashley looked like she was about to lose a damn arm?!
EP 5:
Tony sucks. I feel bad for Camila lol
Amanda the new mouth of the house? Talks shit and falls right away.
God I hate everyone names Johnny.
Please be reilly/Jessica please please please.
Please get eliminated now.
Smashley it’s probably not a good idea to tell your partner you want to throw in his number one ally lol
Camila flipping out from someone playing the he said she said game and then turning around and playing the he said she said game lol
I feel like this is being said to possibly sway smashley/Cory to not vote any vets in elim but the editing isn’t doing it justice.
“You know why you ripped your ass?! Cause you’re a weak ass!!” Line of the season.
“Just go back to....hell bitch” phew that was close. Held my breath for a second.
I don’t know how the sliding glass doors on this show don’t break. They get slammed every season constantly.
EP 6:
“Who? Her?” No, Cory, Camila is drunkenly yelling at you two about someone else…
“Literally never have I wanted someone and NOT gotten with that person.” What a weird creepy ass thing to say Devin…
Damn Smashley, Yeah Simone was so in the wrong saying Jamie shouldn’t trust her lol
Not really a mini final, but this challenge of completing tasks and climbing repeated walls sounds great.
Brains or balls, way to start.
Did Vince seriously just smash the brain and basically smush it against his face barely actually getting any in his mouth?
Everyone puking, Jamie just calmly chewing.
I swear Vince just basically cheated that eating part. He literally smashed it up and had like half of it plastered to his hand and just shows his empty mouth and walks on.
With the size of that rope you really think the lasso choice wouldn’t be that hard.
Camila with tries on her head and on each arm. Never let it be understated that Camila is kind of a beast.
They took the wrong mattress haha
Jeez, Wes and Nany seem so far behind.
Now someone loses their token? Lol I love this challenge.
Eat cake, or go naked….wow
“This is not a good day to be a ginger.”
I’m so tired of hearing Johnny whine about this shit.
Literally two seasons of Johnny fucking over friends, but please, lets whine about the one time you got screwed over by a friend two seasons ago.
Devin comes up like “You need me to bend over too?”
Wants to throw in Wes. We just ignoring the long history of being outside friends with Nany? Not even going to talk about who Wes’ partner is? Just putting in Wes, that’s all that’s said lol of course. Fucking over friends at the end to get money, jesus christ that’s wrong! Fucking over a friend simply because their partner is a nemesis? Easy peasy. I feel like MTV and the editors are literally helping Johnny just shy away from his faults or issues. That Nany is never referenced or even talked about?
For all the time Wes was the hot head, he always seems to be the first on the scene of trying to break fights up or stop them from happening.
You get a pass, you get a pass. Everyone gets a pass!
Oh shit, Tony and Camila.
Camila, you didn’t do it on purpose, but it was clearly asked multiple times did anyone grab one that wasn’t theirs. You had the chance to bring it up. You remember it so clearly suddenly?
Surprised Johnny even spoke the name Nany. Isn’t that a friend Johnny?
Camila still bitching. You had multiple times to bring up that you picked it up and you didn’t. “Emotional abuse.” hahaha
Wait...Camila and Tony are Wes’ number one alliance?
Pulling an audible and leaving it up to the skulls to determine safety?
Every skull pull has had the three white skulls pulled first.
EP 7:
Oh Tony, you’re going down a bad road. Step away slowly.
Devin, drunk and blowing his game? Lol
Kellyanne coming in with a stinger “Shouldn’t you be home?”
If precedence means anything, Cory will get a pass.
Producers actually breaking up an argument seems weird lol A fight? Yeah, obviously. But producers telling Devin to stop antagonizing Cory and people, seems weird.
Angry drunkenness everywhere.
Nany seems out of it, and they get a single one lol
Yeah, Smashley seems like someone that would drive a car through a house.
Nate and Christina seemed to grab red and yellow by basically just falling on the poles.
That….can’t be a valid run lmao Kellyanne and Jamie just basically walked off the platform
I wanted to know what the tiebreaker would have been.
Camila handled the social situation by basically coming out and saying “All teams matter” lmao “Yes I took your token, but what happened to us was unfair too!”
Not gonna lie, I’m liking Nelson and freckle chick. Coming straight down to eat and saying don’t fuck around, throw in the vets!
Camila is seriously trash at even attempting to accept any kind of blame lmao
They throw in the only two people going to them and saying not to be stupid? You idiots throw in other damn rookies? You idiots.
Freckle girl talking truth. These people will slit your throat the next week. TJ asked if anyone took the token and they didn’t say a peep.
Finally the black skull is actually pulled.
Ice baths make a return! You couldn’t put it in a freezer? Challenge going bitch mode confirmed.
Jamie and Kellyanne as a collective may actually be dumber than Jenna. Jenna has actually completely disappeared from the last couple episodes.
I spoke too soon about Jenna disappearing. Random confessional basically calling Jamie/Kellyanne dumb.
“My weiner hurts.” “You call it a weiner?”
These wood blocks are going to need to be used to make boxes or something. THe rookies seem completely unfazed by the water.
Kellyanne and Jamie win by copying. Bummer.
I kind of liked freckle chick who I can never remember her name. Nelson seemed kind of invisible.
EP 8:
Lot more partying this season than the last couple I feel.
I don’t know what it is, but Cory and Cheyanne seem so boring. THey keep seeming to build it up, but it’s repetitive and just kinda goes nowhere?
Tony really just seems to have problems with females in general. That’s basically all he gets in arguments with, and always has issues with. He gets drunk and then rants and raves about women.
I think I hate Vince more than Johnny lol At least Johnny is interesting for the game.
Johnny going to get Tony to shut Camila up. What in the fuck kind of psychological fucking warfare is this?! That’s literally just trash. You’re the dude who has a long fucking history with the chick, and you go grab the guy who has fought with her all season and tells her to shut her up.
Now Tony is literally in Camila’s face and pinning her to the wall? I’m sure Johnny will catch nothing for this…
Johnny just conveniently invisible when shit blows up.
Oh shit.. Producers asking if he remembers being woken up? They’re acknowledging that he was PLACED in that situation?
His warning wasn’t acknowledged when Cory went at Devin? Seems sus…
I seriously can’t understate how shitty Johnny was in this situation. He literally just used oil to, in his words, “put out a fire” and basically put a long time friend in a really shitty situation and then just disappears while shit hits the fan.
Damn, Smashley still has big as scars under her arms from the ropes in that challenge.
“One can argue, I’m a little responsible” Fuck off Johnny, you knew full fucking well what you were doing.
I would fully believe Tony has some domestic violence calls in his history or future.
I love the spur of the moment things like this. Keep them on their toes.
I am all for this challenge. Basically just endurance and will. They’ve all but eliminated these types of challenges in Big Brother and Survivor purely for time and scheduling.
“A thousand dollars, that means a thousand cheeseburgers, I need that money!”
They’re going to ask questions about their interruptions, I just know it and I absolutely love it.
“I think it’s only been an hour and I’m already going crazy” (Ten minutes later) I’m assuming this was some kind of editing mess up and they actually meant only ten minutes have elapsed and it’s making fun of Jenna thinking it’s been an hour. Because otherwise the ten minutes later was pointless and nothing happened afterward.
Smashley of all people queueing in on picking up the details? Kind of surprising.
We don’t get enough of Wes’ sense of humor.
Hope it’s not crucial that you know that number was definitely NOT on the gas tank lol
Vince, you weird creepy fuck. I’m just going to take this opportunity of being on a box with a girl to need to hang on her and touch her as much as possible.
Christina like 5 hours in thinking about paying attention just now…
I hate Bananas, but I can’t help but have respect for a guy that instantly evokes David Bowie in Labyrinth when a guy comes out doing some fushigi shit with a glass ball.
OK Johnny doing TJ impressions is great.
I feel like Jenna is going to come in and Rainman this shit lmao
Awww you end just as it gets to the actual puzzle? Damn you.
EP 9:
Dario a dumbass? Shocker
Actually surprised by Sarah and Bananas winning, the way it was edited made it seem like Sarah was paying attention to the wrong details.
Jeesh, it comes down to Wes/Nany and Nicole/Dario.
Why are they just sitting there doing nothing?!
Bananas saying they want Nicole/Dario to lose so they can vote in Wes makes no real sense. If they vote them in they have a chance to pull white skulls and not even go into the elim. Wouldn’t you want a better chance of them going home?
Oh yay, Johnny gets to take his cousin on a trip.
I seriously can’t take the daily check ins with Sarah and Johnny repairing their bullshit.
Sarah being gaslighted in to thinking she “stole” a win from Johnny, and now wants to “pay him back” is fucking depressing. It’s like her working with Kenny in Fresh Meat 2, after she got bullied endlessly in Ruins, all over again.
Of any boat trip to be on, this would be my absolute last choice.
Jamie and Kellyanne whining about not being selected lmao
Kellyanne talking fucking facts! Amen!!! “Johnny will never throw a guy friend under the bus, but he will throw any girl friends name out. But if a girl friend backstabs him, like Sarah did, they become rivals.” AMEN sister.
Wes, you’re talking to a brick wall of people who either suck, or just had a chance of putting Johnny in and put their own alliance members in instead.
Why is Devin randomly called “Gronk” at one point?
Why did the cast on Free Agents have the real nice Challenge Jerseys, but they still just went back to plain t-shirts after that? Was thinking they moved on to nice “uniforms”
Should have had some distance between the two yellers.
This is pure insanity
TJ looks like he’s facepalming in the background this entire elim lol
Wes had an easy time as soon as Jamie wasn’t just holding him the whole time.
Hey look, Johnny talking about winning with grace. Literally the dude that hoots and hollers every single time he wins. I swear I would hate this guy near as much if he just didn’t have confessionals. He’s such a two faced hypocrite as soon as he talks in confessionals. His confessionals do him a disservice.
Johnny talking to Vince about someone else playing on borrowed time is amazingly oblivious.
EP 10:
Oh god Johnny talking about a final being a real final when you go against strong teams. Fuck off Johnny.
“Guys! I miss Sarah!” Ok, Johnny can be funny
Cory talking about timing lol what in the hell are you trying to talk about Cory? Lol You’re so bad at the politics
I think I’ve actually seen this challenge of digging up partners but it was at the very beginning of a season. I keep waiting to see it, but I don’t think it’s this one.
Wes putting Cory back in this comp shows that he smartly knows he’s probably not reliable.
Nate literally saying his strategy is wanting to be a layup for Bananas and coming in third place lmao These fuckers are depressing.
Wes was on a roll, but he’s absolutely blown this
Wes bobbing up and down in excitement after Nicole/Dario win lol
Half of Christinas answers were really fucking dumb lol Nate’s strategy of wanting to be a layup to Bananas is the worst fucking joke though lmao
Nicole, I feel like you could have phrased this a tiny bit better than talking about Cory making deals with Wes.
Dario then talks to Wes about wanting to throw in Cory. Nicole, you dumbass.
Dario and Nicole are not fucking good at this game lol jesus christ
Nicole is just blindly sitting by and watching Nany get fucked right now lol
Dario’s game plan: Let’s call over Johnny and Sarah and present our asshole for them and hope they feel gracious later on. Jesus, people
Nicole and Dario may seriously be dumber than Vince/Jenna
Nicole...what point of view? Seriously. One guy had a conversation with another guy weeks ago so suddenly everything is null and void? Lmao what are these people talking about? Cory is the one that’s wanting to play both sides, but somehow Wes/Nany and Devin/Cheyanne are the bad guys?
This really just comes to me as Dario being afraid of going against Bananas and Vince and just trying to do anything to rationalize it.
EP 11:
Devin looks like a robot when he does his 3 clap thing. Like his hand is at an exact right angle and stiff as can be.
Oh yeah, midevil torture, lets go!
I have way more faith in Smashley holding on to a bar than Christina.
Smashley being a complete disappointment, damn
Cory again, is fake muscle. Is Cory the second coming of Ty? Complete exhaustion with the least amount of effort.
Cory and Smashley an utter disappointment. That was depressing to watch. I knew Cory has like a quarter tank of gas, but Smashley was impressing most of the season.
The downside of Nany and Wes right now is literally that they’re not trying to sit Nicole/Dario down and talk rationally to them. The way they continue to come off is emotional and spastic just because they got screwed over, but I feel it’d go over a lot better if they just talked about what actually took place and how it was nothing. just terrible.
News alert: Vince is terrible at challenges, remember he THREW all those challenges on Bloodlines, he definitely didn’t suck. Trust his cousin, Johnny.
Johnny benefiting greatly from Sarah, he barely even has to jump getting on or off the bag.
Johnny having to rely on these shitty rookies not sucking is my favorite thing ever.
I hate how many of these dumbasses say “Fustrated”
Not really dominant TJ, they got one extra flag?
Wait, wait. How are these people EVER pulling out the black skull. I feel like this was the first time actually seeing a good glimpse of all the skulls and the other skulls have triangles cut out of the skulls and the black one has semi-circles. I knew there had to be a difference with how often it’s come down to the last draw, but this seems so dumb.
I feel like this is just going to be another season where Wes or Johnny goes right before the final and the one remaining is the clear winner in the final.
I love that this elim started with Nate and christina talking about being great in pressure, but what does them in is Nates patience and getting frustrated.
I’m fine being back in the days of Wes vs everyone. Wes is more entertaining in this seat than Johnny is.
Every season, without fail. “Where is it at?”
EP 12:
Wait, I thought they broke up? Oh jesus. Zach ghosts Jenna while she’s on The Challenge? Woooooow Zach, you were already a misogynist douchebag, but damn dude.
Oh god, Devin wanting to pull a Jordan lmao
Ugh, I hate seeing a challenge and instantly know that Johnny and Sarah have an advantage.
“It’s like having a giant condom on you”
You could have literally hindered Johnny/Sarah by like 5 minutes and I still would have bet on them over everyone in that challenge from the start.
I hope to see a repeat of Dario being absolutely terrible in an elim.
Jesus christ, do we literally have to hear about Johnny possibly not being over Sarah playing the game, every god damn episode? He is literally just piling on over and over again on Sarah. It’s gross.
I like how Johnny passes it off as carrying Vince AND Jenna knowing damn well it’s all Vince bringing that pair down. Vince is the new Dunbar or Tyrie.
Devin being 4 for 4 on the skulls.
Nany, just think of Nicole's eyebrows and imagine yourself beating something off of her face.
I hope we don’t get a repeat of the last time Wes was in something physical and confrontational. I miss roid rage Wes.
Jesus Wes, that was terrible.
This and the Hall Brawl elim versus Leroy is an absolute horrible back to back showing by Wes. That blows.
That had nothing to do with Nany not pushing Nicole. Wes you blew a big lead and were slow as shit in the crawl.
Welp, Johnny and Sarah have handedly won the season. Wes was probably the only one that would win a challenge to even put him in and none of these guys are going to beat them in a final.
Jenna looking confused: “We’re getting ready for the final right now?” Jenna, you are a treasure.
Johnny knowing it bothers her, and continually using it is definitely Johnny harkening back to his Kenny/Evan days. This should bother Sarah more than anything, because she saw those tactics in their prime.
At this point I just want to hear a single person on this cast saying “frustrating” the right way.
Sarah just sitting around eating while her two main ally’s continue to dole out what she has dealt with from the same people in the past is really hard to take. Especially when it includes picking on the only black girl by calling her a stereotypical name that they know bothers her.
Making someone want to leave, from the same person whos cousin earlier almost fought someone for calling him a bitch, and he passed it off as bitch gaming to get him out of the house. I can not take the Johnny hypocrisy.
EP 13:
Sarah DEFENDING it. Ugggggh Jenna and Sarah just trying to stay quiet and let the two guys be trash.
Glad you could get your friend back Sarah
Jenna and Sarah just passing off Devin being mad because he’s going to go home is some serious groupthink mentality in these games. Where you can tell Johnny has just repeated it enough times that they just accept that to just nullify any right Devin/Cheyanne have to being angry.
I’m suddenly back to the Ruins days where the people at the end just disgust me and I hate the second to last episode because it’s just everyone ganging up on one person or team.
Vince is a scumbag, fuck everything.
Johnny starting the morning saying this is nothing and everyone deals with it. FUCK out of here.
This one sequence is really just bringing this whole season crashing and burning down for me.
You can see the instant disgust on Johnny knowing his whole game comes down to drawing random straws lmao
Hahaha, please be Johnny vs Vince. Please please please please
Jenna being 3 for 3 for finals. Wow
No trivia this season, I just realized
Wow, these are literally the easiest of these style of riddles
“These young players keep testing me.” Really Johnny? You kind of coasted to this point.You consistently have the best partner any time you come in to a partners game.
That they’re struggling on Top Secret is crazy. These are literally some of the most basic ones of these idiom riddles that I’ve seen.
At least the best team isn’t getting knocked out right before the finale. I would have been fine with Dario or Vince going right here. I fucking hate Vince.
Hopefully this final is better than last seasons lackluster affair.
Don’t feel too bad about being here by luck Devin. Johnny’s been back 2 seasons on pure luck. Vince is here purely by association.
Them talking shit about Jenna being a hinderence in the final is hilarious, since she wasn’t the one to quit on her first, and she led her second one all the way to the point of something her and her tiny cousin couldn’t really do. I don’t even mean the food either. They struggled because the rowing and they had tiny ass arms.
I would not be surprised if Sarah and Johnny were the only people to complete the final.
A twist wholly set up for Johnny to fuck over Sarah. Sarah is literally staring down Johnny because you know she is expecting it.
Johnny not even looking at Sarah and only saying history could repeat itself, just shows me that he’s thinking the exact same thing.
If anything I hope Jenna fucks over Vince.
Of course, Johnny just avoids even talking about it. He won’t just say yes. Haha Johnny is a shit bag.
EP 14:
Johnny : “If anyone has to worry, it’d be me. You’ve done it in the past.” Says the guy that’s literally fucked over every girl he’s aligned with.
Hey, a Survivor style puzzle lol The slat puzzle
I honestly would have pulled an audible as the judge and allowed Johnny’s finish of the puzzle being upside down. It was together in the right order. It was just upside down. It’s still completed.
Johnny and Sarah’s confessionals sound like they’re trying to convince each other that they’re not planning on taking the money lol
I don’t know why it just hit me, but Devin reminds me so much of Big Head from Silicon Valley
“Could you go to sleep?” “Probably” Jenna’s brain default setting is literally off, she’s good.
Johnny is the king of projection. Let’s look at Cheyanne and say she’s only doing it for the points, knowing damn well you just talked about the 2 points being pivotal lol
“I feel like I can trust him. Yeah, I can trust him!” Famous last words Sarah
I wonder how much TJ hates having to sit there while these people puke?
20 minute penalty seems nuts. Wasn’t one of the most recent finals have like a 3 minute penalty? Lmao
Vince’s sucking finally coming to the surface! I love it!
Watching Sarah cough all over the place is hard to watch in current times
To compare working as a team and then taking all the money for yourself, to putting a different team in an elimination right before the final is a bit of a stretch Johnny.
Yeah, Johnny’s not a piece of shit at all lol
Yes Sarah, he just manipulated you the entire time. Don’t sit here and let him compare this to what you did. Fuck that.
I’m glad to be vindicated in my Johnny hate.
EP 15(Reunion):
I hope everyone at this finale laughs at Sarah for ever thinking this wouldn’t happen. You had the history right before your eyes all season. You had two past partners and friends that had nothing to do with him on this very season.
Hahaha Johnny trying to pass this off as anything like Sarah putting his team in to elimination is hilarious.
Oh here we go with Johnny’s usual argument. “How many finals have you been to?” You’ve literally had one of the top 2 or 3 partners every season dude.
I’m with Sarah, get the fuck out of there. Fuck this gaslighting prick.
Comparing him fucking over his partner taking any chance she had at money and comparing that to putting two people in to an elimination is just a sick joke. The only thing that makes them remotely similar is they both involved Johnny.
Hey Johnny going for reinforcement from guys he worked with. Whoa what is new?
I’m really getting to the point of hating these reunions and how no one says shit in defense of anyone. It’s like everyone is so afraid of Johnny they won’t say shit.
I would have honestly not doubted that Bananas knew about that twist the whole entire season.
How is Devin literally the only sane person on this stage?
You can’t call shit on Devin, when Johnny’s repeated total strategy is never going to an elim. You can’t then be mad at a team avoiding it constantly. Someone else who did the same thing literally became your biggest ally.
I never want to see Vince again.
Quit trying to talk up Vince, we saw all of last season and this season. Vince sucks. Jenna carried that partnership.
This final and reunion back to back has given me a migraine.
Ewww, Vince and Camila. Eww
The weird denial following this is weird. Were they in there doing coke? There’s something definitely sketchy there, if they didn’t fuck.
Ok, I’m for this host. She ain’t backing down and letting Camila run it.
Even when Johnny is randomly asking people on the street he can't help but frame the question in his favor and it still doesn't come out like he wanted lmao
Overall Thoughts:
Honestly, this season was great, but was almost hard to watch with the last couple episodes leading in to the final. The severe lack of competition makes the whole seasons basically rely on one or two main occurrences or eliminations and suddenly the rest of the season falls in line. As soon as Wes was gone, the season was decided. Not necessarily that Wes would win the final, but Wes was likely the only other person that would win over Banana's and Sarah and actually put Johnny in or beat Johnny in an elimination. I hate Johnny and I think I hate Vince even more because he talks just as much shit, but has done literally nothing. I'm still waiting for a single redeeming quality for Johnny to pop it's head out. Where were all the people throughout these posts that would not understand where the Johnny hate was coming from? It has literally only gotten worse!
That being said. I think Sarah basically played herself. It was Kenny all over again when he bullied her incessantly on The Ruins and then they went in to Fresh Meat 2 and basically the first words out of Sarah's mouth was that Kenny was her number one. To ever think you had anything to earn back from Johnny or to ever think he would suddenly have your back again is 100% on you. I still think Johnny did a supremely fucked up thing and him trying to compare it to what Sarah did was disgusting. It would have been 10 times better if he just walked out and said "Yeah, I did it. Fuck off" but the fact that he tries to validate it and he has to have people agree with him and be ok with it is what pisses me off. Either be the fucking bad guy or own up to the fact that you're a piece of shit you can't just do all these shitty things and act like you're above it all and you're only doing what you have to do. You're gross. You're a hypocrite and you're the fucking king of gaslighting, and I thought that before this fucking season. There was not a single fucking episode that went by that you couldn't bring up time and time again how you think you still weren't over what Sarah did. You kept building it up and up like it was the worst betrayal in the history because you just had to hold that over Sarah's head. You're a sick fucking dude. I am seriously on the edge of my seat just waiting for a single redeeming aspect of him to appear to understand even the slightest of fans.
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2020.09.14 17:12 QueenofPumpkins96 (F4A) Better Now (Titans Romance, BB Wanted)

It had been years since Beast Boy has last seen the love of his life walk away forever. Though it still stung him deeply, he had moved onward with his friends, fighting crimes and defeating villains. At 24, he hadn’t done much dating since her, despite having had crushes since. He just couldn’t bring himself to commit to someone new.
Then, it happened: Robin had announced the arrival of a new Titan. Their leader had given little details, and he was curious about the potential hero.
As thunder crackled and lightning flashed through torrential rain, a knock was heard. The team readied themselves for the newbie
Hey there! Thank you for reading my introduction! As you can probably tell, I am looking to do an older Titans roleplay the centers around a romance between BB and my original character! We’ll also be playing as the team while fighting villains, and of course featuring cute fluffy moments mixed in with the more dramatic, dark ones! This will also be MxM, as my character happens to be a guy, so please be okay with that! I will send you a detailed bio on Kik/Discord when you message me.
Rules: 1. Please be literate. No text talk or bad grammar. Replies do not need to be novels but should give something to work with. 3rd person only. 2. Be reasonably active. I try to respond at least a few times a day on a regular basis. Please communicate if you will be gone and generally be active. 3. My character is timid/shy in terms of personality, so please be ready to play the more outgoing role with BB romantically. 4. All characters here are going to be 21+ minimum. For this reason, I am asking that you also be at least 21. (I am 18+ and all participants and characters must also be 18+).
I think that is everything! If you’re interested in creating a cute, plot-driven and fun BB romance, feel free to PM me! Thank you and I hope you have a lovely day! ❤️
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2020.09.13 16:03 bonziwellsayo Remembering Antawn Jamison's hyped debut for the LeBron led Cavs in 2010: An ode to the man who made me love basketball

In 2010, LeBron was in his seventh season with the Cavaliers, and was approaching free agency. He had yet to make a championship run with the team. In recent years, the Cavs had made some efforts to put a competent team around their star, as they had traded with Milwaukee for the scoring point guard Mo Williams, who became an all-star in 2009 and was considered LeBron's very inferior sidekick at that time. In the 2009 offseason, the Cavs had picked up the aging and slow-moving Shaquille O'Neal, who was meant to give the Cavs championship DNA and be the robin to LeBron's batman, but it quickly became apparent that he couldn't be effective for more than 5 minutes at a time. Despite these struggles, a core including Cavs legend Anderson Varejao, shooters Anthony Parker and Booby Gibson, promising big man J.J. Hickson, and Delonte West had managed to put up a 43-12 record up to that point. They also had the spectacularly athletic Jamario Moon, who I thought was the source of the Cavs Moon Dog mascot at the time. Here is Jamario dunking from near the free throw line off of a bounced pass from a teammate:
Antawn Jamison, a power forward, was the ninth leading scorer in the entire 2000s decade, behind only hall of famers/future hall of famers Kobe, AI, Dirk, Pierce, Carter, Garnett, Duncan, and Tracy McGrady. Jamison was still averaging 20 per game for the Wizards, and was given away to the Cavs in an attempt to complete the Wizards tank for John Wall, which was successful. For most of Antawn's career he had played for teams that had no chance, and for the others, he had run into Cavs teams led by LeBron as he went on superhuman runs to knock out the Wizards. Now, Jamison finally had his chance to play alongside him, to be the robin to LeBron's batman and to right the wrongs of his career past. In theory, Jamison gave the Cavs a much needed scoring punch, and would help LeBron get over the hump and win a title win Cleveland, convincing him to stay in free agency.
At the bottom of the above article from a local paper is a poll that you can still take, asking about the Jamison trade, which included Cavs very washed legend and all-time leading rebounder at that point, Zydrunas Ilgauskas. 21% of respondents were too sad about Z's departure to express an opinion on the trade, so we will exclude them despite the validity of their opinion. At the time, 36% of enthused respondents chose the option "This is good, the Cavs needed this piece to make a run at the title", while another 30% of respondents chose "Antawn Jamison, Sweet!". Yet another 5% chose "It doesn't matter, this team was going to win the finals regardless", a shocking amount of confidence for a fanbase that hadn't experienced winning in nearly 50 years.
I don't remember much about Jamison's debut game, because I was a child and just getting into the NBA. However, I do remember that my parents were not home, and that I had been repeatedly talking about Jamison, so they called me to ask how he was doing. I kept defending him and saying that he was having a good game, despite the fact that he was missing every single shot, and giving the Charlotte Bobcats a free win. Although I had never seen him play a game, Jamison had become my favorite player, and I really believed that he could be the one that put the Cavs over the hump. I wanted him to do well so badly that I couldn't admit the truth. Here is a box score from the game:
Ultimately, the Cavs would not win the championship; in fact they lost in the second round to playoff Rondo and the fourth seeded Celtics who completely kicked our asses. Jamison was solid for the Cavs, averaging 15-7 in the playoffs and regular season, but he ultimately did not give the Cavs the push they needed to get over the hump as the Cavs would go on to lose LeBron in epic fashion, possibly giving up their best and only chance at an NBA championship.
As luck would have it, this would not be the case, as LeBron would come back. Two years later, the Cavs would pull off one of the greatest upsets in NBA finals history in the most incredible finals comeback in history. There was literally no greater way in which Cleveland could have ended their championship drought that dated back to 1964, before the Super Bowl, before my parents were born. One could argue that it brought the entire city of Cleveland to life, that it gave people hope that they didn't have before. For me, however, there was happiness, but also a great sense of emptiness. Jamison was pushing 40 now, and had been retired for two years after spending his final season on the Clippers bench shooting 31% from the field. Antawn Jamison scored a lot of points in his career, but you will never see him walk on stage and accept his nomination to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Jamison was a perennial loser; he made just seven playoff appearances in 17 seasons in a sport where seemingly every competent team makes the playoffs, and he never reached the conference finals. For most, he has already been forgotten. It would have been poetic if Jamison had been immortalized with other members of that 2010 team such as Lebron and Mo, if the trade that was meant to bring the Cavs their first glory had come to fruition all of those years later, if Jamison had been the one hitting the free throw to give the Cavs a four point lead and essentially clinching the championship after Lebron's block and Kyrie's stepback three, or if he had been left alone on the left side to hit one of his trademarked midrange jumpers. It shows that most perfect things in life are not meant to be, but that just because things aren't perfect doesn't mean that they can't be beautiful. Yes, Jamison might have started his career with the Cavs shooting 0-12, and yes he was never what the Cavs needed to win a championship. For at least one kid, however, he did enough to foster a lifelong passion for basketball, and for me that is more than enough. Thank you, Antawn Jamison
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2020.09.13 06:24 pie314271 Marlon Rimes

I'm going down with the ship.

With some regret, I've chosen to cut Marlon Rimes this round.
It's fairly clear that the majority of Dual Destinies' remaining characters are leaving this round. Fulbright has already been cut, leaving us with just the two Blackquills and Rimes. And if I don't cut Rimes now, Vogel's certainly going to cut him. There's no way he'd stand for Rimes lasting any longer.
This really just seems to have been the pattern with every recent DD character cut. It's always just one ranker. Hugh O'Conner, only Northadox was really gunning for him. Gaspen Payne, cut by Charlie to save de Killer. Bobby Fulbright, whaaatisth was probably the only one who wanted him out. As for Marlon Rimes, Vogel's been trying to cut him for a while, so his time's up.
With all of this in mind, there is a high chance that Simon Blackquill will be the last Dual Destinies character left after this round. I will do everything I can to keep him alive as long as I can. Someone WILL try to get him out next round. I'm not letting that stand.
Don't get the wrong idea, at this point I see no way that I'm going to get many higher placements for my favorite characters at this point. I've essentially given up by this point. That said, it's more fun if I tell you that I'm going to retaliate if you try to cut Simon Blackquill. So yeah, don't, because I will retaliate just to be petty. I have no actual reason to. But hey, what else is there for me to do? I don't have much more to lose here.
sigh let's just get started.

Introducing the DLC case

Dual Destinies was the first Ace Attorney game with a DLC case. At the time, DLCs were relatively uncommon. Unlike our current era, DLCs were not everywhere, and they were not always a total waste of money like they have been since 2015 or so. Luckily, 5-DLC is in the subset of DLCs that are not a total waste of money because it's GOOD.
This might be getting too meta, but 5-DLC is great as a DLC. It has a great premise, being Phoenix's first case after getting his badge. It's not significant to the overall timeline of Dual Destinies, but it's enough of an interesting concept that people may want to check it out.
So, it's introduced well. However, none of that matters if the DLC itself isn't good.
(By the way, I don't actually play Video GamesTM much, so it's somewhat difficult for me to evaluate DLCs as a whole. That said, I'm fairly sure this is accurate anyway.)

Turnabout Reclaimed, Day 1 - The Comedy

"I know there's no way she murdered anyone, but they won't believe me! But with a name like 'Wright,' I figured you'd be able to help me set them straight!" ~Sasha
Turnabout Reclaimed is a side case, and it knows it. It doesn't start out by trying to do any deep things straight away. Instead, it throws you into this crazy setup: some random girl walks in the office who only wants Phoenix Wright because of his last name, and her client is literally an orca. It's stupid, just as any other side case would be. The first day's a relatively normal investigation... besides the fact that, y'know, your client is an orca. And that the only way she can be brought to court is a TV screen. And that you're up against Simon Blackquill, the edgiest prosecutor to date. Speaking of Blackquill, he feels like a total walking joke in this case. The very concept of Blackquill trying to be serious while prosecuting an orca is just plain funny. He even updates the autopsy report, becoming only the second prosecutor to do so.
Let all of this sink in. Phoenix's first case after seven years of being disbarred has him defending an orca against Simon Blackquill, a convict prosecutor who acts like a samurai, in a case involving a pirate-themed aquarium. I mean, sure, Phoenix places faith in his clients, and that includes Sasha Buckler, but isn't this slightly out there?
All things considered, the first day's fun. Sure, it doesn't have the cooler witnesses, but what we got is still a funny case, all things considered. It's fun and games, just like most other filler cases.
Unfortunately, at the end of the day, once the autopsy report is updated, Sasha becomes the defendant, turning this funny case into a standard case with a (mostly) standard setup that's not so "fun and games".
In the hands of a worse case, the case would become far less interesting at this point. It would only serve to have the case take a turn for the worse.
In the hands of 5-DLC, it only gets better.

Turnabout Reclaimed, Day 2 - The Crime

"But, in some cases, lives can be saved by breaking the law. Do we simply allow the lives of our animals to be lost while we wait for laws to change?" ~Dr. Crab
5-DLC takes a turn towards "conventional filler case" in its 2nd half, solidifying it as an actual case and not a complete joke unlike the Asinine Attorney cases (which are meant to be complete jokes). Despite this, it manages to be a good filler case anyway.
First of all, day 2 in general is just a very great setup despite being relatively normal. You're given more mysteries to work with than you actually need, partially thanks to Norma DePlume spouting conspiracy theories left and right. You learn more about the aquarium and get accustomed to it. You finally get to meet Herman Crab, a confrontational witness with a load of secrets.
Speaking of Herman Crab, can we talk about how great he is here? He might even be better than Marlon Rimes.
Herman Crab is an interesting witness. Notably, he comes the closest to talking about the law part of the dark age of the law instead of the dark age part when it comes to the TORPEDO system. He discusses what the law means for the aquarium after you break his initial Psyche-Locks. The very fact that him and Jack Shipley regularly pay off the Supermarine Aquarium is basically like settling a dispute out of court. He talks about the law. It's cool.
However, what's cooler is his role. Dual Destinies has a weird amount of red herrings in it. Usually, their effectiveness is dependant on how obvious the culprit is. Marlon Rimes is not an obvious culprit at all. Instead, Herman Crab seems to be the culprit. He's quite similar to Yuri Cosmos in this aspect. He's a witness to the case. You only meet him on the second day. Norma DePlume claims to hear of him engaging in shady activity, most notably with the very person who died. He of all people even gets five Psyche-Locks, tied for the most in Dual Destinies with Athena Cykes, who is, y'know, a main character. I do not believe Herman Crab was intended to be a main character. Surely, someone with so many Psyche-Locks is at least slightly suspicious if they're not even a main character, right?
He's got a fairly solid motive. We start to corner him in court. He seems to be the culprit.
However, he's not.
Through further questioning, we discover that Dr. Crab was trying to protect the orca the whole time, just as he said. He truly upheld his duty to the aquarium. Phoenix realizes that the culprit is in fact not Dr. Crab, but Marlon Rimes, a guy that seemed to be a largely irrelevant witness who was somewhat helpful, as most other witnesses are. Here, 5-DLC chooses to make a largely comic relief witness into the culprit.
And thus, Marlon Rimes is put on the stand.

To Win the Case

"Besides, wouldn't it be better for you if I wasn't lyin'? If the orca did it, you win your case!" ~Rimes
Marlon Rimes, possibly the most complete culprit in the 3DS games. He doesn't have the complex themes of the Phantom or the airtight mystery of Roger Retinz, but his case is the most solid.
I've talked about the various roles characters seem to play across the series before, but I haven't really covered the culprit. So, let's talk about your average AA culprit.
Most AA culprits don't seem to show up to the witness stand early on. You have to take them down at the end as they try to prove the defendant guilty as much as they can. Eventually, after a nice takedown, you figure out the entire case, and they go off to jail. The end.
Marlon Rimes breaks every single one of these "rules", cementing him as a very memorable culprit.

"Usually don't show up to the witness stand early on"

Marlon Rimes doesn't want to testify at all, not because he's the culprit, but because he only wants to get the orca guilty. The prosecution basically forces him to testify. In fact, his only testimony lasts like ten minutes, and all it does is help get Sasha on the stand. Once Sasha's thrown under the bus instead of Orla, he's even less cooperative. Marlon's incredibly unhelpful to the prosecution on day 1. He seems like he's on your side.

"You have to take them down at the end"

Yes, Marlon is the final person to take the stand. However, the case doesn't end there. Phoenix uncovers one final contradiction in the case after Rimes has been cornered. Keep this in mind for the last part of the quote.

" they try to prove the defendant guilty"

Marlon doesn't want to prove Sasha guilty. Right from when he shows up on the stand, his target is the orca. His first testimony is against the orca. He isn't trying to prove the defendant guilty. On a surface level, this is actually somewhat clever as a culprit move, since he offers Phoenix an easy way out. This is where the first trial day comes into play. Yes, Phoenix could take the easy way out, but he believes in Sasha and Orla. Because their relationsihp was established prior, Phoenix chose not to believe that either of them committed the crime. Somehow, the frivolous day 1 trial was necessary for this moment.

" figure out the entire case"

You do not solve all the mysteries of 5-DLC in the trial. In a final twist after all of the nice trial business, we learn of the full secret behind Herman Crab and the Supermarine Aquarium. He willingly tells us the truth once everything's settled. This is another good moment for Herman Crab, as it is now firmly established that he always has Shipshape Aquarium's best interests in mind. Oh, and Norma dePlume actually gets the law changed somehow, which is a cool resolution to the minor TORPEDO situation.

"...they go off to jail."

Marlon is the first (and only) culprit in the series whose fate isn't left to the unknown at the very end of the case. In fact, he gets rehabilitated! Slightly crazy for AA standards, seeing that every other culprit gets thrown in jail, never to be seen again. It allows for a happier ending than most other cases, which is nice, because it's ultimately still a casual side case.
However, it also serves a great purpose for Marlon in general: it allows him to change and move on.
6-DLC's culprit, Pierce Nichody, realizes his mistakes, but he was never mistaken and loses the chance to move on. That's his only fate. He's permanently stuck at the moment of the car crash, unable to move on.
Marlon Rimes is given the chance to move on. He was mistaken about the orca. What's even more interesting is that he might have ended up in the same situation as Pierce - left to die, having accidentally killed Jack Shipley.
However, Phoenix Wright once again steps in. Remember how when Rimes first came to the stand, he said that Phoenix could easily win the case by blaming the orca? Back then, Phoenix persevered and found the truth. Now, at the end of the case, when Phoenix could easily win by letting Rimes take the blame, he perseveres once again and discovers the truth of the final accident in a long chain of accidents.
Speaking of accidents, Vogel argues that the fact that Ora never actually killed Azura sidesteps the potential moral dilemma regarding whether Marlon's attempted murder was justified or not. However, I don't think this is much of an issue. Even if Ora Shipley never killed anyone, everyone eventually understood that Marlon felt that way. Ultimately, the moral issue here revolves around Marlon's actions, which are very real. An actual conflict happened that had to be resolved, even if everyone gets the happy ending. It's a necessary ending, though. With this happy ending, Rimes changes his ways, and as a bonus he learns that not all lawyers simply want to win. Perhaps there's hope for the dark age of the law.


Marlon Rimes is a unique culprit. He breaks rules. However, that's not all he has going for him. There are two more positives I attribute to his name.

He's funny.

Yeah, this one's subjective, but I'm pointing it out anyway. We all know that the transformation is stupid. In fact, a lot of DD's transformations are stupid. Regardless of how it applies to the main game, Rimes' transformation fits the DLC case. After the events of day 1, the case was really in need of more funny moments, and Rimes does exactly that in his transformation. This is the guy you have to take down? It is stupid, but it's still funny. Even Blackquill is caught completely off guard. His rap lines are funny because they're simultaneously too bad and too good. They're stupid and make you wonder what in the world you're up against, but they also feel like actual rapping??? I will never know how DD pulled this off, or why. Either way, it's hilarious.
Oh, and "The Dissin' of Phoenix Wright" is in the top 3 testimony names.

A Departure from Regret

Marlon's story is great. It's not particularly deep, but it's exactly what it needs to be. All it really is is a story of a man trying to take revenge on an orca over his girlfriend's death.
DD in general has its fair share of characters that attempt to seek justice on their own. Apollo and Aura each investigate on their own in 5-5 (though they relate to each other in a conversation that Phoenix kindly interrupts), and Robin and Hugh both work separately to try and save Juniper. Marlon follows a similar line of thinking, except with two key differences:
This turns the "noble" motives of characters like Aura and Hugh into revenge. Marlon attempts to kill the orca because no one will serve justice against it, and Jack Shipley dies for it, by accident no less. And while it may be Marlon's fault that the captain sank, he tried to prevent everyone besides Orla from dying until the very end. He pursues one target to the end.
While this is already a solid motive, one key factor specific to this case significantly increases its effectiveness: the orca can't talk. If Marlon was trying to exact revenge against a person, it'd be another standard case.
Turnabout Reclaimed is not a standard case. Marlon harbors hatred towards an animal. The orca can't tell him that he's wrong. The orca can't tell him the truth. When he finds out that the orca was never at fault as Jack Shipley is on the brink of death, everything falls into place. But it's too late. By then, it's all over.


Dual Destinies was the first game to have a DLC case, and you can tell they made sure to get EVERYTHING right. It has an interesting setup that's somewhat casual, tying into its side-case nature. However, thanks to a relatively solid cast and a top-tier culprit, it's able to turn that casual tone into a great case that genuinely hits hard. It's easily worth more than its value.
Man, I sure hope the next game's DLC case is just as good.

Why no one else?

Phoenix Wright is good, so I voted to save him in the DD vote. Thankfully, he won.
Godot is not as good, so I did not vote to save him in the DD vote. Thankfully, he lost. I was considering nominating him at some point in the next round or two anyway.
Uendo Toneido should survive. It'd be cool. Also, I cannot self-terminate. Though, now that I think about it, my flair choice was between Uendo and Marlon, so if I had chosen Marlon way back when, I would in fact be self-terminating right now. I guess it's a good thing I chose Uendo.
Aura Blackquill is a good DD character. She somehow hasn't been cut yet. My hopes aren't high for her to survive this round, but it'd be cool. Please? I'm not expecting much, but it'd be nice. Especially looking at you, Charlie. I know you said you wouldn't, but I'm not sure how much I can hold you to your word.
Simon Keyes is the best defendant in the entire series. He's incredibly funny in I2-2 and a great plot device by which Edgeworth starts to consider becoming a defense attorney. Also, his monkey gimmick is incredibly funny. I have no idea what this talk of him showing up later is about. Oh right, he has a cameo in I2-5. That was nice, I guess, seeing as he's the best defendant ever.
A disproportionate amount of the other rankers seems to be interested in when Katherine Hall will be cut and by who. I'll leave them to debate whether she's good or not.
Furio Tigre is funny, but he should probably go now. The same reasoning applies to Patricia Roland.
Jake Marshall. I think he's somewhat cool and not much worse than Ema and Lana (hot take?), but it's probably time for him to go anyway.
Can someone please cut Paul Atishon and Luke Atmey? I'd like my nominations not to be dead weight twice in a row, thanks. Besides Vogel, because he should cut Tahrust. Speaking of which, Tahrust Inmee may or may not be dead this round, but he's not my concern.
Datz Are'bal should probably go now, but I think he'll survive, unfortunately. I would probably cut him or Tahrust if I felt like being mean, but being mean is less important than giving 5-DLC the justice it deserves, especially since the character I was planning to be mean to was already cut.
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2020.09.13 01:16 QueenofPumpkins96 (F4A) Better Now (Titans Romance, BB Wanted)

*It had been years since Beast Boy has last seen the love of his life walk away forever. Though it still stung him deeply, he had moved onward with his friends, fighting crimes and defeating villains. At 24, he hadn’t done much dating since her, despite having had crushes since. He just couldn’t bring himself to commit to someone new.
Then, it happened: Robin had announced the arrival of a new Titan. Their leader had given little details, and he was curious about the potential hero.
As thunder crackled and lightning flashed through torrential rain, a knock was heard. The team readied themselves for the newbie
Hey there! Thank you for reading my introduction! As you can probably tell, I am looking to do an older Titans roleplay the centers around a romance between BB and my original character! We’ll also be playing as the team while fighting villains, and of course featuring cute fluffy moments mixed in with the more dramatic, dark ones! This will also be MxM, as my character happens to be a guy, so please be okay with that! I will send you a detailed bio on Kik/Discord when you message me.
Rules: 1. Please be literate. No text talk or bad grammar. Replies do not need to be novels but should give something to work with. 3rd person only. 2. Be reasonably active. I try to respond at least a few times a day on a regular basis. Please communicate if you will be gone and generally be active. 3. My character is submissive in terms of personality, so please be ready to play the more dominant role with BB. 4. All characters here are going to be 21+ minimum. For this reason, I am asking that you also be at least 21. (I am 18+ and all participants and characters must also be 18+).
I think that is everything! If you’re interested in creating a cute, plot-driven and fun BB romance, feel free to PM me! Thank you and I hope you have a lovely day! ❤️
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2020.09.13 00:12 QueenofPumpkins96 (F4A) Better Now (Titans Romance, BB Wanted)

It had been years since Beast Boy has last seen the love of his life walk away forever. Though it still stung him deeply, he had moved onward with his friends, fighting crimes and defeating villains. At 24, he hadn’t done much dating since her, despite having had crushes since. He just couldn’t bring himself to commit to someone new.
Then, it happened: Robin had announced the arrival of a new Titan. Their leader had given little details, and he was curious about the potential hero.
As thunder crackled and lightning flashed through torrential rain, a knock was heard. The team readied themselves for the newbie
Hey there! Thank you for reading my introduction! As you can probably tell, I am looking to do an older Titans roleplay the centers around a romance between BB and my original character! We’ll also be playing as the team while fighting villains, and of course featuring cute fluffy moments mixed in with the more dramatic, dark ones! This will also be MxM, as my character happens to be a guy, so please be okay with that! I will send you a detailed bio on Kik/Discord when you message me.
Rules: 1. Please be literate. No text talk or bad grammar. Replies do not need to be novels but should give something to work with. 3rd person only. 2. Be reasonably active. I try to respond at least a few times a day on a regular basis. Please communicate if you will be gone and generally be active. 3. My character is timid/shy in terms of personality, so please be ready to play the more outgoing role with BB romantically. 4. All characters here are going to be 21+ minimum. For this reason, I am asking that you also be at least 21. (I am 18+ and all participants and characters must also be 18+).
I think that is everything! If you’re interested in creating a cute, plot-driven and fun BB romance, feel free to PM me! Thank you and I hope you have a lovely day! ❤️
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2020.09.12 00:50 NintyAyansa Season 2: Chapter 12 - "Where She Went"

Season 2: Chapter 12 -
Date: September 4, 2020, 5:45pm EDT
Where She Went
Luna and Robin arrive, telling the group to prepare for their journey to find out more about what happened to Mylonite. After a lengthy boat ride (throwback, anyone?) and a short walk, they arrive at Point Ruin, a hill with a ruined tower sitting on top. They discover notes from Mylonite along with a sleeping white fox. Inside a cave underneath the tower, the group finds a shrine with a final note from Mylonite.
With that, Moon gives Mylonite's core to Luna who places it in the shrine in the centre of the room. It lights up and the ground shakes, leading Luna to pull out a sword -- the Blade of Balance. She announces that she is making it her "life story" to find out what happened to Mylonite. This precedes a conversation between her and Robin where it is revealed that Robin's mother practiced magic and died because of it - not much detail is given. Luna tells Robin that they should try to write their own life story as well, moving on from the past and focusing on the future. Robin accepts, apologizing for their behaviour with magic. Luna entrusts Robin with full control over the kingdom, and the group leaves the cave.

"Let's write our own stories, hm?"

Event Reactions
  • What does your character think about Luna's idea of writing your own life story?
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2020.09.10 02:46 QueenofPumpkins96 (F4A) Better Now (Titans Romance, BB Wanted)

It had been years since Beast Boy has last seen the love of his life walk away forever. Though it still stung him deeply, he had moved onward with his friends, fighting crimes and defeating villains. At 24, he hadn’t done much dating since her, despite having had crushes since. He just couldn’t bring himself to commit to someone new.
Then, it happened: Robin had announced the arrival of a new Titan. Their leader had given little details, and he was curious about the potential hero.
As thunder crackled and lightning flashed through torrential rain, a knock was heard. The team readied themselves for the newbie
Hey there! Thank you for reading my introduction! As you can probably tell, I am looking to do an older Titans roleplay the centers around a romance between BB and my original character! We’ll also be playing as the team while fighting villains, and of course featuring cute fluffy moments mixed in with the more dramatic, dark ones! This will also be MxM, as my character happens to be a guy, so please be okay with that! I will send you a detailed bio on Kik/Discord when you message me.
Rules: 1. Please be literate. No text talk or bad grammar. Replies do not need to be novels but should give something to work with. 3rd person only. 2. Be reasonably active. I try to respond at least a few times a day on a regular basis. Please communicate if you will be gone and generally be active. 3. My character is timid/shy in terms of personality, so please be ready to play the more outgoing role with BB romantically. 4. All characters here are going to be 21+ minimum. For this reason, I am asking that you also be at least 21. (I am 18+ and all participants and characters must also be 18+).
I think that is everything! If you’re interested in creating a cute, plot-driven and fun BB romance, feel free to PM me! Thank you and I hope you have a lovely day! ❤️
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2020.09.09 02:45 QueenofPumpkins96 (F4A) Better Now (Titans Romance, BB Wanted)

It had been years since Beast Boy has last seen the love of his life walk away forever. Though it still stung him deeply, he had moved onward with his friends, fighting crimes and defeating villains. At 24, he hadn’t done much dating since her, despite having had crushes since. He just couldn’t bring himself to commit to someone new.
Then, it happened: Robin had announced the arrival of a new Titan. Their leader had given little details, and he was curious about the potential hero.
As thunder crackled and lightning flashed through torrential rain, a knock was heard. The team readied themselves for the newbie
Hey there! Thank you for reading my introduction! As you can probably tell, I am looking to do an older Titans roleplay the centers around a romance between BB and my original character! We’ll also be playing as the team while fighting villains, and of course featuring cute fluffy moments mixed in with the more dramatic, dark ones! This will also be MxM, as my character happens to be a guy, so please be okay with that! I will send you a detailed bio on Kik/Discord when you message me.
Rules: 1. Please be literate. No text talk or bad grammar. Replies do not need to be novels but should give something to work with. 3rd person only. 2. Be reasonably active. I try to respond at least a few times a day on a regular basis. Please communicate if you will be gone and generally be active. 3. My character is timid/shy in terms of personality, so please be ready to play the more outgoing role with BB romantically. 4. All characters here are going to be 21+ minimum. For this reason, I am asking that you also be at least 21. (I am 18+ and all participants and characters must also be 18+).
I think that is everything! If you’re interested in creating a cute, plot-driven and fun BB romance, feel free to PM me! Thank you and I hope you have a lovely day! ❤️
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2020.09.04 20:59 Dungeon_Dice JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #5 - Round 2 Match Select

After much has happened in the last couple months, we’re happy to announce that stage select for Round 2 is now underway!
Like last time, we also have a full narrative writeup to accompany the start of the stage select process, which will also give some focus on the winner of the council chairman election that ran at the end of the last round!
Let’s begin!
Raymond Delwyn Shimizu had won himself a bit of a dumpster fire.
He had just slightly beaten out UltraNebula67, an anonymous prankster kid who had stated their intentions to see law and order dismantled, and an initial plurality for Cowboy Dan, who ran on the campaign promise of some citywide battle royale; were it not for ranked choice, a madman would have been in City Hall right now, and one clearly supported by… Whoever it was, who was impersonating Golden Week. Rushen was asked to look into the guy, but a sting like that would take time.
His first campaign promise to reform the city’s dueling laws had seen some success and some hurdles. With the the support of ODIN’s faction, Aurelio’s councilor whose constituents had witnessed Father Blue’s slaughter, former allies of March, and the Midnight Sun representative, he was very easily able to get a law forcing a clear and explicit agreement between parties for a duel to prove fatal, with harsher minimum penalties on those who harmed uninvolved bystanders.
The Chief Prosecutor, over a round of Golf at Captains All, expressed both praise and concerns.
“You’ve gotten something completely necessary passed quickly,” Pezzeti di Cavallo had said, before taking a swing, “but the wording on this law is still vague, and I can see men like James Berret even now finding ways to weasel an argument for murdering men in the streets out of it. We must strictly define what comes next, Chairman. Use this momentum you have now to make certain this has its intended effect… And if the mayor gives you trouble in supporting this, let me speak with him.”
Even this much later, Mayor Rockin’ “Red” Robin, as Ray sat in his office, was giving both men trouble.
“Hmmm, hmmmmmmmm…” He stroked his oversized, shiny moustache, the ends of which stretches out the short, goggled mayor’s red aviator cap. “I’m sorry, but I’ve got nothing. My hands are most tied keeping a fragile balance here, yes! There’s only so much I can do after offering you my help on your medical proposals. Budgets and all, yes.”
It was baffling enough that a majority of the council always seemed to flake on accepting new rule definitions or make unreasonable demands that absolutely weren’t acceptable, but Mayor Red seemed almost encouraging it.
“Budgets?” Ray asked, his even temper a boon at this time. “Mayor Robin, this is a set of words on a paper… It won’t cost a dime to implement. We just need you to come out in support and-”
“Ah, but give a mouse a cookie, yes? Soon you’ll be drumming up support for deputized anti-Stand death squads, like your predecessor.”
“You…” Cavallo’s fingers twitched. “You were the one who convinced me that wasn’t what he was doing! To turn around now-”
“ODIN isn’t quite as popular right now as then, I’m afraid,” Red answered, “I can reevaluate and read the room too! See why that could be! Caused quite a stir with that college coworker of yours when March proposed giving them two council seats… And I hear, denied them a chance to aid the community in that little raid you oversaw? So really, this is all her fault as usual!”
That was enough to get the prosecutor to slam his hands on the desk, standing as Ray tried to tug at his arm. “Prosecutor, don’t get heated, you-”
“I will not abide by you trying to throw my esteemed University colleagues under the bus! Bar the late Andrew Tiffany, you will find nobody more earnestly dedicated to this city’s future than her, even among the University board!”
The mayor sighed, reaching for a button. “I’ve told you before, Pezzetti. Inside voices! I simply can’t work with you when you’re this cranky! And you, Ray, think about who you’re making an ally of!”
Red hit the button, and the carpet beneath Ray and Cavallo’s feet shifted like a blazing-fast treadmill, both flung out the office doors and against the opposite hallway wall, soft and padded. The doors swung shut and clicked, and the pair could hear some anime opening muffled and playing within soon after.
“Is he always like that?” Ray asked, having not dealt with the man all that much yet.
“Only recently,” Cavallo answered, standing with his odd walking stick, “it’s like he hasn’t been on the ball at all since André died… That devastated all of us, but there’s still work to be done!”
“I see… I can’t shake the feeling I’ve seen him somewhere.” Ray shrugged it off. “Probably just one of those faces. Speaking of André, how is that case going?”
Cavallo laughed an empty laugh. “I’m more stressed than I’ve felt in thirty years! Half this city being leveled aside, that was when I took on the case that made my career… A corrupt mayor, aptly. Mayor Carl Douglas, you hear of him?”
“I… Think so? The guy who basically pushed for everything this one philanthropist wanted?”
“Dickinson, yes. Anyway, though, let’s talk strategy later. I need to pick up a few more dozen energy drinks for this casework.”
“Yeah… See you.” Ray waved the older man off before heading to his own new office.
The second-floor office had a balcony, through which a person could look out and see a nice little courtyard before them, with a sunflower garden in the middle tended to by an old gardener who had apparently been there a very long time, but who few had actually ever seen or run into. Ray hardly used the courtyard, not that one could blame him. After all, he was busy still with his work with SKADE, and even when he was here in the office, he preferred to sit there at the nice desk he had inherited from Wedding March.
It was a nice day, though, and he thought the fresh air might help him think, and so he drew back the curtains in front of the door, unlocked it, and stepped out, inhaling through his nose, before looking down at the yard in question. The sunflowers’ ‘faces’ looked up to Ray, or more likely, he reasoned, the sun somewhere behind him. He also saw a brightly dressed man trimming some bushes, handling his shears with only a right hand.
Is that him..? Wait, one hand? Ray thought to himself some more. I’ve seen him before, I’m pretty sure. But, when could-? He blinked, and the man seemed to be gone. Did I just imagine things? No, no…
“I see you’ve taken my advice to heart,” a voice cut through from directly next to him, and there, indeed, was that man again… That man who he’d spoken to briefly when he first came into the city. “The city needs people like you, and you’ve made efforts already to stifle yet another disaster in the making. People who otherwise would not have will live to see whatever end of this comes, and you will never know all of their names.”
“You’re… I mean, that’s good, but why are you talking to me about it?” Ray asked, even in tone despite his surprise and suspicion.
“I appear to those who might do something helpful about it, should I speak to them of what’s to come,” he answered, clearly in good spirits. “I gave one such person a glimpse of what was to come months ago, and they made good usage of it. I thought I should see what the self-styled ‘ray of hope’ might like to discuss as well.”
Raymond still wasn’t quite sure about the intentions of this one-armed man, but he wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth, either, pondering over his words calmly. “You seem like you understand how things work around here. There’s so much more I want to get done for this city’s sake, even past all the stuff I have gotten passed, but it feels like there’s constantly something or another stonewalling my biggest ideas. Like there’s some sort of grand contrivance against everything going right, you know?”
“I know too well, yes. Be it conspiracy, or what many would call an ‘Act of God,’ or mere coincidence, always fate in this city finds its way to spiral down again and again… You need only look outside at our beautiful canals to see a bloody example of just that,” the man said, and for a moment, Ray could vividly see the flowing water between the streets he had commuted time and time again.
“Canals…” That, then, gave Ray the idea he needed for his topic in question. “That came thirty years ago, right? In what they called an ‘Earthquake…’ But my colleague, he said there were all sorts of scandals at that point. With the old mayor from back then, and that philosopher who was way too into Alexander the Great and then died… Did they play some part in this?” ‘Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.’ Ray kept those words in mind, intent on paying very close attention to whatever this man said.
“Yes and no, as a man was fond of saying once. They had set the stage for what was to come, and had their own intents,” the one-armed man said, then, before gesturing towards Ray with one hand, “but to understand what became of this city then, and where it is now, you need to look to the former rivals who had come together and defeated them. From this very balcony, in fact, I witnessed the final time that group came together before it came apart.”
(art by boredCommentator, or Judge New Kak!)
It had been slightly over thirty years ago, in that very Council Chairman office in Downtown Los Fortuna. Though still the Southern end of the city was in one piece physically, it was times nearly as divisive as our own in people’s souls, the ‘Gravity’ which drove the city more than any other place tearing people away from one another and forcing them against each other with ferocity.
City Hall had fallen, its mayor an accomplice of the conquering philanthropist Alexander Dickinson, and seen its council taken hostage to do their bidding. This, then, had fallen again at the hands of two out of the eight who had banded together to liberate the city, in spite of their feuds, in its hour of need.
City Hall had, in fact, been saved from its own mayor by none other than the Stand Users who went, publicly, by V and André Tifáni, who thought himself stronger than ever, nigh-invincible, hours before a string of losses of every sort.
A teenage girl in a 3/4ths bike helmet and face-covering scarf and a grown man in a stylish sleeveless striped shirt and beret, both wearing sunglasses, couldn’t help but high-five at their own success, each cracking open a bottle of sparkling water, the latter drinking it through a whimsical straw.
The elder produced a flip phone of the highest quality, putting it to his ear and nodding, then shutting it. “Yes, that was Mr. March… The whole council made it to the safehouse that A-D boy built in time, and it’s withstanding everything yet. Zero badly hurt or dead, in direct spite of the efforts of Mayor Carl Douglas!”
“Told you not to doubt our generation, yeah? Ernie’s only gonna get better from here, I can feel it. But yeah, it’s just a matter of getting those council guys to testify then, right..?” The teen’s voice was affected, made to sound clearly lower than its natural octaves. “That prosecutor friend of yours better be half as good as you say he is, André.”
“Hey,” André reassured, waving his onyx-colored hook around, “this is a friend of mine, you know. I don’t vouch for those lightly, Vee.”
“What’d I tell you?” ‘V’ answered, folding her arms and looking away with a huff, “it’s pronounced Five.”
And then, he laughed, nodding. “Right, right… Surely, so people don’t mix you up with my sister. But hey, I think we finished our part in this first, speaking of which! So score one for the younger sibling team, eh?”
“…sure. Score one.”
Others, then, piled in one by one. One Dr. Hinata Ono, a surgeon and agent of the city’s government given free reign to harm as she pleased, dragging with her by the hand the ailing and reclusive yet passionate street artist and social critic, Celine, were the next to arrive, the doctor regaling the others present with tales of how ‘good’ Dickinson’s mistress had died, none the wiser that she would not last long past snuffing out the artist later that day.
“I told Ms. Jackson she could surrender, enter protection and testify to what she was involved in,” Ono had said as she twirled a crimson-stained scalpel on her fingertip, “but she chose to go loudly rather than come quietly… Ah, you should have seen how dear sweet Celine saved my life there! I’m in love all over again, ah~!”
Celine’s response was more modest, shirking away. “We were forced to do something ugly, so to prevent the town on the Wormwood from going under the water… Andrew Tiffany, I envy your bloodless success. Of course you, once more, find yourself not challenged… Not that I would wish that carnage upon you, or anyone…”
Byron Oxbow was not who he was today yet, despite carrying the same bold heart, and had tolerated working alongside Adidas Fischer, the fearsome mobster in his prime, who later that very day he would break and leave to linger for three decades, when another violent man would toss him through a window as little more than bait for two others.
Flexing his bare muscles, Fischer glared and burst into the scene first, his longish hair billowing as he did so. “Ja, you should have seen Oxbow… Nearly as fierce as I, even without a hair on his scalp! Those brothers at Proclaimer Insurance didn’t stand a chance!” He, then, laughed in a haughty manner, holding out his hand for Byron. “You and me, you could make a great right hand for Cascada.”
The sound of sharpened metal tearing at the floor followed Byron Oxbow as he walked into the room, torn leather jacket covering an otherwise bare chest and a pouch of rebar clanging at his side. “There was no glory in that fight, jackass. We had already taken care of the threat, and doing what you did was nothing more than pointless cruelty. If you don't put it through your thick skull that you reap what you sow you are going to get what you fucking deserve.”
“Pointless, you say, but the third brother wasn’t much younger than Vee-”
“-than Vee here, who I’m sure did more to bring down Douglas than the oaf here,” the muscly German said, jerking his thumb to the offended André as the others in the room, then, tried to make sense of what their conversation was implying. In turn, all four reacted with various degrees of appellation. “A Stand User at that… I may well have saved your life, either that instant or when he would come for revenge.”
Byron, bald head shining a mad reflection of the room’s lights, brought his rebar to the side of Fischer’s head with a furious swing, only for his arm to block it, the pair staring one another down before anyone could move to intervene. “One more dead after all of this bloodshed, and an example to that gang of yours,” Byron spoke as he strained, “what difference will it make? You see a soul stopping me?”
As things were about to escalate on the spot, however, they were interrupted, then, by the pair who had barely slain the leader of this plot themselves, Valentina Lloyd and the one who called himself Berlin Rosso… a martial artist who would spend the short remainder of her life grappling with questions of what she had fought for, and a troubled young man whose mind was driven to its brink by the futility of all he had sought and fought.
“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!” A contralto voice let out in a crescendo, having kicked the door open and interrupted the looming fight. The punkish, muscular woman in her thirties stepped in with a grin wide on her face. “We are not doing this here!” She continued to yell, strutting in as, behind her, a multi-masked, black haired young man in red, from his crimson body armor to his pink scarf, exhibited a different warmth.
“Valentina!” André declared, he and V barreling past the men about to fight so abruptly their locked blows concluded. “You’re well, in one piece..! Both of you..! Is that to mean..?”
“Yep, yep, yup, mhm!” She said, fists on her waists, then jerking a thumb at her chin, then sliding it across her neck. “Alexander Dickinson is over and done with!”
“Sweeter words were never uttered…” Ono said with a sigh. “Though truthfully, I nearly wish you had failed so I could have been the one to do him in… Ah, c’est la vie. Maybe I can find that runaway crony of his…”
“Take it from a former associate. Hull is someone we need not pursue… He wouldn’t dare do much with Dickinson lost, nor would many others. That loss is for the best, yes,” André mused aloud, but added, “but Val, you… Seem eerily chipper about it. Another man dead is no cause for laughter. Do not force yourself to laugh.”
“By the time we really fought, he was no man…” She looked off, then, toward the street, “went into that damn machine of his and came out like something John Carpenter, or one of Celine’s pet projects. Was easier said than done being able to walk here on our own two feet… But hey! This is a perfect victory! Everyone I gathered is back alive, in an unexploded city hall.”
Byron, finally, lowered his weapon entirely, but still held it. “I… Yeah, I guess… This story’s done now, right? Just gotta clean up what’s left… Wipe down some loose ends.” He glanced, through his lenses, to Fischer.
“What a dreadful ending.”
Among some relaxed murmuring, V had approached Berlin, only to get within meters of him, freeze up, and back away. It was his voice, then, which had cut through.
“The tyrant who wished to transform the city and take the world will die with his deeds forgotten… It’s so perfect it makes me sick,” Berlin Rosso’s face mask bore a smile, yet his tone was bitter. “We have killed each other… I can name friends of mine and V’s, companions in the Dirty Beloved, slain personally by bastards in this room.” Ono sneered at him, batting her eyelashes and tilting her head coyly. “We’ve waged a war against that which rules us all, bled and cried, and still this city entraps us. Are you so single mindedly obsessed with strife that you would dare call a story where nothing has changed ‘over?’”
“Allow us a moment!”
“No… He’s right, André,” Celine mused. “This is not the end… That ‘machine’ may yet hold the way to truly allow this city’s people their deserved dignity. Perhaps something right can come of all this destruction, something new might spread.”
“Do you… Have something in mind?” Valentina asked. “I wanna spread my style around the world, see New York and Paris with my family, but if you’re navel-gazing, you’re just gonna sour something already bittersweet.”
“I… May have a plan.” Berlin stroked his mask. “No, yes, I certainly do… This is not the falling action. We have entered our climax.”
V stepped forward after a quiet moment, raising a hand, only to be stared down by the red-clad man. What the person there who most knew him had noticed, what she had to say, she had lost the nerve to interject with. Berlin Rosso would slay Valentina soon after, and the ensuing infighting ended half of their lives. His plan would fail; Alexander Dickinson’s machine would be completely, forever disabled, but much of the city was destroyed before it could be. The earth sank beneath the final stages of his red carnage, and thoughts of this flooded over all that had come before.
Ray was quiet throughout that, enthralled by what was said, and even a touch disappointed that the story ended where it did. “You say you… Saw all of that from this balcony here,” he finally said, getting all of his bearings then. “Did they just not see you?”
“I suppose not… Their minds were all elsewhere, on quite pressing things,” the man answered, now sitting on the balcony’s rail, leaning back an amount that made Ray almost anxious to watch. “They were so very pressing then, anyway, but the thoughts of all but a pair of those left are gone, with only their effects and imprints yet remaining. But you understand my point, don’t you?”
Ray had to think for a little while on that, looking to the ground level again, to the sunflowers. “I… Think so, yes. This little story of yours should be helpful to keep in mind.”
He turned to look at the man once again, meaning to ask his name, but as he did, the one-armed figure was gone once more.
“Figures…” He muttered, before thinking to himself. That he appeared to me now and not sooner must mean that things are about to heat up again… With a situation like this, it feels mostly like good luck that every ally of ours is still alive. We need to get ready for whatever comes next. He groaned, then, pulling at his hat. “Gimme a break… Juggling all this was hectic enough already.”
And we’re back! Following a short break, it’s time for us to return to Los Fortuna once more with the second round of the fifth JoJo’s OC tournament! We’ve had a few changes in our roster in between these two rounds, in the form of some rebalancing tweaks given to a few characters and in the form of some “revivals” which we’ve had! And so, the following previously RETIRED characters will be returning in Round 2:
In addition, the players of three characters have opted to drop out of the tournament, and as such have been replaced by other members from their teams:
Some of these were previously announced and simply being reiterated here, others are being revealed to the subreddit for the first time.
With that out of the way, our teams all have a couple days to pick which matches they want their characters to participate in, with mostly the same stipulations as before - for each character, pick three matches which you would like them to participate in, from order of most to least desirable, and we’ll do our best to assign you in one of them depending on the specifics of the matches. In addition, mention any specific dates in which you can or can not have your matches, and we will do our best to make sure to accommodate your requests!
As opposed to the previous round, characters are allowed to sign up for both 1v1s and 2v2s at once, and it is even preferable for most characters to have a pairing of some kind in mind, even if at a low priority (even if it’s just saying which also-solo team member you would like to team with - don’t just throw people together to have a pair quota met; consider your team as a whole and who has the best synergies!). In addition, as the number of active characters on each team is no longer equal, it is no longer mandatory for a team to sign up to any specific amount of 1v1s or 2v2s, though larger teams should still expect to receive more than one (especially those with seven or more people).
With that out of the way, the players have three days to decide on their match picks and to send them in to the judges, after which we will make a post announcing the matches and matchups themselves. We’re fine with slightly lengthening the period of available time should that be necessary, but the sooner we receive the match picks, the sooner we can begin with R2 proper.
Without further ado, here’s the list of matches that will occur through Los Fortuna over the course of R2!
Match Region Players Recommendations Forecast
1 Agriculture 1v1 Close/Mid Range, Of Legal Drinking Age Is this what the philosophers call 'Homer Mode?'
2 Slums 1v1 Object Manipulation "Well I just might replace you with a match stick, and gasoline."
3 Shopping 2v2 Any "Wait, restart, we forgot to turn off items."
4 Business 1v1 Close Range Take a hike to Big Bill Hell's!
5 Industrial 1v1 Any ”Fire in the disco/ Fire at the gates of Hell…”
6 Agriculture 2v? Any Well it isn't West Virginia, the bull is out to pasture, the rabbit is gone and the kid doesn't know anything... (Special)
7 Suburb 2v2 Environmental Manipulation Remember Danny - Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.
8 College 1v1 Any “You, you can do anything you want to…” (Experimental)
9 Waterfront 2v2 Any "Is it worth it? / A new winter coat and shoes for the wife…"
10 Downtown 1v1 Any "Mickey! It's Riku. They put bugs in him!"
11 Entertainment 2v2 Power, Object Manipulation "Bet it all on black."
12 Downtown 2v? Any I got a letter this morning, what do you reckon it read? (Special)
13 Waterfront 1v1 Subtle Combat "Empty your mind of everything that doesn't have to do with fine dining, fine dining and breathing."
14 Industrial 2v2 Any "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!"
15 Slums 1v1 User builds After this we're getting waffles. (Experimental)
16 Business 2v2 Any "Prepare for trouble." "And make it double!"
17 Entertainment 1v1 Mid Range, Athletic User "The universe is giving me strong hints that it's time for a career change."
18 Industrial 2v? Any We are the hammer, you are the nail. (Special)
19 College 2v2 Stealthy, Speedy, or Decent-range Builds; or User-focused builds "We will take your distorted desires without fail."
20 Downtown 1v1 Any "Can I believe it?" (Experimental)
submitted by Dungeon_Dice to StardustCrusaders [link] [comments]

2020.09.01 20:03 Sanity0004 My overly documented and long winded journey through The Challenge for the first time. (Part 7: Rivals 2)

Alright I'm returning for another full season first watch and reaction thread. I hated Battle of the Seasons quite a bit, took a few days off without watching any Challenge, but I was starting to get an itch to get back to watching so my break didn't really last all that long. There's a quick small TL:DR at the end basically summing up my overall thoughts on the season. No real in depth look at anything, that's more throughout the notes.
Part 1: Fresh Meat - Duel 2
Part 2: The Ruins
Part 3: Fresh Meat 2
Part 4: Cutthroat and Rivals 1
Part 5: Battle of the Exes
Part 6: Battle of the Seasons
Rivals 2
EP 1:
Fucking Frank!
I love CT
Is this like 4 in a row for Jonna and Jasmine?
I for some reason didn't think Johnny was on this season.
Wes and CT? Get fucked everyone.
Oh god, Pennsetucky again.
Diem and Aneesa have beef?
Trey calling it true about Zach "He's extremely insecure."
"Thank god I got in a fight with one of the biggest guys."
Glad to see Emily again. Paula and Emily seems like an OP duo, can't see any girls comparing.
Shain Gandee and Pennsetucky back on my tv screen.
Dunbar calling someone else being bad at this game is hilarious.
Damn Jonna is cute!
Johnny and Frank?!?! What? I can't imagine this going well.
Ok, this challenge house may be the best to this point.
CT instantly flirting.
Johnny definitely politicking and putting himself as some house authority instantly.
Zach calling everyone a kid is annoying.
"CT's not intimidating" Ok bud, coming in trying to step up to the biggest guy, I see you. lol
About CT: "It depends on which one of his personalities comes out!" lol
Tyrie already slacking this season, falling asleep on a toilet. lol
Oh Nooooo Diem with cancer again! :(
Diem looks cute as hell with the short hair honestly. Quit wearing wigs!
This may be the most athletic full set of girls on a season yet. Not too many blatant standouts on the low side.
"60% fall rate" no one falls. Eat shit Johnny!
I would seriously think you can just chalk Emily and Paula in for the final and likely winning it. From episode 1. Not even joking. If Emily/Paula and Wes/CT aren't the two winners I'll be shocked.
My wife doesn't even watch this show except for the episode here and there and just saw Wes/CT were a pair and asked if that was fair lol
I love CT. Him giggling because he basically gets to tackle Wes over and over is great.
Tyrie and Dunbar lost? No way! lol
Calling Zach and Trey the pair that hates each other most? That seems weak. Zach just hates everyone.
CT gunning for Johnny? I didn't think I could love CT more. Throwing them against DunbaTyrie is a dumb joke tho lol You're just painting a target on yourself pointlessly when there is almost no way they'd lose.
At least everyone else realizes CT is being dumb.
Opposite sex decides? Wow, I like it. Politicking became more important.
CT calling Johnny on his shit! I love it. "You're going to tell everyone you'll take them to the final and pick em off little by little!"
Diem and her territorial-ness over CT shows up instantly!
Someone leaving already?!
Frank trying to talk shit, color me surprised. "A shot was made and a war was started. Now I'm going to finish it." Whatever you say Frank. I look forward to you randomly talking shit once someone is already in an argument so you can just gang up on someone and not be the only one on your side. Your schtick is tired and it's only been one season dude!
If there was anyone I think Dunbar and Tyrie could beat it'd be Derek and Robb.
Oh my god Dunbar is so god damn terrible. Even when you get to the bell first you fall and miss hitting it and have to get back up to hit it? You are awful dude. Sit down, retire. Seriously wow, you're awful.
Just terrible. Dunbar trying to put it on Tyrie haha god damn dude. Walk away.
Johnny honestly playing smart. Paint a common target for enough people and it keeps you out of being the target.
EP 2:
CT has a thing with ninja gear. This is like the third season he's brought up ninja gear.
What is with these challenge houses having terrible cooling? Everyone is literally camped in the living room for air?
Frank wanting to get in to a random argument that doesn't concern him? Wow, so refreshing. Once again it's only when it's like five people around arguing with one person that frank jumps in and screams over everyone. lol somehow Frank is the victim. I fucking hate this guy.
Ct is shit for pinning lying about hooking up on Anastasia, but it's shit on Anastasia to go around publicizing the shit. Wes actually talking truth. It's none of anyone's business.
Why does everyone hate Cara? I don't remember people out and out hating her this much. Something happen before the season or something? She said something about putting her foot in her mouth on twitter or something? Like I know there was some Wes/Paula/Tyler shit from Rivals 1 I think, but this seems like all around hate. Plus I think most of that beef was on Laurel.
Wes seriously seems so slimmed down from earlier seasons.
Wes you manchild! "I can't put my face in another mans crotch." Grow up
Why are these people so damn whiny. Now Preston too?
CT and Knight just grabbing each other and trying to do it is pretty hilarious. Why stop them? You could have just said they can't win lol
This comp does kinda suck though...
Diem acting like she is scared to death to be between Aneesa's legs? Trying to get the ball from around her legs? What?
The people that can't get up and decided to just roll the way lmao
Everyone hating Trishelle is a-ok with me. Sucks for Sarah though.
CT probably crossing his fingers hoping for Anastasia to get eliminated.
Sarah straight up asking Trishelle if she plans on quitting lol Damn Sarah
Diem, lose the wigs. The short hair is adorable and cute as hell.
You can kind of tell CT kinda gets off on Anastasia flipping out and thats kinda gross...
I am developing quite a crush on Jonna this season. She's coming to these elims with absolute fire looks.
CT giving help to Cara/Cooke haha
Why is Cara so damn greasy looking?
TJ has no time for people shit! "It's three minutes..." Basically suck it up and hang upside down for 3 damn minutes you baby.
Just gonna fall in your own piss Cooke? Really? I mean I guess it's motivation not to lose? one person using both saws cheating? It showed Cara and Cooke and Cooke was using both saws while Cara held on to Cooke so she wasn't moving all around. That seems counter to the point of the comp. I kind of miss the days of these challenges having intricate rules and technicalities. Ripping the flag in Duel 1 and the jeep push in sand in Gauntlet 3.
TJ talking shit again! "Guess you should smoke cigarettes and not eat?" I can't understate how much I love TJ talking shit.
Apparently these seasons have a communal fuck spot? Exes was the laundry room and I guess this season is the closet? First CT/Anastasia now Sarah/Jordan? lol They said "Nah, we're putting a camera in there this time."
EP 3:
Why are they suddenly naming these episodes after shows and movies? Have I just not noticed this before?
Good for the rookie dude being bi and owning it.
Fucking Shain Gandee dude. Jesus. He just instantly says "That's Marlin" like it's the fucking punchline of a hilarious joke. You can't for a second think that's funny. Oh now he's talking about melting a toothbrush and stabbing him? What?!
Trishelle repeating Robin's weird argument of asking Aneesa what she is? EEEESH
"TRASH-ELLE"!!!!!! Aneesa, I love you. Forget any negative things I said about you in the past.
"She's a stripper!" What? lol what does that have to do with anything? Not making a good argument when you're talking about all the things she is and then bringing up her being a stripper? Trashelle you have some high horse complex, for sure.
Sarah fucking calling Trishelle quitting days ago?!?! Definitely seems like there were some strong vibes coming off Trishelle from the start.
"She's so many things, so anything will offend her!" Trishelle you just sound like trash. If you can't talk without offending multiple groups of people the problem is you and the way you talk.
I swear if Sarah doesn't get another teammate after Cooke does I'll be fuming.
Ugh, fucking Knight you douche. If you're always the bad guy in almost all situations, the issue isn't the people. It's you.
Of fuck off! She left because of a family issue is no damn difference than someone quitting! Neither one of those scenarios the partner has any fucking control over!
That's horseshit.
DQ'd for a fight? Get a new teammate. Leave for family? Get a teammate? Quit or be a shitty person that happens to be Sarah's partner? Sarah goes home too! Fuck offfffff.
Wes: "I hate to say it, but me and CT are bonding." You love to see it.
If their time limit was 10 minutes and 30 seconds was being added after their time why wouldn't you just DQ them at 9:30. No one would be able to go past 10 minutes anyways. You're just giving them an extra 30 seconds to get farther than someone else that DQ's at only 10 minutes? I really feel like they don't think these challenges through all that well.
I feel like half the guys this season have had zero screen time.
Ty continues to be shit at anything taking longer than 2 minutes.
"I need this old man to fire up his wheel chair and keep going." Frank literally doesn't know how to talk without talking shit.
This Elim challenge of braking the stick on each other just sounds like a leftover jackass stunt.
Mad props to Nany. There's women still today that will look at a bi dude and say hell no he's gay and won't even think about dating them. There was this exact case on that Netflix reality show love is blind or something like that. The girl was repulsed and basically quit right away.
EP 4:
Jordan taking no time moving on from Sarah lmao
Damn Nany also just moving along the men too!
Diem girl, damn chick. Move the hell on. Either decide you want to be with CT or ignore what he does completely. Writing a rap?!?! lol
Fucking Pennsetucky. "Woah woah woah, you're gonna just lie to her?"
"Jemmye is one of the prettiest girls in the house." What a weird way for Leroy to come out about having the worst taste in the house. (Top tier: Theresa, Nany, Jonna. Bottom Tier: Jasmine, Pennsetucky.)
Paula with some weird ass makeup for this challenge making her look like she has face bruises walking in today.
"I don't like going first, it's a disadvantage." No shit, why do we need at this commentary every single damn challenge?
Wes and CT, it definitely came down to looking like Wes being impatient and then CT getting annoyed and frustrated with him.
The hetero guys on this season literally can't help themselves but make gay jokes any possible time they can.
Emily/Paula continue to dominate.
A fucking Johnny bobble-head...
I don't hate that vets come in with the idea of protecting each other. I hate that some people come in and just expect it and are appalled by even the suggestion of a vote coming their way. You are not entitled to skate by simply because you've been on multiple seasons. Grow up. That was one of my favorite aspects of Battle of the Seasons. The rookies came in and said fuck that noise and the vets got fucked because of it.
Why is everyone so hateful on Cara Maria? What did I miss? I get like the attitude aspect, Cara is whiny
"I know how to politic like nobody's business." You mean the guys in control are sticking to vets strong and it scares the rookies from disrupting it? Sure, good politicking Diem...
"Ketchup is my biggest fear." Sentences I never thought I'd hear in my life.
This entire Jemmye rant I barely make out any words.
Imagine seeing Theresa and Pennsetucky and thinking "I can't tell which is more attractive." Hahaha and Jimmye says theres is the backup plan haha
I feel like all these Elim's that look scary and intimidating are always the biggest let downs. The flyswatter slap off comes to mind.
I feel like this whole Elim is specifically designed for Cara Maria.
"I have a battery pack like that I attach to my nipples." Damn Cara...
Maybe my knowledge of batteries being attached to things, and electricity in general sucks, but I feel like the batteries only being touched by one side(assuming positive) and there being no real completion of the circuits would make thi....oh It's all for show. Yeah, that makes sense. No one goes home.
Fucking thank you Diem. Go without the wigs! Damn girl, you look so much better.
If the non-vet girls want shit to change they need to start putting in the vet guys to get any kind of shift to happen.
EP 5:
If anyone is fucking, you can guarantee Jasmine is trying to catch a glimpse.
Ugh, Wes and his territorialness. "How dare you have sex in your bed...with my ex-hookup!"
"This is cute." Oh, this definitely bothers Wes. It turns in to Leroy being the insecure one! lol
Don't show me Zach crying, I don't care about this fuckhead.
Oh god, it turns in to a fucking panic attack lol screaming and throwing a tantrum. Yup, thanks, fuck this guy. "You had a healthy neice/nephew!" "Fucking fuuuuuuuuuuuuck, I'm panicking!!!!! HULK SMASH!"
I'm a fan of this Jordan dude. "My tummy hurts and I miss my family. Time to have a hissy fit."
Frank has to turn it into being about himself somehow.
Zach having this panic gets like a full medical team in the house. Big E looking like he's having a heart attack got another fat dude and a girl to throw him on a stretcher after a half hour of waiting lmao "Here's some pepto you giant baby."
Oh, wild glimpse of Diem's amazing political prowess, talking to Wes!
Finally the rookie girls smartening up and trying to stick together. Diem also suggesting letting Jasmine/Theresa go by too? That seems off..
This Jordan guy continues to be crazy competitive. These Rookies are impressive.
Zach-"I'd rather not pull for Frank and Johnny." Frank-"That's a good idea Zach." lol this is so hilarious and dumb to me.
Letting Wes and CT of all people just walk by?! They're two of the best competitors, don't give them an advantage lol
Blaming one single person not pulling out of like 8? I don't like Johnny, don't get me wrong, but that one damn person isn't making a difference on your ass sucking.
Zach is the biggest god damn baby. "I sucked at a challenge? Who is the first and easiest person I can put this blame on other than myself?"
I am completely with Zach on Johnny being a snake. The logic behind it is just stupid and whiny.
The two closest people to Leroy completely fucks him! Haha the stupidity! If you're just going to throw a vote away, mayyyyybe not throw it on the people you're clost to trying not to make a target of yourself.
Don't blame someone else for your damn vote! You voted for him. You wanted to skate by without making a target and did something stupid. Your own dumb mistake. Live with it.
Love this elim challenge. Get to the bell and win basically, but smash shit to do it.
Ty and Leroy losing lmao
Oh god, Zach throwing the helmet. What a dumbass.
Zach, you dumbass. "That's clearly not what happened." I always knew your sense of reality was off.
Ty winning an elim by default is great.
Man, Frank saying all this shit about self reflection and realizing when Zach is an ass. If only he could look in to a mirror...
EP 6:
Oh no, a storm is brewing!!
Theresa, let it the fuck go. You voted on your own damn dude, that's your problem.
Production change idea: Change the "clue" text messages to random ominous things TJ says after an elimination. Make it a suspenseful end to an episode and still get the clue out of the way. Then you can have the replay of it and speculation by the players on the next episode as a recap. The text stuff is just kind of dumb and real played out now.
Freinemies is great, but what this show really needs is superlitives. Calling out the cockiest, the ugliest, cutist for the whole cast would cause so many laughs and drama. Shocked they haven't done it. Same basic prensiple, but everyone should be answering them with everyone as an option.
She didn't say it was your favorite Aneesa, she said it was your best.
Definitely not your face Jemmye
Hair is the best body part lol
I wish I knew why everyone hated Cara so much, but how much it bothers her is fun to watch.
Pennsetucky is like the only to take it personal. Of course.
Yes, Johnny the most fake, and the one that needs the most attention. Definitely.
Emily and Puala literally just blazing through these challenges. Seeing Emily be so good, just makes me want to see Laurel and Emily on the same season.
Pennsitucky lol such a sensetive baby.
Wes is going to say Theresa is the trashiest. There is literally no doubt. Of course he'd say that. CT being smart! Fucking genius not answering.
Johnny just owning it and calling Paula trash lmao
Ty/Leroy accidentily being sent in to Elim and winning by default and then coming back and getting first to control the order on guy day. What a turn of events.
"Jordan gave me my word so he better not be going back on that." Nothing says he'll be going back on his word more than this being put in the ep.
Johnny OF COURSE, wanting to sit back and control the game and not let people play their own games. You're a rookie, don't try to play. That'd be a mistake.
I want to see the 3 hours of footage it took for CT and Wes to coordinate their nomination vote.
"I gotta show these old bitches how to do an elimination." Jasmine ain't taking ya'lls shit.
I never follow with the relationships between season. I'm still wondering about Ty/Paula, and Jonna/Zach lol It's like every season is basically a reset unless it specifically brings it up.
All this Theresa anger is all predicated on her making a dumb mistake. She wanted to play the middle and not pick a side. Now suddenly she fucked up and is angry and wants to pick a side, but everyone would much rather just cut you loose.
I see treadmilles, I'm instantly thinking goodbye Theresa.
Diem wearing an ugly ass "Team Jemmye/Camilla" shirt.
These people act like they're shocked Jasmine has basic motor functions lol "Jasmine is actually catching these!" "I'm surprised when Jasmine actually catches it!" ....what?
Wes is such a child. 3 seasons later literally still bent out of shape with Theresa liking Kenny.
EP 7:
Diem, you should literally have no hope at all for the final. Why are you even wasting your time thinking you have a chance?
Shock collars? I like this comp already.
Aneesa screaming in pain at the smallest shock?
Wes and his damn ego.
Cara and her shock sex thoughts continues.
"Just listen!" "To what?!" lol Cooke trying to go by the sound of the ocean.
Cooke calling Cara on her shit. Talks a big game of loving shocks and shit, but can't stop freaking out during the comp.
Ty and Leroy completely lost and going back to the start haha
Oh my god, Jonna and Nany literally making it nowhere and DQ'ing. Wow
Jesus, someone please take out Johnny and Frank for me please. I already hate these two, why put them together and make them stronger?!
Ty and Leroy back in the Elim. This is the biggest back and forth swing people can have in just two episodes.
Johnny, fucking Johnny. Instantly going in to try and control the game. Of fucking course.
Emily, fucking thank you!!! "Johnny, youre just wanting to help you and Frank farther along to keep winning. Which is fine, but just say it." Thank you Emily!!!
Frank bitching, and trying to act like the bigger guy by saying he wasn't campaigning on a technicality.
Fucking Frank. Jumping in peoples faces and screaming INSTANTLY. Oh look, he also only does it when other people are around and are also yelling/arguing with the person. I'm really noticing a trend with this guy... Not really, I been knowin!
Johnny, Franks ego does not need any extra stroking.
Jordan is completely right. Girls literally said they are voting in Knight until Johnny/Frank walked in the room.
Please Frank, say "check your facts" again.
"There's a team everyone wants here until the final."(Knight/Preston) You know...except the girls who were going to be voting them in. They're not just here to make the final easier for you Johnny.
The headbanger elim? I'd be all money on Ty/Leroy, if I didn't have a long history of knowing Ty runs out of complete gas after like 30 seconds of effort. Marlon and Jordan both seem pretty damn fast too. That and the editing of Johnny talking Jordan down about Rookie aspect makes me think Marlon/Jordan are pulling this win out.
Guys, they aren't sleeping on you guys, they want you gone because you've won multiple challenges.
God damn I hate Frank. I don't think I could hate anyone any more than this dude.
Hahaha Jordan/Marlon pulling that shit out!
The one thing I like about Wes, is that he sees and knows how Johnny plays/wins the games and he likes basically anything that disrupts that. He wants Jordan/Marlon back in the house because they're good competitors and it disrupts Johnny/Frank. Everyone else all looks shocked, Wes genuinely looks like he's having fun.
If the guys don't immediately start targeting Diem/Paula/Camilla, the people Johnny will always have on their sides, they're stupid.
EP 8:
Ugh, can I just not give a damn about Diem and CT?
Fuck Frank. "These new kids." Lmao you have one damn season under your belt! Literally the same amount as a lot of the people you're bitching about! He's right about Pennsetucky though lol "What the fuck is a Jemmye?! Besides the ugliest girl to ever be cast on one of these shows?!" That rough...but accurate.
Jemmye talks non stop shit about Knight, but instantly wants to be angry at him for not standing up for her. These two fucks are white trash personified.
Camilla got that Hulk anger strangth. Good god chick. She's pushing Emily around! lol
On this trapese competition, I don't get why you would want to ride the bar down to the water? Why not jump in and immediately swim unstead of waiting for it to take you down? Some kind of unmentioned time penalty?'
These people suck ass at swimming!
Please cut back to Diem trying to get Aneesa to swim laps and her saying "We will never have to do that." lol
"Die in the water, die in the water, die in the water!" and "I know my time is better than both of theirs, it's just up to Johnny's." I fucking hate Frank
Diem has absolutely no faith in Aneesa, but somehow thinks she has a chance at the final? Chick...
Cara/Cooke again. If you come on this show and don't expect heights and're fucking stupid.
The god damn vets!!!! Ughhhhhh. Literally my least liked thing about this show. Can't vote for Paula or Diem so you have to vote in Jonna, Frank, sorry bud. Vets get to skate by in this game, that's just how it works! You did better last year when you came in and said fuck that and got the vets out instantly. Now when it's your teammate and you're walking to the final it's all abored the vet ship!
Why go to a commercial? There is absolutely zero chance Johnny would allow their vote go against Paula or Diem lol
Fucking Frank, gotta be antagonistic. Gotta piss someone off and then act like the victim and be a bully about it. You fucked over Jonna and then you want to act smug about it and act like she can't be upset with you. I fucking hate this guy.
Frank wearing a god damn Jonna headband. You're a fucking joke.
Cooke/Cara are just going to eliminate everyone on their way to the final lol
Oh god, frank and his damn whining! Going to the vets and whining to them isn't getting you anywhere dude. They're going to reinforce whatever you whine about because you're going along with letting them walk to the final!
EP 9:
I want CT to be asking Wes the entire season if they're friends yet like he did with Adam.
I can't describe how little I care about Diem and CT.
CT sleeping on the floor next to her is sweet though.
What is with all the writing on everyone this season during the challenges? So weird.
CT and Johnny rematch challenge? This time without Adam not being able to get up?
Darn. Forgot CT/Wes pick order.
Calling Johnny out of shape when he's probably in the best shape he's been in to this point in the show is funny.
Cara Maria talking so much about her knee pads seems weird seeing as how it never seems to slip?
Pennsetucky just flipping around like a dying fish while trying to climb up is hilaroud.
Johnny saying it will take CT and Wes at their best to bet them lol They have like 40 seconds left with all the balls already put in. Johnny and Frank and their ego's just go so well together.
"That was a warmup!" "Nah, that couldn't be it? Could it?" "I think we just won?" Love the CT/Wes dynamic when they're forced to work together.
Johnny bitching about them not being humble winners is a huge fucking chefs kiss lmao Johnny is the biggest fucking loudmouth at challenges! You god damn fuckboi.
Please let Johnny be in the last elimination again. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
Frank, you god damn bitch.
Johnny gets to walk to the final again.
Wes/CT/Johnny instantly letting shit fly now that they're in the final is fucking amazing.
At least Johnny, unlike his partner, isn't waiting until like 3 or 4 people are engaged in an argument to start in on it.
I hate Johnny, but Wes and CT look way more dumb in this argument.
Knowing Johnny goes on to win a lot of these challenges and comes back a lot makes this argument even more hilarious.
"I have a BMW, a Porsche, a monster truck and 3 businesses!!!!" Ok Wes...
"Are those matchstick cars?" lol
Where was this Wes/CT shit talking during the whole damn season?! It's like they were all pussies and saw how Seasons went down and realized they'd get mopped up if they didn't stick together.
"I don't have to say shit, I'll just leave it all out on the field." Fucking Frank, literally all you do is fucking talk shit.
Johnny getting his usual suspects of Paula, Camilla and Frank to patch up his ego after the fight. CT and Wes looked absolutely dumb, but Johnny and Frank just seem so ridiculous with this conversation afterward.
The Rookies stick around! I'd be worried about these rookies if I were Johnny/Frank.
EP 10:
This episode can basically be summed up with one long tirade about the entitelment of the vet women in these seasons. We saw it all the way back on the island with Johanna saying she expected to just be handed a key at the end. Now here you are with Diem absolutely losing her shit the second she might be at risk. There is literally nothing I hate more in this game than the entitelment the vets have.
Hearing shit like "Cara and Cooke just get to walk to the final and they've done nothing." or "I've worked my ass off to get here!" fuck the fuck off Diem. Cara and Cooke literally took out just about every other couple, went in too the elims constantly! Politicking and sitting around skating on old friendships isn't putting in work! You haven't done shit, but sit around all season trying to encourage your team mate to prepare for the final because you just expact to walk to the final without any issues.
Paula and Emily going in to beg and cry to the rookies who they sent in repeatedly is just fucking gross.
You want to go to the final, then fucking win!
I can't stand seeing these people throw around their "power" and "influence" all season and then flip their shit the instant they have none.
Ok, maybe I'm crazy and blinded by CT love, but where is the manipulation on CT's part? What did he ask for, what did he do differently that he doesn't always do? He flirts constantly. Diem is the one who ended things, Diem is the one that gets jealous and territorial, Diem is the one who freaks out and suddenly gets mad at the other girls for seemingly unrelated issues. It more seems like Diem is trying to use CT and is now asking for reciprecation and getting mad it isn't automatically given.
What Johnny is doing throughout the season is more manipulation than CT. Johnny is constnatly getting in Diem's head about CT and blaming CT for Diem going in to elimination. How? What are you talking about?
By Diem and Aneesa, I have absolutely zero faiith in you guys for this comp...
EP 11:
Diem instantly flipping her shit.
Camilla and Jemmye definitely seem to have a height difference, but they don't freak out.
Diem "I can't reach! It's not fair!" Fucking Diem, good god.
Diem has always been bad at these challenges. That's why she flips out.
"They played a good game, and they deserve a lot of respect." Nah Wes, this ain't it cheif.
Why is Paula acting like she's coaching Emily on her first final? She was literally just in one on Exes?
I don't want another cold final!
Cara waiting until she's literally in a final to try to learn swimming. Jesus.
My thoughts were initially on Paula and Emily being a shoe in for the win, but she now just seems too much in her head. I can see her having somoe kind of break down.
Tokyo seems nuts. In the middle of a city? This I'm interested in.
"I don't want an even playing field." God damn it Wes, don't be a bitch.
"It's a crapshoot, something anyone can win." Where's all that confidence and brovado Wes?!
I love that they're afraid of the rookies.
These fucking vets and hating not knowing whats coming up. God damn the vet mentality is so infuriating.
Why are these bus cams so ominous?
"There's ninjas" These people and ninjas!
No location change! Thank you!
Tokyo would have been really cool to see though.
"Throwing twists and turns through the season"?? What? You didn't have a single elimination, what are you talking about?
Third team being out almost instantly seems fine. There's usually one team that wouldn't make it anyways.
It sucks that both the teams the vets are worried about are bad at swimming. To see Johnny and Frank eliminated instantly would be amazing.
At least the swim isn't that huge of an aspect. The puzzle and kayak will be more than enough to make up time.
These people talking about geometry like that matters at all lol
Pennsetucky just seems like useless garbage.
Wes and CT running away with it. No one else seems even close.
What a lackluster first half of a final?
Swim > Puzzle > Kayak done?
Fingers crossed for a Johnny/Frank loss.
"I am living a nightmare." Jemmye, you are my nightmare.
Let's go Cara and Cooke!
I don't care which of Paula or Camilla get eliminated. This is win/win.
I'd rather Emily make it, but meh, I'm tired of the vet entitlement.
Timed out, and a kayak race? lol
Well, at least there was hope of Johnny and Frank being eliminated.
I hate Frank
Nightmare Island lol
All those times in Fresh Meat of Wes skipping puzzles and now they're getting all these puzzles right.
I really couldn't ask for this to go any differently at this point.
I really don't like the catch up assist that is built in to the first place teams having to clear some kind of blockage. You're just artificially slowing down the first place team for no reason.
"1 times 1 is... That's how you do multiplication right?" Wow Frank. You stupid fuck. Wow
Johnny and Frank getting help. Of course.
Cara NOT being the one struggling?
"Wes is having trouble with his poop soup." What a line.
Paula and Emily are flying through this gross food. Jesus! Emily literally just jamming maggots in Paula's mouth! Damn!
Hahahaha the cascade of liquid coming out of CT at one point haha
I haven't seen Johnny put a single thing in his mouth lol Yet he's the one saying Frank is breaking down.
I thought Durian fruit just stunk and wasn't actually bad? Maybe I'm remembering wrong.
Johnny is literally just standing around doing nothing!!
Still have yet to see Johnny put anything in his mouth other than water.
Oh wait, he put these weird dried things in his mouth. He ate something.
Maybe I'm realizing why everyone hates Cara. Fuck she doesn't stop whining! Everything is a struggle with her.
Cara can't figure out "1-2-3" lol
I'd love to see Emily, Laurel, Sarah and Ev all on an individuals season. They need to do some kind of best of the best season. Somehow take individuals win or success rates and get the people that have the highest rate of winning in these challenges.
Lets go Wes and CT! It seemed a little easy, but I really liked this last idol checkpoint.
So glad to see Frank and Johnny lose.
Seems I was vindicated in my early prediction of Wes/CT and Emily/Paula running away with this from the first episode.
I'll say it again. I'd love to see TJ hosts these reunions
Why is CT's mic so quiet?
Oh weird, cutting down the cast for specific segments?
God dammit, Pennsetucky, Ugh.
Knight seems drunk as hell.
Frank is the biggest fucking shit talker. He literally doesn't say shit unless there is like 3 other people involved first.
Knight is just so out of his mind.
I'm all for Frank getting hit, but Knight, jesus.
This is awkward as hell with Moasley trying to pull this back together lol Dude has zero care, he's just going in to the next cue card lmao
Sad to hear how much Diem was going on while recording the show. Can completely understand being all over the place. Still don't like the entitlement shit.
Cara trying to crawl up and grab Diem's hand and Aneesa yelling at her hahaha
This dude is such a terrible host. He doesn't even finish statements. He just kind of rambles.
Jemmye and Knight are straight trash.
"I play a mental game and I get in people's heads." Frank, shut the fuck up.
Pennsetucky literally wearing a ring in the shape of a gun. You can't make this shit up.
This reunion kind of sucks simply because the host has zero control over anything. He asks a question, barely, and then just doesn't say anything no matter how much people are talking over each other or how much silence there is. When Johnny and someone else have to jump in and say something when Jordan can't get more than 3 words in to a sentance that's when the host should step the hell up.
Instantly CT is walking all over him. You're asking too many open ended questions and letting them just mumble around them. Ask direct and simple questions and don't let them barrel over you. Jesus this is bad.
"Next questions robot!"
"They had everyone saying 'WTF'" what in the hell was that?!
"What did you not like about the Charades moment? Was it just that Knight called you out?" What the fuck kind of question is that? You need to ask for clarity on why that was wrong?
This reunion has just turned into shitting on this host being absolutely terrible.
TL:DR / Overall thoughts on the season:
I thought this was a really fun season to watch, but was a little disappointed in how predictable it was. I called CT/Wes and Paula/Emily within the first five minutes of the first episode. It just seemed like there was no possible way it was going to happen any differently. This season also didn't really have any kind of back and forth or dominating factor. It was more a season of watching the rookies and Cooke/Cara do everything they can to stick in until the end and then who of the vets was getting the short end of the stick. Fun season to watch, but a little anti-climactic.
Thanks for reading, I literally have no clue what is up next.
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2020.09.01 08:36 ThrowRAArmImpant Update - My ex tried to cut my implant out while I was asleep

Essentially, my (now ex) fiancé did a complete 180 personality wise. Was so sweet and loving to both me and my son, until we fought about having another baby last night. He said horrible things and I was tired of fighting, so I took my Trazodone and went to bed. Woke up to him touching my arm implant birth control with a box cutter in his hand. Said he was doing me a favor, but I screamed at him to leave.
I ended up leaving last night with my son to stay at my mom’s. I was confused, shocked, hurt, scared. I still am... At seven this morning, my phone started buzzing like crazy - texts, calls, voicemails. All were from him, asking me where I went and when I was coming home. I didn’t respond. I just don’t even want to look at him or talk to him again.
He called my mom while we were both sitting in the kitchen discussing everything. She asked me if I wanted her to answer it. I said I just didn’t want to talk to him. My mom ended up answering and my ex was yelling, sounding panicky. He said I left with my son last night out of the blue and he’s worried, no mention of our fight. He asked when my mom last heard from me and she lied and said last night. He made a noise over the phone, like an angry sigh and said he was going to keep searching for me, that he’s worried something bad has or will happen to me and my son.
When my mom hung up, she pulled me into a hug. I guess I had started crying and didn’t realize it. She was still hugging me when she asked how I wanted to proceed, if I was done with him for good. I said I was and she nodded and told me first thing was to go to the police (like a lot of you said). I didn’t have any proof about the box cutter situation - it would come down to my word versus his. If he had even knicked me a little, I’d have a case against him, but since he technically didn’t hurt me, the detective said he’s seen cases similar to mine thrown out. The officer did bring up ex partes and suggested I get one for both me and my son immediately.
I went to the courthouse to get the paperwork filled out. I had to detail as much as I could remember from last night - every word and action. My mom helped me and we got them turned in and moved on to the next step - calling my landlord. I’ve been living in the same house for two years - the first year was a lease and now I pay month to month. Everything is in my name and most of the furniture is mine. I told my landlord what was briefly going on and that I was putting in my thirty day notice (my mom has a guest room that she’s insisting I stay in). After getting off the phone with him, I called the utilities and closed my accounts - water, electric, gas, internet.
Next my mother asked me what I wanted to do about my belongings. I told her I don’t want to leave anything that’s mine — all important papers, knickknacks, clothes, furniture, all of it. I just didn’t know where to put it, so my mom suggested a storage unit. Once that was decided, we had to figure out when to start the move. Mom ended up calling my two brothers and they both agreed to help me move, just give them a date and time. I told them definitely sometime this week and my eldest brother suggested a police presence, just in case. Think it’s called a civil standby? Idk, but I agreed.
By this point, it’s getting late in the day and I’m as drained as I can get. I just wanted to go curl up with my son and try to sort my thoughts out and calm down. The county clerk ended up calling me, telling me the judge granted my ex partes. She told me that I needed to come pick up paperwork, which had the court date on it. She also mentioned ex-fiance would soon be served and told me I don’t have to see him again until we go to court, to make the ex partes into permanent restraining orders. She suggested lawyering up, but I’m officially burnt out on today. I’ll look into lawyers tomorrow, but tonight, after this update? It’s a cuddle in bed with my son night.
A couple things that I’ve seen repeated - why didn’t I leave right when ex started saying those awful things about my son. I honestly thought he didn’t mean them. He’s told my son he loves him before. Part of it was also shock, I guess. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and that I was hearing it from someone who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I didn’t think he truly had hatred in his heart and it never crossed my mind that he would hurt me or my son. He’s never even spanked my son. I just thought we needed a cooling off period, so I removed myself from the situation to take my meds and sleep, naively thinking things would be better in the morning.
People also questioned why I would even bother sticking around to try to talk things out and that’s a valid question that I don’t have a rational answer to. Part of me thought I was dreaming, I think, and the other part is the side of me that thinks everything equates to being my fault, like I was too mean during the fight, too stubborn to see things his way and try to understand his feelings.
Idk. It’s late. Everything feels surreal and I have this pit in my stomach that feels like dread. What if ex shows up at my mom’s house? I still haven’t returned his messages or phone calls and now he legally can’t contact me anyways. I’ve had two of my best friends call, saying ex called them. My younger brother (who I guess has always hated ex but I didn’t know that until today) said even he got a call. So far everyone is saying they don’t know anything, but I’m scared. Idk. I’m sorry. Just thought I’d update.
[UPDATE EDIT] Update to the update - so many people offered great advice that I’d never think of myself. I’ve been kind of heavily relying on my mom to guide me through this and keep me and my son afloat. I’ve also been given several things to read, which I am absolutely going to when I have some down time. I appreciate every comment, from extremely helpful to well wishes and even the ones questioning the validity of this. To be honest and it’s a horrible cliche, but if it wasn’t happening to me, I probably wouldn’t jump to believing either. Sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me and I end up sounding either very clinical in my typing, or very unnecessarily dramatic. So I get the mistrust. My update last night was written late, I was exhausted, but I wanted to let the people from my original post know — I took their advice and got out of there. My emotions have been so conflicting and chaotic, I’m surprised I was able to sound coherent, let alone like a “teenager writing fanfic”. I wish this was a fanfic. I could feel safe again.
My mom has been an absolute angel and I’ve shown her some of your comments, complimenting her. And she definitely deserves it! Never once did she make me feel I couldn’t be completely honest with her, she’s reopened her house to me (even though I moved out years ago). She’s really kept the ball rolling on everything with her organization skills. She made a list and yesterday we followed that list to the letter. When I wanted to put stuff off, she’d gently remind me of what could happen if I paused. Ex could find me, hurt me, hurt my son, or anyone helping to protect me.
You all are very right and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t realize just how much support I have and what a tremendous family I have. A couple people mentioned to be careful if Ex finds out where I am — and my mom and brothers already had a plan for me. They called it Round Robining - if Ex found me at mom’s, I’d flee to Eldest brother. If he finds me at Eldest brother, I’d temporarily stay with my younger brother. Really, I appreciate you all commenting that I’m doing things right and quick and how impressive it is, but that’s not my doing at all. That’s all on my family. They’re the extraordinary ones (there goes my fanfic cliches again) going above and beyond for me and my son.
Some of the comments that questioned my validity remarked that it was odd that I immediately went to Reddit to see what to do/how to feel. You’re all right, that it unusual, but not for me. I grew up when LiveJournal was a big thing, writing helps me organize my thoughts and I figured this community would help me understand... and I was right!
Another thing I want to address is Ex’s sudden change. I’m now wondering what to do for that. I don’t want him in my life still. But some of you mentioned a brain tumor or a psychotic break, so I’m worried. I sent Ex’s mother and father a message this morning saying I broke off the engagement and left, but both messages are still unread. I don’t know what to say to them, in regards to Ex’s health. Will they be mad for daring to say this might be a breakdown? Will they actually take him to get tests ran? And if they even tried, would he willingly go? I don’t know. I guess I need a little more advice about how to broach that.
There’s more to address and I even had a consultation with a lawyer today, but I can go into that another time. I’m still processing everything. It still doesn’t feel real, it feels like a badly written teenage fanfic, to be honest.
Idk. Sorry for rambling again, guys. I just wanted to let you know I’m taking notes from your helpful suggestions, that I’m not ignoring you guys. My mother took my son for ice cream and let me stay behind, which is why I decided to hop on Reddit and check on everything.
One last thing, though. The AWARDS, I’m truly humbled and grateful for them. Some of them I had to click on to see what it meant and they’re all so sweet! I’m endlessly thankful for the awards, your comments, and your messages.

Thank you!

[UPDATE] When my ex was served his papers, he did not take it well. I had already blocked him on everything, but he took a picture of his paper and posted it on Facebook, with a message to me and my son. A mutually friend saw it (and that it contained my personal information) and screenshot it to let me know. After taking advice, I called the police to see if it was a break in the ex parte.
They made an incident report and told me I could pick it up the next day at the police station. They didn’t arrest him. My mother had already procured me a great lawyer, “A shark, which is what we need” - in her own words. I told my lawyer about the screenshot and he immediately put in, both his appearance on my behalf, and a motion for contempt of court, for breaking the ex parte and threatening me and my son.
Our original official court date isn’t until next week, but the Judge got us in early to deal with the screenshot. Ex showed up without a lawyer and I showed up with only my lawyer. Due to COVID, no extra people allowed in the court room. I really wanted my mom there with me, but my lawyer (instead of sitting on the bench at the sides, reserved for lawyers) sat by me, kept himself between me and my ex at all times. A bailiff was there as well, I guess it’s standard procedure to have one in court.
My lawyer advised me to let him do all the talking, only answer questions when directed at me and answer them as succinctly as possible. Judge ended up giving Ex a warning, saying if he even mentions me or my son, he’d put him in jail 24 hours for every incident until the official court date. Ex was also ordered to pay my legal fees for the emergency session.
Friday, we got mine and my son’s possessions out of the house with massive help from friends and family. I knew Ex had to work Friday and we arrived (with a police officer, just in case) an hour after Ex should’ve been at work. We left anything that he could claim as his or that we’d bought together and I didn’t care about. Most of the items went into two different storage units, from the same place. The reason we chose these storage units is they’re gated and locked at night. The items me or my son would need for everyday use went to my mom’s.
Ex’s parents HAVE opened my messages now, but they still haven’t responded.
Lawyer said we’re still on for official court date next week and nobody has entered their appearance yet on behalf of Ex, so we’re unsure if he has a lawyer or not. Lawyer told me it’d follow basically the same as the first hearing. It’d be a general hearing, with other people having filed their own ex partes for other people. No extras allowed in the room, face masks required. He’d keep ex away from me. No talking unless answering questions, give succinct answers unless asked to clarify. He’s confident that the ex partes will become permanent restraining orders, but he warned me its not like it is in movies. The restraining orders will go for one year, unless a box is marked saying to re-issue it every year (I marked the box). He also said for every year, Ex has the ability to appeal it and we’d have to go to court all over again.
For now, I’m just... trying to keep my head above water. I’m kinda afraid because I’ve had people message me to tell me they’ve seen my post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Some of you sleuths have even found the state I live in. I’m just hoping Ex doesn’t find any of the posts and puts two and two together.
I’m sorry I haven’t responded to every comment or message and that this update is late. I’ve just been trying to keep my son’s life as normal as possible. It breaks my heart when he asks when we’re going home or where “Papa” is. He just knows we’re having a long sleepover with his Mimi. He’s loving having pets around, though. We weren’t allowed to have animals at my house, so the fact that my mom has a dog and a couple cats, he’s excited. I’ve warned his daycare about Ex. Most of my family and friends are aware there’s a serious situation, but not details.
Idk. It’s been a long week. I’m exhausted. I keep looking over my shoulder and I’ve made my mom buy extra locks for the doors. Some have mentioned cameras for the outside and my mom has already started pricing some. She said her sister (my aunt) has been trying to get her to try RING for months, so this is the kick in the pants she needed.
I’m sorry the update is late. Still feels surreal, but I have to just keep swimming (my son is obsessed with Finding Nemo).
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2020.09.01 05:06 k8heartssandwiches I reread the first 25 Sweet Valley High books so you don't have to

(TL;DR: 10-second recaps of Sweet Valley High Books #1-25)

1 Double Love (October 1983)

What the title should be: "Wake up, bitches, I'm Jessica Wakefield!"
Description: Privileged, thin, hetero-as-fuck blonde girl decides that she doesn't have enough, so she decides to steal her twin sister's would-be boyfriend.

2 Secrets (November 1983)

What the title should be: "Enid Rollins Rides the Pineapple Express to Boring Town"
Description: Jessica Wakefield isn't done torturing people, and decides that she will spread secrets about Enid's past. Secrets that are frankly shocking, given Enid's milquetoastery. Jessica once again receives adequate comeuppance, which is the only reason she isn't immediately labeled a sociopath.

3 Playing With Fire (December 1983)

What the title should be: "Bruce Patman: Human Dick Factory"
Description: Jessica becomes a Sweet Valley stepford girlfriend to please human dick factory Bruce Patman. She pours soda and hot cheese on him at the very end, which is when this book gets interesting.

4 Power Play (January 1984)

What the title should be: "Sweet Valley is Fatphobic AF"
Description: Apparently the lone fat person in Sweet Valley, Robin Wilson wants to join the Sweet Valley sorority (wait, isn't this high school?). She's blackballed by an exceptionally cruel Jessica and humiliated by the entire school, even Winston Egbert. Then she loses weight by eating nothing but lettuce and hard boiled eggs, while literally everyone else is gorging on chili fries and everyone thinks she's pretty now! Nothing in the SVHS social climate changes.

5 All Night Long (February 1984)

What the title should be: "Sexy Nights with Freddy Mercury"
Description: A toxic, d-baggy Freddy Mercury lookalike wants to go too far with Jessica and she's abandoned in the woods. Boringness ensues.

6 Dangerous Love (March 1984)

What the title should be: "The Wakefields Mega-Loathe Motorcycles"
Description: Todd gets a motorcycle, which results in approximately 145 pages of whining, and 5 pages of a motorcycle accident.

7 Dear Sister (April 1984)

What the title should be: "Sweet Valley Freaky Friday: Coma Edition"
Description: Elizabeth wakes up from there coma she suffered after the motorcycle accident and essentially turns into Jessica. Jessica is forced to clean up, and therefore becomes Elizabeth. Bruce Patman is hella rapey, but literally everyone forgets about it by book #18.

8 Heart Breaker (May 1984)

What the title should be: "Too Much Blonde!"
Description: Jessica is up to her old tricks by making Bill Chase her metaphorical freezer bagel. She keeps him on the line, but a sweet, quiet Dorothy Hamill haircut of a girl (DeeDee Sullivan) is much better for Bill. Also, her hair is brown, which means we won't be blinded by the sheer blondeness of Bill and Jessica together.

9 Racing Hearts (June 1984)

What the title should be: "The Last Book, but with Lila Fowler"
Description: Lila is up to her old tricks by making Roger Barrett her metaphorical freezer bagel. She keeps him on the line, but sweet, quiet Olivia Davidson is much better for Roger. Didn't we just read this book?

10 Wrong Kind of Girl (July 1984)

What the title should be: "Slut Shaming, Sweet Valley Style"
Description: Jessica Wakefield graduates to official sociopath when she systematically bullies a girl into attempting suicide. (CW/TW). Apparently, all "wrong kind of girl" Annie Whitman needed to stop being so slutty was the monogamous love of a pocket-sized Italian boy. Jessica feels slightly bad.

11 Too Good to be True (August 1984)

What the title should be: "Let's Diminish Sweet Valley's Rape Culture with a Fake Rape Storyline!"
Description: The Wakefields finally get rid of Jessica for a week in what appears to be a lucrative daughter swap. Unfortunately, her replacement is even worse than Jessica, and tries to frame a beloved teacher for sexual assault. An actual attempted rape (Jessica's) occurs but gets completely swept under the rug in favor of the evil girl lying about Robert Redford-esque Mr. Collins attacking her.

12 When Love Dies (September 1984)

What it should be called: "ALL PEOPLE WITH CANCER DIE!"
Description: In what appears to be a plagiarized Lurlene McDaniels book, Steven Wakefield discovers that his girlfriend, teenage girl/circa-1890 ghost, Tricia Martin, has cancer. Thus, apparently, she will die. For the love of God, don't give this book to a cancer patient. The only reason to read this book is the ominous leadup to Elizabeth's kidnapping.

13 Kidnapped! (October 1984)

What the title should be: "Kidnapped! And Also Ableism!"
Description: Elizabeth is kidnapped! Also, in an enthralling B plot, new rich people, the Morrows, are moving to Sweet Valley! Cringe-worthy ableism ensues because Regina Morrow is deaf, which is apparently the worst thing in the world. Jessica tricks the deranged kidnapper by looking exactly like Elizabeth, and the day is saved!

14 Deceptions (December 1984)

What the title should be: "Creepy New Guy is Creepy"
Description: Nicholas Morrow, who helped find the recently kidnapped Elizabeth, is now madly in love with her! He asks her out like ten times until she finally relents, and ignores her repeated signals that he is making her uncomfortable. Todd finally forgives Elizabeth for being bullied into a date and toxic masculinity wins the day in Sweet Valley yet again.

15 Promises (January 1985)

What the title should be: "Inspiration Porn + Deathbed Requests= Shenanigans!"
Description: Steve Wakefield's girlfriend, circa-1890 ghost, Tricia Martin, dies. Because of course she does. She asks Steven to take care of her sister, which prompts Jessica to revisit her sociopathy.

16 Rags to Riches (February 1985)

What the title should be: "Downton Patman"
Description: Roger Barrett finds out he's a Patman, and I'm 95% sure than Downton Abbey stole the text from this book to write the character of Branson. Branson-ness ensues.

17 Love Letters (March 1985)

What the title should be: "Boyfriend in Canada"
Description: Caroline Pierce has a made up boyfriend but, disappointingly, not because she's gay. There are zero queer people in this town, I swear. What follows is essentially an 80's romcom in which we try to recall why we're supposed to care about Caroline Pierce.

18 Head Over Heels (April 1985)

What the title should be: "Remember that time Bruce Patman Sexually Assaulted Elizabeth?"
Description: Pepperidge Farm remembers. Bruce is now madly in love with Regina Morrow, which apparently makes him a different person. A book filled with more cringe-worthy ableism and erasing the past ensues.

19 Showdown (May 1985)

What the title should be: "Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?: The Lila and Jessica Edition"
Description: Jessica Wakefield and Lila Fowler fight over a boy that turns out to be a big ole' stabby psychopath. Everything is pretty boring until the stabby part...except the B Plot in which we find out that Robin Wilson (of "Power Play") and Enid Rollins' boyfriend, George Warren, are having an affair!! Jessica and Lila who?

20 Crash Landing! (June 1985)

What the title should be: "All the Ableism and Fatphobia in one Book!"
Description: George can't leave Enid after their titular crash landing. So, he acts like a dick instead. Robin eats like one ice cream sundae and gains 10 pounds. Elizabeth almost drowns a child to prove that Enid's paralysis is "all in her head." Survey says: yikes.

21 Runaway (July 1985)

What the title should be: "Jessica is Suddenly Annoyed that Everyone Treats her Like Jessica"
Description: Jessica is tired of her family thinking Elizabeth is sweet and perfect and she's a big, flaky sociopath. Which know... The TRUTH. She tries to get their attention by poisoning them, but it doesn't work so she very slowly runs away.

22 Too Much in Love (September 1985)

What the title should be: "Why Do we Care About Bill and DeeDee Again?"
Description: DeeDee and her Dorothy Hamill hair change overnight into a big, dependant hot mess. Bill is not pleased. Elizabeth saves the day by dumping all of her work on DeeDee. Elizabeth enjoys large amounts of fattening food without gaining 10 pounds overnight like Robin. I call bullshit.

23 Say Goodbye (October 1985)

What the title should be: "Ding Dong, Todd is Gone!"
Description: Elizabeth's chronically boring boyfriend, Todd Wilkins, moves to Vermont. Despite knowing that Vermont exists, it feels 100% made up in this book. Readers who are torn between hating Jessica and being bored by Elizabeth's love life rejoice!

24 Memories (November 1985)

What the title should be: "Steven Dares to Love Again After his Girlfriend Dies"
Description: Steven falls for Cara Walker, who was previously insufferable but is now borderline sufferable. Steven thinks everyone is like "If you wanted to be a nineteen year old boy who dates, you shouldn't have that dead girlfriend, jeeeeez!" Nobody cares, Steve! NOBODY cares.

25 Nowhere to Run (January 1986)

What the title should be: "Karen is Unsurprisingly a Karen"
Description: Sweet Valley's favorite Droids drummer, Emily Mayer, is being emotionally abused by her new stepmother, Karen. Karen acts EXACTLY like you would expect a Karen to act. Emily has to save her new baby sister's life to get Karen to stop abusing her, and her Dad never apologizes. Even though he's a grade-A dick for the whole book. There's a love story but they don't even kiss at the end. This book needed 130% less Karen.
Next, on Sweet Valley High...
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2020.08.31 02:12 autobuzzfeedbot 25 Costume Details From Movies And TV Shows That Are Absolutely Amazing And Genius

  1. Throughout Little Women, Jo and Laurie are constantly swapping vests and wearing each other's clothes — Greta Gerwig explained that it symbolized the idea that they were each other's other half.
  2. Also in Little Women, each of the March sisters have a core color palette — Meg is green and lavender, Beth is brown and pink, Amy is light blue, and Jo is red and indigo.
  3. Every character in Black Panther has a specific color that they wear throughout the film — T'Challa is purple, Okoye is red, and Nakia is green.
  4. Also, when T'Challa, Okoye, and Nakia are in the casino, they're wearing red, black, and green, which are the colors of the Pan-African flag.
  5. During the series finale of Game of Thrones, the outfit Sansa wears when she officially becomes Queen in the North has nods to all of the Starks.
  6. During the series finale of Schitt's Creek, Twyla is actually wearing one of Alexis's dresses at David and Patrick's wedding — this is a great callback to when Alexis gave Twyla a bag of her clothes.
  7. The holes in Ransom's sweaters in Knives Out were purposeful — they helped illustrate that he didn't take care of his things and they gave him "a touch of that disrespect."
  8. On Stranger Things, when Mike, Dustin, Will, and Lucas dress as the Ghostbusters for Halloween, you can see that Will's costume looks more handmade than the others.
  9. Also on Stranger Things, if you look closely, you can see that Robin has drawn all over her Converse, and the drawings apparently include the phrase "God likes you of course" and a lot of boobs.
  10. In Get Out, during the party scene, everyone is wearing either black or white and there are some pops of red — the black and white is meant to symbolize the racial tensions in the film and red is often associated with secret societies.
  11. In Booksmart, Molly wears a turtleneck, blazer, and tights on the last day of school, which allows her to stand out and appear more mature compared to her classmates, who are dressed for summer — this outfit was inspired by Olivia Wilde, who felt like an outsider when she first arrived in LA because she was still dressing for the East Coast.
  12. Following Denny's death in Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy, you can spot Izzie wearing the sweater she knitted for him while she's grieving.
  13. Also on Grey's Anatomy, during the 300th episode, George and Cristina's doppelgängers are actually wearing clothes that resemble what those characters used to wear.
  14. All of the characters' costumes in the Harry Potter movies changed slightly from film to film — except for Snape's signature all-black outfit and cape.
  15. In Deadpool 2, Wade is actually sporting a shirt featuring Taylor Swift's cats, Meredith and Olivia — a nod to Ryan Reynolds and Taylor's friendship.
  16. On Scandal, after Olivia decides to walk away from Fitz, she actually begins to wear more vibrant colors — like yellow, orange, purple, and red — because she's "reinventing herself" during Season 5.
  17. In Spider-Man, Peter Parker is wearing Green Goblin's colors, while Norman Osborn is wearing Spider-Man's signature colors at Thanksgiving dinner.
  18. In Watchmen, Cal and Angela's children wear owl and pirate costumes, which is a nod to Nite Owl and Tales of the Black Freighter, which was a pirate comic book in the original Watchmen comics.
  19. When Jack and Rebecca go on their first date on This Is Us, you can see that Jack's wearing a green T-shirt — this is the magic shirt he later gives Kate at the pool during Season 1.
  20. In Widows, as the movie progresses, Veronica's clothing becomes darker and darker as more secrets are exposed — eventually, she's wearing all black.
  21. In Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, if you look closely, you can see that part of the curtains in Donna's room are missing and it's because the Dynamos used the material for their outfits in "When I Kissed the Teacher."
  22. Also in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Sophie is wearing a butterfly-patterned dress during "My Love, My Life," which is an homage to young Donna, who wore a butterfly necklace.
  23. On Killing Eve, when a group of assassins storm Villanelle's apartment in Season 2, you can see that they steal her iconic pink dress from Season 1.
  24. On Outlander, after Brianna travels back in time and visits Lallybroch, she's actually given a bunch of Claire's old clothes from Season 1 in order to fit in.
  25. And finally, during Season 1 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Sabrina wears a red dress with a lace collar, which is actually an homage to Mia Farrow's iconic dress in Rosemary's Baby.
Link to article
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2020.08.30 20:09 KennyG_RainGames Girl Genius AMA (29th of August) with the Professors RAW transscript

Girl Genius AMA held at the Girl Genius Discord 29th of August, 2020.
This is the raw transscript of the AMA, with the "interviewer" KennyG, Kaja Foglio and Phil Foglio present. The questions were received over a few days in advance, and the most upvoted questions were the ones given to the Professors.
Edit: Removed @ signs in front of user names, incorrectly pointing to Reddit users.

KennyGToday at 2:49 AM
GRRREEEETINGS fellow adventurers! My name is KennyG and i'll be the host of this AMA. The Foglios will be here shortly and we will start in about 15 minutes. Thank you very much for all ze questionz, there were alot of them. We selected the questions that were the most upvoted, and have a secondary list of questions in case the Foglios are super efficient. The AMA will last for about one hour, and after the AMA, I'm excited to share an announcement with all of you
Kaja FoglioToday at 2:58 AM
I'm checking my permissions in this channel. Hi!
KennyGToday at 3:01 AM
Please, give a WARM WELCOME to Kaja Foglio & PhilFoglio
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:01 AM
KennyGToday at 3:02 AM
Phil is fixing a little technical issue, and will be with us shortly
How do you feel Kaja?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:02 AM
But I'm sitting here with him, so I can type anything he says as long as it's fit to print.
KennyGToday at 3:02 AM
It's a bit of a BUZZ and excitement in here :smile:
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:02 AM
Huge bees. Terrifying.
KennyGToday at 3:03 AM
Phil is just dealing with some authentication stuff. We will begin questions shortly
Aaalrighty, let's start with something light
Evil Minionion asks:
What's Agatha's favorite food?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:05 AM
Heh. She really likes "those gingerbread trilobites from Mechanicsburg."
KennyGToday at 3:06 AM
Sounds like a good dish! :smile:
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:06 AM
Too bad they're all sealed away at the moment.
Phil is having trouble with his Discord permissions, so he's going to answer through me until we get him sorted out.
KennyGToday at 3:06 AM
General Goomblast asks:
Any chance of a girl genius animated show in the foreseeable future?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:07 AM
That would be awesome. I always say that my triune wishlist is an anime, a video game, and a BBC miniseries.
Phil says "As always, there's stuff percolating, but nothing we can point to and jump up an ddown.
Whoops. Typing mistake.
KennyGToday at 3:08 AM
High ambitions! Cool
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:08 AM
High indeed.
KennyGToday at 3:08 AM
Captain Loony 007 asks:
Favourite worldbuilding fact that’s unlikely to show up within the comic itself?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:09 AM
We, (aided by Victor, Experiment #1) came up with a bunch of things for "the rest of the World" that are in the upcoming GURPS book from Steve Jackson Games.
Phil says: The stuff that's going on in the Americas.
Victor wrote some things that he's very proud of.
Phil wants to sit in on my computer for a bit
KennyGToday at 3:10 AM
Interesting! Since you're mentioning the GURPS book from Steve Jackson games; alot of people asked how it's going with that project
Care to elaborate a little bit on that?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:11 AM
GURPS is proceeding very well!
We approved all the text, and now we're dealing with the lay-out.
I (Phil) did the cover, so it's just waiting for some final bits.
KennyGToday at 3:12 AM
I think alot of fans are excited about that one! :slight_smile:
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:12 AM
It's astonishing, really, since we've been working on this off and on for we;ll over a decade.
KennyGToday at 3:13 AM Names are too much pressure asks:
Was Agatha's spark permanently affected by the locket in any way? Such as being stronger or weaker than it would have been due to being repressed for so long?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:13 AM
As her mind (and Spark) was artificially slowed down, she had to "push back" even harder. So now that's off, her mind is even more robust than it would have been originally-and that's saying something
PhilFoglioToday at 3:15 AM
Hey! This is Kaja, posting as Phil!
This is silly.
KennyGToday at 3:15 AM
There we go, FULL TEAM! :smile:
PhilFoglioToday at 3:15 AM
Phil, let;s trade. I hate your keyboard.
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:15 AM
Let us swap machines
KennyGToday at 3:15 AM
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:15 AM
Ok. Now I'm me again. Kaja. Yes. Not an alien lizard person, no.
PhilFoglioToday at 3:15 AM
Ah, that's better
Next question?
KennyGToday at 3:16 AM
good stuff! On to the next one
Names are too much pressure asks:
What proportion of the jaegers are male/female/any other gender identity?
from Deerstalker_Clad (from fanworks server)
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:17 AM
So, they're mostly a bunch of old guys, but there are a few girls. Also some who are so damn old they don't worry about it anymore, and do whatever they like.
Oops. I said damn. Argh. I did it again.
The Jägers started as the Heterodyne's raiding bros, a loooong time ago.
Worst guild ever.
KennyGToday at 3:20 AM
Names are too much pressure asks:
What was 'normal' raiding range for the old Heterodynes. Were they regularly hitting Paris before the storm king? how far in any direction did you need to go to reach people who weren't on-guard for the jaegers?
from Creeps (from fanworks server)
PhilFoglioToday at 3:20 AM
The Heterodynes were chaotic in everything they did. They raised all over the place, occasionally going as far east as Paris-but not very often. In fact they never traveled the same road twice in a generation. They didn't WANT people to be ready for them, but they wanted them to have heard of them. They treated Europa like a farmer with numerous fields. They'd raid in one direction, and then the next year, go somewhere else and allow the raided lands to lie fallow, rebuilding wealth
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:21 AM
Wow. That was speedy. Jeez,
Paris to Translyvania is a loooong way
KennyGToday at 3:21 AM
he came prepared!
Atagotiak asks:
Phil-the-character seems to be an almost supernaturally boring storyteller. Is this a special ability of some sort? We’ve seen people with special voices before, even non-Lucrezia sparks seem to be able to command people to some degree.

Nixy, a friend from the other server is real curious about this
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:21 AM
He's long winded.
PhilFoglioToday at 3:22 AM
Phil just happens to be a boing story teller.
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:22 AM
Authors shouldn't self insert (er...)
PhilFoglioToday at 3:22 AM
Obviously we have exagerated things for comedic effect.
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:22 AM
But if they do, they should abuse their avatars as much as possible.
KennyGToday at 3:22 AM
Di asks (most voted question):
You said in comic there were previous times when the Heterodyne family had disappeared. Were any of those times longer than Agatha's?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:23 AM
If I don't get thrown out of this party soon, I'm going to cry
Oh. New question
Ok, nothing as long as Agatha,I think.
The Red Heterodyne and his bat sandwiches was more the usual
And those raiding trips to to Paris, I suppose
KennyGToday at 3:24 AM
bookworm3400 asks:
Will we ever find out the exact reason/way Euphrosynia disappeared? If not, what happened, and did she go anywhere/anywhen?
PhilFoglioToday at 3:24 AM
Ahhh…that is actually a thing that will be revealed later in the story.
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:24 AM
Story spoilers! [email protected]!
Ugh. FAt fingers.
KennyGToday at 3:25 AM
RoryMercury asks:
Will we ever get an illustration of what Anevka looked like before her father stuck her into the Lucrezia Download Machine?
(simply because it'd look cool, imo, and I wonder if she wears glasses like Tarvek. Glasses are my :heart: )
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:25 AM
Huh. That could happen, I guess.
Not story important at the moment, though
but it would be cool
PhilFoglioToday at 3:25 AM
Sure, we can drop that in as a flashback somewhere. It's not a big plot point or anything.
KennyGToday at 3:25 AM
Oozaru asks:
What’s the age order for the Jägergenerals, oldest to youngest? Are there any big gaps or are most of them in the same age group?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:25 AM
We'd have to take time to work that out
And we haven't!
Let's just say we haven't dared ask them?
KennyGToday at 3:26 AM
George WL⚡ asks:
If you could have the dream casting for a animated adaptation, who would voice who?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:27 AM
So. I don't really know voice actors! I mostly know who I like in terms of anime and game seiyuu.
Victor says Patrick Warburton would be Krosp.
He's sitting behind me playing Hyrule Warriors.
And making smart comments.
PhilFoglioToday at 3:27 AM
Weird questions? Well, for a long time, people were positive that Gil & Agatha were secretly brother and sister. We are not Star Wars. They are not
KennyGToday at 3:28 AM
Vitium Mage (Master_Boss1021) asks:
Here are my two questions:
1: What are some of the most silly questions about Girl Genius that you have been asked?
2: What are some of the most silly theories about Girl Genius that you have heard about?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:28 AM

Kaja FoglioToday at 3:33 AM
It's scarier if you never see the monster
Although, I guess the radio plays are kind of like that sort of thing.
PhilFoglioToday at 3:33 AM
That said, we certainly have no problem with people writing their own. There are fan fiction sites aplenty out there, and I've heard that there's one exclusively devoted to Girl Genius fan fic.
KennyGToday at 3:33 AM
bookworm3400 asks:
Don't forget about the Dreen - WHAT the heck are they, where the heck did they come from, and why the heck are they (still) hanging around!?!
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:34 AM
Someday, in the home for old witches, I will read all that fanfic.
Until then, I'm not allowed. But I love that people are doing it.
PhilFoglioToday at 3:34 AM
The Dreen are some of Phil's favorite characters, actually. We will certainly get their story at a later date.
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:34 AM
Ah. Third person now, is it?
KennyGToday at 3:34 AM
RoryMercury asks:
Will we find out why Mechanicsburgers are not revenants?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:35 AM
It's something in the water.
PhilFoglioToday at 3:35 AM
We will certainly find out what happened to Bill & Barry.
KennyGToday at 3:36 AM
RoryMercury asks:
Will we ever find out what happened to Bill and Barry? I have a nightmarish headcannon for what happened to Bill, but it seems to fit the setting
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:36 AM
BOOM! There goes the headcannon!
KennyGToday at 3:37 AM
Di asks:
Is there a reason Girls are so rarely Born in the Heterodyne family?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:37 AM
I was so pleased that we got General CannonHat and his amazing Cannon Hat into the book
Oh. I'nno. Just happens? Phil?
PhilFoglioToday at 3:38 AM
There's nothing particularly sinister about it. This as surprising, considering that almost everything else about the family is.
KennyGToday at 3:38 AM
bookworm3400 asks: Will Agatha ever make her own Jägers, or is the art lost?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:39 AM
I think it would depend on the situation. I don' tthink she'd do it lightly.
She gets excited, but she's still basically good.
KennyGToday at 3:39 AM
Di asks:
When the castle blood tests Agatha what blood did they measure it against? Was it her father's the last "Master" or from the original Heterodyne?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:40 AM
Everything it could get. And it gets a lot.
These emote reactions are hilarious.
PhilFoglioToday at 3:40 AM
There are genetic markers that are passed down through families. By the time The Castle was testing Agatha, all it required was proof that she was a legitimate member of the family
KennyGToday at 3:41 AM
bookworm3400 asks:
Could we get a good Heterodyne family tree, or is that too much to ask for?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:41 AM
Oooh. Look at mister Science.
A family tree would be so much fun! Maybe once we're done with the story we could kludge it all together.
PhilFoglioToday at 3:42 AM
A Heterodyne Family Tree would be entertaining, and is actually on my secondary list of "fun future projects".
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:42 AM
It would be amazing to do one of those big artistic things. I think I saw something like it on a castle wall somewhere a looong time ago?
KennyGToday at 3:42 AM
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:42 AM
Hampton Court maybe?
KennyGToday at 3:42 AM
CawCawMarmalade asks:
Anything you'd want to change about earlier parts of the comic, looking back?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:42 AM
So very much. But it's too late.
Now we're concerned with bringing it all home in a satisfying way
I hate retcon, and avoid it whenever possible
I really prefer to try to write around things, and make it all work. It's like a puzzle game.
It's actually one of the things I really enjoy about writing.
PhilFoglioToday at 3:45 AM
Huh. Our moderator has disappeared.
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:45 AM
No worries! We can do this! Victor, ask me a question!
He's failing at improv.
Question from the list: Why was Tarvek Taken into the Wulfenbach Nursery but Martellus was not?
Answer: I don't actually want to say too much about that, because it might turn into a plot point later.
KennyGToday at 3:47 AM
two seconds, and apologies
my internet dropped out in the middle of an AMA!
of course :slight_smile:
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:47 AM
The truth is that we have a lot of things that are still fuzzy story wise,
KennyGToday at 3:47 AM
1 minute break
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:48 AM
and it's nice to have things like this there to work with
KennyGToday at 3:48 AM
alright :slight_smile:
we're good!
PhilFoglioToday at 3:48 AM
People want to know if the Higgs twist was planned from the beginning
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:48 AM
some things, if you "Yodablood" them too soon, you're stuck with them, and then later when it would have been cool to have things some other way, you curse your loose lips
KennyGToday at 3:49 AM
Ready for the next one? :slight_smile:
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:49 AM
Oh. "Yodablood" is Victor's term for a question you get in a forum where the answer doesn't matter. Like "What color is Yoda's blood?"
KennyGToday at 3:49 AM
RoryMercury asks:
Did Tarvek break out around the same time as Gilgamesh did, or later? and what was his breakout project?
PhilFoglioToday at 3:50 AM
Ha! No, it was not, because the Jagers weren't planned for. We wrote Girl Genius for 6 years before we published, and the Jagers were not in it all.
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:50 AM
The Higgs twist? It's been around for ages, though.
Very early on.
Oh, we have another question.
Tarvek and Gil. That's another one that
PhilFoglioToday at 3:50 AM
However while I was drawing the first issue, I drew one, and liked him so much, that I put him in as Klaus, was entering Beetle's lab.
He worked out so well that we decided that Klaus had to have a whole bunch of these guys, and they were created from there.
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:51 AM
Phil was all "I love drawing these guys (Jagers) I could draw them all day!"
And I said "Well, you can. It's our book."
And immediately started figuring out who they were. It all came out in a big rush
That's how a lot of our writing goes.
One thing gets mentioned, and we start piling on dumb jokes and details
The Great Leviathans were similar
PhilFoglioToday at 3:53 AM
Thank goodness, as their existence solved a whole bunch of problems that would have otherwise required tedious exposition. There's still exposition of course, but now it's delivered in bad accents and with cheap laughs
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:53 AM
Suddenly I was waving my arms around and telling PHil about these swimming Worlds
KennyGToday at 3:53 AM
CoffinPolish asks:
With all the fighting they’ve done over the years, do Jagers get anything similar to PTSD or CSR? Would these disorders even be recognized in the GG universe, much less in an already mentally unstable population of literal murder monsters?
PhilFoglioToday at 3:54 AM
We know how the main story goes. We have a beginning, a middle and an end, but the choreography in between is always open for interpretation.
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:54 AM
Ok, do you want to do the Tarvek breakthrough thing, Phil?
Oh, dang, we are two behind.
KennyGToday at 3:55 AM
ah, let's catch up a little bit
PhilFoglioToday at 3:55 AM
Tarvek was another last minute addition.
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:55 AM
The Jäger process protects them from angst
but they do get more thoughtful as they get older.
PhilFoglioToday at 3:56 AM
He is certainly one of the things we might've put in a little earlier, but I think he worked out fine that way it happened
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:56 AM
I think PTSD would absolutely be a thing in the GG universe, because it's so real
but the Jägers themselves not so much
KennyGToday at 3:57 AM
rumrum asks:
How do you keep track of all the plot points and story hooks?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:57 AM
I'm a superfan
I love this story, so a lot of it lives in my head all the time
That said, I really want one of those crazy-walls
PhilFoglioToday at 3:58 AM
Like I said, we have the story in our heads. For the details, we reread the whole set at least once a year.
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:58 AM
Or little wooden people to move around in a diorama
KennyGToday at 3:58 AM
SparksSaveEarthWithScience asks:
Who’s older, Gil or Zeetha?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:58 AM
Not telling.
Not sure.
KennyGToday at 3:58 AM
Luunyscarlet asks:
Why is Lucrezia so terrified of Barry Heterodyne?
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:59 AM
Victor says "He's really good at thumb-wrestling."
PhilFoglioToday at 3:59 AM
Because he would kill her
Kaja FoglioToday at 3:59 AM
Hey. Who let this kid in here?
KennyGToday at 4:00 AM
contramundi01 asks:
Where does Agatha's spark rank in relation to her ancestors? Particularly Faustus Heterodyne?
PhilFoglioToday at 4:00 AM
Lucrezia relies on the fact that she can manipulate people. Barry is one of the few who would (and has) shoot first and ask later.
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:00 AM
Huh. Could she beat her great etc. grandpa in a fight?
I don't know! She's pretty strong.
Victor says: "Player Character BS"
So I guess she'd win.
KennyGToday at 4:01 AM
Meeeee asks:
When Tarvek's lab blew up were the two muses and Anevka's robo head destroyed? Or are they still theoretically repairable?
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:02 AM
I mean, I know, but Phil is answering.
(Wouldn't want you to think I didn't know.)
PhilFoglioToday at 4:02 AM
No. They were elsewhere in the castle. Tarvek knew that they were being invaded by Wulfenbach forces, and he would have made sure that they were in a safe place.
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:03 AM
Tarvek is a sucker for robot girls.
I mean, me too, but...
KennyGToday at 4:03 AM
ThatWhichShouldBe asks:
Did the Old Master of Paris's rule about allotting time in his city to Heterodynes originate because of the Boys? Or were there previous heterodynes who somehow earned time, leading to the Master of Paris deciding to implement that rule?
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:03 AM
Yes. It was the Heterodyne Boys.
Before that, it was shoot on sight.
Being allowed into Paris is a privilige.
KennyGToday at 4:04 AM
Robin Lydia asks:
Where is the hat Maxim won from Ol' Man Death?
PhilFoglioToday at 4:04 AM
Hat check
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:05 AM
You made me pat the top of my head. Then I figured out what you meant.
KennyGToday at 4:05 AM
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:05 AM
I am slow, but I get there.
KennyGToday at 4:05 AM
ScribeProtra asks:
What are the titles of the other five Muses?
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:06 AM
to be revealed later
PhilFoglioToday at 4:06 AM
Those will be revealed when they are needed in the story
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:06 AM
I did a medal for Moxana, as part of the Ultimate Showdown Kickstarter
I would love to do a medal for each of them
Oops. Sorry, it was Legendary Showdown. but it hasn't been a thing
I've had a chance to do yet.
KennyGToday at 4:07 AM
mèþru (they/she/he) asks: What is the attitude in the Girl Genius world to trans and non-binary people?
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:07 AM
Nobody would even notice!
I mean, you take your proper form and then you send a monster out to smash you neighbor's castle, who would bother to give you trouble about something like that?
So I think that A) they're all ove rthe place and nobody minds,
and b) it would often be kind of hard to tell?
If you've got superscience, you're going to have people using it.
KennyGToday at 4:10 AM
Well well well! Thank you very much Kaja Foglio and PhilFoglio . Our hour is due, and we have in fact crushed through the entire list of upvoted questions from the community! Well done! :slight_smile:
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:10 AM
Oh, darn.
PhilFoglioToday at 4:10 AM
This was great
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:10 AM
We should do these more often.
KennyGToday at 4:11 AM
We will now round this AMA off with one or two swanky bonus questions
and then; an exciiiiting announcement!
PhilFoglioToday at 4:11 AM
We've been missing all the fan interaaction we'd normally get at conventions
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:11 AM
I'm scared of people
I like computers
KennyGToday at 4:11 AM
Bonus question! Stella.Sews asks:
How would Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventure, do in our present quarantine/self-isolation situation?
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:11 AM
Ah. His house would be very tidy,
And he'd have taught all the spiders to tap dance
KennyGToday at 4:12 AM
Bonus question # 2 : bookworm3400 asks: WHAT HAPPENED TO ZADIPOK???????
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:12 AM
PhilFoglioToday at 4:12 AM
Ah, another question that will be answered sometime In The Story.
KennyGToday at 4:13 AM
As all good things are 3, we end on The Last Question
Di asks:
Are y'all aware there is a real life person with the last name Heterodyne?
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:13 AM
I wasn't!
KennyGToday at 4:13 AM
a warm
PhilFoglioToday at 4:14 AM
Yes, I've communicated with her. To no one's surprise, she is smart, well spoken, and a fan.
KennyGToday at 4:14 AM
to PhilFoglio
and Kaja Foglio
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:14 AM
Nobody tells me anything.
KennyGToday at 4:14 AM
and the very helpful Mods
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:14 AM
Thank you, mods!
George WL⚡Today at 4:14 AM
Thank you for being awesome people :grin:
KennyGToday at 4:14 AM
Great job in getting everything setup for us :heart:
Now my fellow adventurers
PhilFoglioToday at 4:15 AM
We'd also like to have a shout-out to our amazing colorist: Cheyenne Wright! Who is also a Discordian
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:15 AM
Hi Cheyenne!
KennyGToday at 4:15 AM

Coming soon: Girl Genius - Adventures In Castle Heterodyne
A fabulous Action Adventure game based on the award winning graphic novel series Girl Genius™ by Phil & Kaja Foglio

Girl Genius: Adventures In Castle Heterodyne
You play as Agatha Heterodyne, exploring Castle Heterodyne!
Please join
The Rain Games Discord
The Community hub for the game
please help us share the Kickstarter with people
and let's make this thing together! :heart:
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:18 AM
I did say I wanted a video game.
George WL⚡Today at 4:18 AM
KennyGToday at 4:18 AM
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:18 AM
No word on the anime or BBC miniseries, though.
KennyGToday at 4:19 AM
what an end to a great evening with you guys
PhilFoglioToday at 4:19 AM
Thanks to everybody who showed up!
KennyGToday at 4:19 AM
I hope you've all had fun, and learned alot of exciting stuff about Girl Genius from the Professors themselves!
Join us at the Rain Games Discord, where we'll talk a little bit more about the upcoming Kickstarter
Thank you all! :D:D:D
Kaja FoglioToday at 4:21 AM
Thank you, everyone!
submitted by KennyG_RainGames to girlgenius [link] [comments]

2020.08.30 00:05 1guywriting Maximizing character time in a tournament they won't win

Some observations & suggestions when it comes to making sure your get the most out of your character(s) participating in a traditional bracket style tournament with seeding in which they will lose at some point. TL;DR at the end.
You can go higher or have a participant count that's not 2 to the power of n but it means writing more rounds or explaining how matchups would work since it would be an uneven bracket.
Have a round-robin pool play before the knockout round. The World Cup does this albeit without formal seeding. It allows characters to have a minimum number of matches to showcase their stuff before getting knocked out or advancing. Alternatively, you can make the tournament double elimination.
Now onto the seeding aspect. I will reference the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournament as it is the only major US tournament with a large field and is single elimination. They do split their bracket into 4 groups of 16 and seed teams 1-16, but it's easy to guess the actual rank of each team. However, there are some trends that cannot be ignored. I also recommend this somewhat outdated but still relevant video on the impact of seeding if you don't want to keep reading.
In a traditional tournament, the lowest seed plays the highest seed, second lowest plays second highest and so on to avoid good sides knocking each other out so early. Historically speaking, getting the lowest seed in a SET is practically a death sentence.
In the NCAA men's basketball tournament, a #16 seed (the lowest) is 1-135 all-time against a #1 seed. Same on the women's side with only one #16 seed winning. The 15, 14, and 13 seeds have not fared much better but they all have more than one win all-time in the first round.
In an 64 team SET, giving an important character the 29-36 seed gives them a relatively even matchup in the first round but they will most likely face a high seed immediately after.
It is important to know that anyone can win on any given day. Most of the time, a high seed can reach the quarterfinals without breaking a sweat. Seeding in real life can be misleading and people overrate & underrate teams and people all the time. Irl, a top NCAA loses to a scrappy/veteran underdog, have a matchup that does not favor them, or a key player is injured/suspended.
The gauntlet can be rough, but take a look at this PDF from 2011 when Virginia Commonwealth University made it to the semifinals as an 11 seed or a 44-47 seed overall.
TL;DR: don't rank your important character(s) in the bottom 25% because they have to face the best participants early & consider making your tournament have pools before the knockout rounds or make it double elimination.
submitted by 1guywriting to FanFiction [link] [comments]

2020.08.26 01:03 imNotGoodAtNaming Lord Ronnel Lonmouth, Lord of the Skullfort (AC included)

Meta Information

Character Name: Lord Ronnel Lonmouth
Starting Title(s): Lord of the Skullfort
Age: 18
Physical Description: Lord Ronnel Lonmouth looks much like his Lonmouth ancestors, with black hair, blue eyes, and - of course - well-groomed facial hair. He is a tad bit shorter than his father was, at just below six feet tall.
Starting Location: King’s Landing, with timebubbles back to the Skullfort
Attribute: Sly
Allotted Points: 18
Skills: Silver Tongue (CHA), Deception (CHA), Formation (MAR), Weapon Proficiency - Two-handed Swords/Polearms (COM)
Mastery: Orator (CHA)
10 4 4
Username: imNotGoodAtNaming
Other Characters: None right now
Auxiliary Character Name: Ser Roger Lonmouth
Starting Title(s): Knight of Skulls and Kisses, Knight of the Queensguard
Age: 38
Physical Description: Ser Roger Lonmouth is a broad man, standing at six feet and three inches, with black hair and brown eyes. He always has a beard, and seems more at home in full plate armor than he does the clothing of court.
Starting Location: King’s Landing (Red Keep)
Attributes: Strong
Allotted Points: 20
Skills: Leadership (CHA), Weapon Proficiency - One-handed swords/shields (COM), Precision (COM), Evasion (STE)
Mastery: Berserker (COM)
4 2 10 4

Lord Ronnel Lonmouth - Basic Information

Birth Date: 2nd Moon, 364 AC
Gender: Male
Religion: Faith of the Seven
Affiliations: House Lonmouth, House Swann
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5’11”
Spouse: Betrothed to Lady Ashara Dayne
Liege: Lady Desmera Swann
Predecessor: Lord Ronald Lonmouth
Heir: Lady Jocelyn Lonmouth

Lord Ronnel Lonmouth - Appearance and Character

Lord Ronnel Lonmouth looks much like his Lonmouth ancestors, with black hair, blue eyes, and - of course - well-groomed facial hair. He is a tad bit shorter than his father was, at just below six feet tall. Ronnel is a proud and confident man, with his confidence often wavering upon arrogance - something which has earned him a few enemies in the Skullfort, as well as a few admirers.
Ever since the end of the War of the Last Dragon and the death of his father from burn wounds suffered in the War, however, Ronnel has had a more solemn demeanor about him.

Lord Ronnel Lonmouth - Biography

Ronnel Lonmouth was born to Lord Ronald Lonmouth and Lady Mary Tarth in the second moon of 364 AC, alongside his twin sister Jocelyn. They would be the only children of Ronald and Mary, and were showered with attention and gifts - especially Ronnel, as the Heir to the Skullfort, which no doubt helped inflate his ego from a young age. Ronnel and Jocelyn were inseparable through their youth, bonding in running from the Maester’s lessons and getting into trouble around the Skullfort. Alongside him and his sister
Lord Ronald Lonmouth was a stern man, and although he could indulge the foolish dalliances of his children while they were young, once Ronnel and Jocelyn turned twelve he took action. Ronnel was sent to Storm’s End to squire for Lord Arlan Baratheon, while a new Septa was brought in to take over Jocelyn’s education.
Ronnel spent the next few years at Storm’s End, learning the ways of a knight under Lord Arlan’s dutiful watch. He never truly forgave his father for forcefully separating him from his sister, even after Jocelyn came to Storm’s End in service to Lady Maris, Arlan’s wife, and in any of his free time at Storm’s End, tried to rebel as much as he could. Just prior to the Night of Dancing Shadows in Dorne, Ronnel was betrothed to Lady Ashara Dayne of Starfall - something which he didn’t discover until he took command of the Skullfort after the war.
When King Garlan I called the banners to respond to Oldtown and Highgarden’s seizure, Ronnel, just fifteen years of age, rode north to King’s Landing alongside his father and many of the Lonmouth soldiers, as well as a more distant relation - Ser Garen Lonmouth. Ser Garen was a fine soldier; one of Ronnel’s childhood idols, as he remembered Garen fighting three men at a time in the training grounds of the Skullfort. Ronnel was honored to fight alongside him, and he stubbornly avoided conversation with his father as much as possible.
Ronald, Ronnel, and Garen all rode out to Duskendale with the King, and it was Garen who held the honor of leading the Lonmouth cavalry in their charge against the knights of the Golden Company. Ronald and Ronnel stayed back with the infantry, watching the cavalry charge from afar.
Garen was gored by one of the Golden Company’s mighty elephants, and the knights of the Skullfort were pushed back alongside the rest of the charging cavalry, slamming directly into the friendly infantry lines. Ronnel, enraged at the sight of Garen’s death, nearly attempted to rally the Lonmouth men for another charge - only stopped by his father, who rallied his troops to retreat to King’s Landing. When the city fell, Ronnel was sent off with a guard of ten men into the mazes of the Red Keep by his father, who intended to defend the city.
However, when Drogon knocked over two of Maegor Holdfast’s towers, Ronnel’s father was hit by some of the rubble - crushing the lower half of the body - and sustained heavy burns to his side. So, he was also carried out of the city through the maze of the Red Keep. While the King and his court rode to Harrenhal, Ronnel, Ronald, and the few surviving Lonmouth men rode back to the Skullfort.
Ronnel became Lord of the Skullfort in all but name, raising the remaining Lonmouth men and marching them alongside the other men of the Stormlands - first to Ashford, then onto the Northern Reach to liberate some of the keeps occupied by the Golden Company. These relatively minor skirmishes all led to the final battle at the Stoney Sept - during which Ronnel led the Lonmouth forces once more, avoiding Dragonfire and killing a number of Essosi sellswords in the field. Following the battle, he returned back to the Skullfort.
His father would eventually pass from the wounds sustained during the War in 382 AC, with Ronnel never fully reconciling with him - much to his regret. Ronnel spent the rest of the year shoring up affairs at the Skullfort so as to ensure that his lands were secure and in good hands, before heading to King’s Landing for the tournament, and to meet his betrothed.

Ser Roger Lonmouth - Appearance and Character

Ser Roger Lonmouth is a broad man, standing at six feet and three inches, with black hair and brown eyes. He always has a beard, and seems more at home in full plate armor than he does the clothing of court. In his youth he was an angry man with a chip on his shoulder, and in his late teenage years and early twenties, he became more arrogant - the victories he won in tournaments getting to his head. However, following his taste of real battle and his appointment to the Kingsguard, he is dutiful, taking his oaths and the brotherhood very seriously. Although a good fighter, he is less skilled in the realm of tactics, preferring to fight rather than to plan.

Ser Roger Lonmouth - Biography

Roger Lonmouth was born in 345 AC to Lord Erich Lonmouth and his wife, Lady Elinor Dondarrion. He was the fourth child and third son of Erich and Elinor, and as such grew up with little expectation to inherit. In fact, he felt ignored in his youth - in favor of Cassandra, the eldest sister who was ever the perfect Lady, Ronald, the heir, or Jaramy, the skilled administrator. Although skilled with a sword from a young age, he received very little recognition or even attention to his skill - while he could’ve been sent to squire for a great knight, he was instead trained purely by the Master-at-Arms of the Skullfort.
With little prospect and little faith in his abilities, and the expectation to take up a position in the Skullfort’s household as Captain of the Guard or Master-at-Arms, Roger wished to leave the Red Watch immediately. On his eighteenth name-day in 363 AC, he was knighted by the Master-at-Arms. The same night he said his vows, he took the Valyrian steel blade Silencer from the armory without telling his Lord brother, and rode off in the night - accompanied by a few close friends in Ryam Blackstone, Andrew of the Skullfort, and Sebastian Sevenwood, all minor knights from Skullfort’s lands.
Roger first made his name through participation in tournaments, often winning melees and jousts alike. With the purse that he gradually accumulated, he bought better steeds for him and his friends, as well as a full set of black armor. It was during this period of him being a tourney knight that he took the title of Knight of Skulls and Kisses - an honorific given to any man that wielded Silencer. He took his reputation of being a fierce tourney competitor around the Stormlands, the Reach, and the Southlands for eight years, solidifying his reputation.
In 371 AC, Andrew of the Skullfort left to Essos to join the Golden Company, dissatisfied with the life of a tourney knight, bringing Sebastian Sevenwood with him. Roger was tempted to join as well, as he’d also grown tired of the limited glory that winning tournaments brought, but was reminded by Ryam of the destruction that the Golden Company had wrought upon the Rainwood and the Stormlands in the War of Two Dragons. So, he decided instead to travel to King’s Landing to use his reputation to try and maneuver into a higher position. The first target of his ambitions was the City Watch, as he tried to befriend men of the City Watch over the course of a few years. However, after a tourney in 374 AC in which he proved his prowess once more, King Alester I Tyrell extended the offer of Kingsguard to him. Roger took the opportunity without a second thought.
Now a Kingsguard, his reputation as a tourney knight came back to bite him, with many thinking him too green to actually protect his King in a real conflict. His chance to prove himself came in the War of the Last Dragon, during which he stood by King Garlan’s side throughout the whole war. He fought in the Battle Outside Duskendale, during which his close friend Ryam was killed, and assisted the royal family in their escape from the Red Keep. His most notable achievement during the war was at the Battle of Wildburrows - whilst King Garlan fought and killed Viserys Targaryen, Roger and his fellow Kingsguard engaged the Dragonguard. Roger dueled and bested two members of the Dragonguard, sending Silencer through their necks and finally proving his worth as something more than a tourney knight.
Upon the end of the war and the return to King’s Landing, Roger mourned as King Garlan fell to an illness, respecting the man immensely as a King and a commander. He accompanied the new Queen Myrcella on her royal progress, and remains ever loyal to his duties.

Family Echo


  • Harold Storm, Castellan of the Skullfort
  • Robin Rosestorm, Companion of Lord Ronnel Lonmouth, Captain of the Guard
  • Allard Storm, Companion of Lord Ronnel Lonmouth
  • Monfryd Greatstone, Companion of Lord Ronnel Lonmouth
  • Septon Donnel
  • Maester Golwyn
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2020.08.25 21:27 Generation-Y Rojava Documentaries

I made a list of documentaries focusing on Rojava and Bakur that are either in English or have English subtitles. This list only contains documentaries that are free and available to stream online (mostly links to YouTube and Vimeo). I organised them by release date and roughly divided them into the following categories: Rojava, Women's Movement, International Volunteers, Battle against ISIS, Bakur and Short Docs.
This is a work in progress. I'll add more in the future and try to keep this list up to date.
Hope you enjoy these, and feel free to suggest more in the comments or dm me. Tips are welcome.


Since the United States withdrew from northern Syria in October 2019, and the Turkish military operation began, what remains now of Rojava, created in 2014 during the battle of Kobane, won by Kurdish forces at the cost of enormous sacrifices?
What will happen next in northern Syria? All of the parties to the conflict — the Americans, Assad's regime, Russia, Iran and Turkey — have their own agendas for the war-torn region. But what do the Kurds themselves think about their future?
In the ruins of ISIS's caliphate syrian kurds are building a radical experiment in democracy and women’s rights in the old badlands of Islamic State. But as Yaara Bou Melhem reports, it could be crushed in an instant.
The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, also called Rojava, is passing through a dangerous period. Turkey attacked and occupies Afrin, one of the three Kurdish provinces. The Islamic State is still active. The authorities of the Democratic Federation had talks with the Damascus government on its de facto autonomy, without success, as for now. A film by Chris Den Hond and Mireille Court.
An in-depth look into the inner workings of the commune system in Northeast Syria (Rojava) and how they work in practice to give people direct say over the decisions that affect their lives at the most local level. I also call for people to form communes throughout North America and the world.
This is a 45 minute documentary about the Kurds, Assyrians, Arabs, and Yezidis in Northeast Syria (Rojava) who’ve spent the last 9 years dealing with the uncertainty and precarity we are just now beginning to face, turned to their neighbors to get themselves through civil war and ISIS attacks, and are emerging through it all with a new society that is far more beautiful and far more free than they had before. It’s a story of hope and I think it is very instructive for us about the possibilities that can emerge out of crisis when neighbors “pod up”.
While battling the Islamic state, Kurds and other ethnic groups in Northern Syria are trying to install a political project. They call it the “Democratic Federation of Northern Syria”.
This project is at opposite to the religious project of part of the Syrian opposition, but also to the Arab nationalist project of the Syrian government. And it's also opposed to an independent Kurdistan." We don't want a Kurdistan for Kurds, but a democratic federation for everybody," they say.
From Qamishli to Kobane, from Membij to Raqqa, this story describes the difficult implementation of a new political experience in Syria, despite the obstacles of a the war and a suffocating embargo.
The documentary is telling the Rojava Revolution, with stories of Assyrian, Kurdish, Arabic people. This people are subjected to the ISIS attacks, on the other hand they are trying to build a communal system like democratic autonomy. This struggle is not easy in a region like Syria, where the war continues and showing the effects on people’s life.
“The future of the extraordinary feminist and democratic revolution in Rojava is now in danger. The US has announced it will withdraw its military forces from Syria, with whom the Kurdish forces have been fighting against ISIS. This will be a green light for Erdogan’s Turkey to fulfill its threats to attack Rojava and eradicate its nascent democracy. There’s never been a more important time to support Rojava. This clip from Accidental Anarchist shows why it matters.” - Carne Ross
The documentary The Silent Revolution explains the revolution involving nearly 3 million kurds living in Syria. With the outbreak of the civil war —in the frame of the called ‘Arab Spring'— the Kurds of Syria have taken advantage of the context to fight for their political and cultural recognition and thus end the repression that started more than 50 years ago.

Women's Movement

In October 2019, a rising star of Syrian democratic politics, 34-year-old Hevrin Khalaf, was brutally murdered in the Kurdish-governed north east of the country.
Yalda Hakim travels to Syria to investigate this young woman's killing, her battle for freedom and empowerment, and her colleagues' view that her death was the result of President Trump's withdrawal of support from the Kurds, who have been a key American ally in the defeat of so-called Islamic State.
The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, also known as Rojava, managed to free itself from Syria in 2011 during the upheaval of war. Since this revolution, won by both men and women, a peaceful society is forming where women have taken up leading roles in government and wider society.
On the front line of the Syrian war, 30-year-old Commander Arian guides a female battalion towards the city of Kobane to release its people from the grip of ISIS in Alba Sotorra’s empowering tale of emancipation and freedom. When the war in Syria broke, a group of women from the Kurdish resistance assembled the YPJ—Women Protection Units. Arian, who witnessed at a young age the nefarious treatment of sexual assault victims, leads the unit and dedicates her life to battling ISIS. As the YPJ inches closer to their target, she implores her comrades to discover the true meaning of their fight: freedom for the next generation of women. With unprecedented access to the commander and her troops, including delicate scenes of her recovering from multiple bullet wounds, Sotorra brilliantly crafts an enthralling portrait of a woman on a mission.
The catastrophic war in Syria has brought about one good thing: the forming of the autonomous region of Rojava is radically changing the position of women in the Middle East. The fascinating story of Jiyan, a female guerrilla fighter who devoted twenty years of her life in the Kurdish militant struggle, reveals women's determination for freedom not only against another oppressive regime, but also against patriarchy.
Kongreya Star is a confederation of women's movements through out the region of Rojava, a predominantly Kurdish area of northern Syria, also referred to as West-Kurdistan. Kongreya Star was founded in 2005 and originally called Yekîtîya Star. Under the fierce oppression of Bashar Al Assad's Ba'th regime, women in towns and villages across the northern areas of Syria began to come together and organise themselves, creating a strong basis for the confederated women's movement. Kongreya Star plays an active role in organising women across all areas of life: education, culture and arts, economics, self-defence, social affairs, problem-solving and justice, politics, local government, ecology, press and media and international relations.
As the forces of ISIS and Assad tear through villages and society in Syria and Northern Iraq, a group of brave and idealistic women are taking up arms against them—and winning inspiring victories. Members of “The Free Women’s Party” come from Paris, Turkish Kurdistan, and other parts of the world. Their dream: To create a Democratic Syria, and a society based on gender equality. Guns in hand, these women are carrying on a movement with roots that run 40 years deep in the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) in Turkey. GIRL’S WAR honors the legacy of Sakine Cansiz, co-founder of the PKK who was assassinated in Paris in 2013, and reflects on the sacrifices made by all of the women in the movement, who have endured jail, rape, war, and persecution in their quest to liberate their lives and sisters from male dominance. With scenes of solidarity, strength, and love amongst these brave women soldiers, GIRL'S WAR is a surprising story of Middle Eastern feminism on the front lines.
RTD correspondents received an exclusive permission to spend three weeks in a training camp of the YPJ, the female division of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units fighting ISIS. The town of Serekaniye in Syria is the last major town bordering the “Islamic State”. The mainly Kurdish local population is determined to fight the murderous ISIS and prevent them from entering their town. Among the fighters are young women, who chose to defend themselves and their families from the belligerent invaders.
Deep within Kurdish Syria, the YPJ, made up of local women, are fighting the barbaric ISIS terrorist movement. Tara Brown travels to the war zone to see firsthand just how these extraordinary female fighters are winning the war. They are brave women who have lost family and friends, but won’t let anything weaken their resolve to defeat ISIS.

International Volunteers

The story of Anna Campbell, who travelled to northern Syria in secret in 2017. Just eight months after arriving and with no military background, Anna went to the front line to fight with Kurdish YPJ.
In 2019, Unicorn Riot interviewed three New Yorkers who volunteered to fight alongside the Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) and Syrian Democratic Forces against ISIS and Turkey. The documentary features their oral accounts overlaid with contributed footage from anonymous sources to bring you a first person point of view of what happened to fighters as they held the front line in defense of Rojava, an autonomous zone in northern Syria. The three men share their perspectives of what they witnessed while playing a small role in the Syrian Civil War as international volunteers for the YPG.
To date at least 20 British nationals, some with no previous experience of combat, have travelled to Syria to fight Isis on the frontline. Eight of these Brits have lost their lives. This film follows the journeys of parents as they investigate why their children went out to join the Kurdish army in their fight against Isis, including visiting the places they died in Syria. What led these young Brits to risk everything, travelling thousands of miles from home to wage war against the world’s most feared terrorist organisation, fighting someone else’s war?
The New International is a biweekly, bilingual show broadcast on Kurdistan's Stêrk TV.
Each episode follows a day in the life of an internationalist revolutionary who has travelled to Rojava, Northern Syria, to work in solidarity with the democratic-confederalist, women-led revolution.
In an eye opening report, journalist Yuri Maldavsky follows an international brigade fighting for the Kurdish cause against Islamic state and subsequently Turkish forces, in besieged Afrin, northern Syria.
Fear Us Women follows Hanna Bohman, a Canadian civilian who has spent the last three years in Syria as a volunteer soldier battling ISIS. As a member of the YPJ, an all-female Kurdish army, Hanna gives an inside look at the brave women fighting for liberation in one of the world's most dangerous countries.
Part One: This 2-part series follows River Hagg as he travels to war-torn Syria, in hopes of documenting stories of the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII. He finds a medical unit of foreign volunteers as they provide aid to civilians, YPG fighters and ISIS. Part two: The volunteers continue to push with the YPG to the ISIS defended city of Manbij, Syria. River hears news from home and plans his exit. The team is granted access to the front lines and they find themselves on dangerous ground, surrounded by ISIS.
The documentary film documents the construction of a new health care center by international volunteers in the city of Kobane (North Syria/Western Kurdistan) that was destroyed by the fascist IS to 80 per cent. 177 brigadists of ICOR from 10 countries constructed the health care center together with local construction workers. With that they set a signal for the return of more than one hundred thousand people to their home city who had fled the city.
VICE journalist, Sebastian Weiss, met up with a German ex-soldier and former Foreign Legionnaire, a 19-year-old Canadian fighter, a mother of four from Poland, an ICOR brigade member, German social workers and a 25-year-old from Saarbrücken, who are deployed under the command of the People’s Protection Units, directly on the front and only 50 kilometers from the IS stronghold, Raqqah.
NAKED TRUTH: ISIS Fighters follows several American and western volunteers embedded with Kurdish militias as they make a push deep into ISIS strongholds, uncovering the brutality of life under the Islamic State.
The foreign Fighters who took part in Syria Civil War subscribe to different Ideologies & come from different countries: from USA, France, Germany, The Netherlands, etc; from a simple farmer to a university scholar; all gathered together in one place, either fighting for ISIS or fighting to defeat ISIS. The Documentary speaks about them, but this time we do not deal with those 25 thousand combatants who fight along with ISIS; rather, we selected those who are fighting against ISIS, along with other eight hundred foreigners, together with the Kurdish forces. They have arrived in Syrian Kurdistan which Kurds call Rojava from all over the world, and are fighting on the front lines under the command of the YPG, the People's Protection Units. Jordan Matson is a former U.S. Army infantryma and one of the first foreign volunteers to fight within the YPG. Matson flew from Chicago to Istanbul and then drove to Diyarbakir in southeast of Turkey. In October 2014, he crossed the border into Syria pretending to be a doctor. Matson currently lives in Sweden with his wife and son, Verdi and Kosta Leonidas Matson.

Battle against ISIS

The road to ISIS’ self-proclaimed capital, Raqqa, has been long and hard. The battle rages in the suburbs of the Syrian city. Improvised explosive devices, suicide bombers, sniper fire and grenade-dropping drones have been deployed by the surrounded terrorists.
This film features the stories of fighters in the Kurdish People Protection Units (YPG), as well as European volunteers who joined them. There are also stories of military hospital staff. Dr. Akhiv, a veteran military doctor considers his work a “sacred calling.” Adham, a frontline nurse, joined the field hospital after his brother was killed fighting ISIS. Sema, a Kurdish female commander, left her family to join the fight. “We’re not fighting for a certain nation. Humanity is what we’re fighting for,” she says.
Some Europeans have joined the YPG as volunteers. Rosa left a mundane life in Sweden to fight for women’s rights in Syria. Robin, a volunteer from Germany, got sick of hearing how “someone should do something about” ISIS after every terrorist attack in Europe. He left his girlfriend and a comfortable life to do something about them himself.
Meet the forces trying to beat Islamic State in Syria. Sky News joins them on the road to Raqqa.
FRANCE 24 reporters Romeo Langlois, Mayssa Awad and Mohammed Hassan were able to gain exclusive access to the fighters of this interethnic coalition that is taking on the IS group "caliphate". They witnessed firsthand the battle to take back the town of Shaddadi. This is their extraordinary 35-minute documentary.
The former EastEnders actor visits Iraq and Syria to follow Kurdish armed forces to the front lines of the ongoing fight against the so-called Islamic State.
If almost everything you had in life was lost, your house was turns to ashes, your neighborhood wiped out and most of your friends and family were killed... what were you doing? Leaving Kobani and Syria in favor of a new promising future in Europe? Or the opposite: Now, more than ever, fight for your land and for what might become a historic opportunity for independent state and freedom, in a place where Assad and ISIS are your immediate neighbors? It is a difficult question and we analyse it in Syria and in Germany. We check it with someone from Kobani who tried to flee - Abdullah Kurdi - who lost his wife and two children while trying to go on a boat and cross the sea from Turkey to Greece, and whose little boy Alan, was drifted to the shores of Turkey and was immortalized by a shocking photo that led to the opening of the gates and the heart of Europe (momentarily) to the refugees from Syria.
My second and longest journey to Kurdish controlled regions of Iraq and Syria. We explore the frontline against ISIS stretching from Shengal (Sinjar) Iraq, all the way to the edge of the Euphrates River in Syria. Without the constraints typical of our mainstream media, this documentary offers a deeply personal and humanizing view of the war.
In March of 2015, I set off to the Kurdistan region of Iraq and Syria to begin a new personal project. In the beginning, I thought perhaps it would be a still photography trip only. But just as I left the door, I decided to grab my GoPro kit in case anything interesting happened and I could just film it myself. This is that footage.
The City That Beat ISIS: For months the Syrian city of Kobani was under siege in a struggle that became emblematic of the international fight back against ISIS. In January 2015, ISIS were driven out - an event that made world headlines.
Few journalists managed to enter Kobani during the siege. But reporter Kiki King and director James Brabazon were there to witness the final week of the battle.
The Kurdish border city of Kobane in Northern Syria has been under siege by Islamic State fighters for more than three months. But Kurdish forces are managing to retain hold of most of the city. As well as keeping IS at bay – they see getting their story out to the rest of the world as a vital part of their mission. An Iranian Kurdish film-maker spent two weeks inside Kobane following the men and women risking their lives to publicise the ongoing battle.
On September 19th, 2014, after 2 months of siege by the Islamic State, the kurds from the city of Kobane, in northern Syria, are forced to flee to Turkey. Two days later, my father and I decide to make a trip to the Turkish-Syrian border to find our family and assist the refugees from my father's city. But what we will find there, at the foot of the border, will surpass any expectations.
In September of 2013, VICE crossed the border into Syria's Kurdish region to document the YPG's counteroffensive against the jihadists, who had struck deep into rural Hassakeh in an attempt to surround and capture Ras al-Ayn. With unparalleled access to the Kurdish and Syrian Christian fighters on the frontlines, we found ourselves witnessing a bitter and almost unreported conflict within the Syrian war, where the Assad regime is a neutral spectator in a life or death struggle between jihadist-led rebels and Kurdish nationalists, pitting village against village and neighbor against neighbor.
Is the Middle East's newest country a territory called "Rojava"? Out of the chaos of Syria's civil war, mainly Kurdish leftists have forged a radical, egalitarian, multi-ethnic mini-state run on communal lines. But with ISIS Jihadists attacking them at every opportunity - especially around the beleaguered city of Kobane, how long can this idealistic social experiment last? Our World has gained exclusive access to Rojava, from the frontlines, to the politicians and refugee camps.
On the frontline with the women taking up arms against Islamic State. These highly effective female fighters are taking on Islamic State forces in northern Iraq and Syria as part of the Kurdish guerrilla army. Through the camera of Israeli filmmaker Itai Anghel, we meet young women giving up any prospect of a normal life to train and fight in tough conditions.


Voices of Bakur looks at the Kurdish movement in Bakur, Northern Kurdistan. It focuses on the period of 2015-2016, when more than a dozen Kurdish towns within the southeastern borders of Turkey declared autonomy from the Turkish state.
In the summer of 2015, the Turkish state launched a brutal war against the Kurds who were organizing an assembly based social system founded on the principles of women’s liberation and autonomy. According to the Diyarbakir Human Rights Association, 1,552 people, 320 of them civilians, and 75 of them children, were killed in Turkey between July 2015 and July 2016. The film features interviews shot on the ground with various Kurdish organizers, many who are now facing jail sentences, are already in jail or were killed, about democratic autonomy, women’s liberation, self-defense, and the civil war in southeastern Turkey. It features footage from various news sources, which have now been shut down and banned by the state. Voices of Bakur is an important document of an under-reported popular insurrection for autonomy.
The film was created by Two Rivers and a Valley, a collective of Turkish, Kurdish, European, and US radical filmmakers.
A documentary about the Kurdish Guerrilla fighting for a better future for the Middle East and perhaps the entire world.
A documentary about Kurdish women revolutionary Sakine Cansiz, who was killed in Paris in January 9, 2013. The documentary is about Cansiz's life and her legacy.
25 minutes story about Kurds, Turkey and Erdogan's referendum. Produced by Chris Den Hond and Mireille Court for TeleSur and Tariq Ali's program: "The World Today". April 2017.
Shot in secret, BAKUR: Inside the PKK is the worlds first documentary made with inside access to the Kurdish separatist group, who are considered a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the US and NATO. The result is an inside look at the undeclared war going on in Turkey for decades. This was the first time any film crew had ever accessed these camps.
Kurdistan, which is split over Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria, could play a major role in a Middle East that has been torn apart. But who are the Kurds? What influence do they have? And who exactly is Abdullah Öcalan, leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party?
FRANCE 24 brings you a rare look inside the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers' Party, in the midst of fighting a guerrilla war against the Turkish army and the Islamic State group.
Some, such as the United States and the European Union, see them as terrorists, others as saviours. PKK fighters are waging a war on two fronts, between Turkey and Iraq. FRANCE 24 was able to meet several members of the group in their stronghold of the Qandil Mountains in northern Iraq.
Cizre, extreme south-east of Turkey. On 4 September 2015 a measure of the governor of Sirnak declares a state of emergency, a curfew of 24 hours 24 is imposed on the entire population. No one can leave the house, the hospital is closed as well as all commercial activities. There is no water or electricity, cell phones do not work, Cizre is isolated from the world. It begins the siege. The story of what happened in the 9-day curfew told directly by the people of Cizre. A journey through the streets of the neighborhoods where they are consumed very serious violations of human rights in the attack launched by the Turkish army against men, women and children that caused 28 deaths and over 100 injured.
My name is Kurdistan is the kilometers about a trip that covered three of four pieces by Kurdistan.
A documentary on kurdish kids in southeast turkey growing up surrounded by the violence of the turkish state.
From Boudica of the British Celts to Corporal Klinger, few things unsettle the male mind like a lady in arms. The Kurds of Northern Iraq have long recognized this principle and incorporated it into their quest to build a Kurdish homeland in the overlap between Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. Fighting alongside their male comrades in a region not exactly known for its progressive stance on women's rights, the female Peshmerga guerillas of the Kurdish Liberation Movement built a reputation for themselves in the 70s and 80s as demure diaboliques with the deadly poise of Leila Khaled or Tania-era Patty Hearst.
As a Kurdish teenager she refused to be given in marriage. Thirty years later Nuriye Kesbir is still fighting, now as a wanted female guerrilla leader. This film is a frank portrait of the background and motives of one of the leaders of the Kurdish resistance movement PKK. Director Wietsma followed Kesbir, warrior name 'Sozdar' (meaning: someone who keeps a promise) on her remarkable journey, beginning in a Dutch prison and ending in the rough mountains of Northern Iraq.
The film is a portrait of Leyla Zana, the first Kurdish deputy woman of the Turkish Parliament elected in 1991, and the «mother» of a whole country torn by a tragic history. A symbol of civic courage, a model of respect for all those who fight against injustice all over the world, the life of Leyla Zana also questions the commitment of a woman and the sacrifice of a mother. Through archives and accounts given by her relatives, the film recalls her development and her fight.
A war of national liberation or a war against terrorism? Film-maker and acclaimed freelance journalist Kevin McKiernan poses this question at the outset of this stirring, provocative film shot in part by legendary cinematographer Haskell Wexler. It's all in how you define "good" and "bad." "Good Kurds" are those in Iraq: they're Saddam Hussein's victims, whom we want to help. "Bad Kurds" are those waging an armed insurrection against Turkey, an American ally: they're at the receiving end of U.S. weaponry. McKiernan went to northern Iraq to cover the revolt against Saddam Hussein. Just a few miles away, no one was covering the hidden war in Turkey. McKiernan determined he would report the story independently. 'Good Kurds, Bad Kurds' brings a sharp clarity to a complex history, while providing disturbing insight into immigration practices and U.S. foreign policy.

Short Docs

Óglaigh Rojava meets three Irishmen who volunteered militarily and civically in the Rojava revolution, in the North of Syria.
In May 2017, Charlie left everything behind to go and fight against ISIS in Rojava, Kurdistan, a Middle Eastern utopia based on the notions of feminism and equality. Charlie recalls what it is like to be at war with ISIS and takes us to an outpost in the battle of Raqqa, ISIS’ capital.
As Charlie re-adapts to ordinary British life, his comrades in Syria are still fighting and paying the price. But if the price is high, so are the stakes.
Documentary on the Turkish invasion of Afrin in Northern Syria in 2018.
Documenting the life of Mehmet Aksoy, a British-Kurdish filmmaker, a leading figure within the UK’s Kurdish community and an activist. Mehmet was tragically killed on 26th September 2017, at the age of 32, while documenting the war between Kurdish forces and ISIS in Raqqa, northern Syria.
The documentary collective "Şopdarên rojê ya çandê" has made a short film about Jinwar, which gives a short introduction on the perspective of the free women's village with very nice shots from the village life.
“We can even say that women are ahead of men. Women lead men.”
Meet the fighters of the YPJ, the Women’s Protection Units in Syria.
“I wanted to believe in something.”
Swedish and American fighters reflect on leaving their homelands to fight the Islamic State.
The People's Protection Units (YPG) was formed underground in 2011 to defend the people of Rojava against attacks from the Syrian Bashar al-Assad regime and other reactionary forces as the war in Syria started.
Today, it is a force of 50,000 people and at the forefront of the revolution in Syria and the region.
Watch this short documentary to learn about the struggle, sacrifices and victories of this amazing force.
Filmed during the battle of Kobani, this film reveals the women at the heart of the fight against IS. With stoical perseverance and the aid of American airstrikes, these women are leading the fight for freedom.
The Sniper of Kobani is a portrait of Haron, a Kurdish fighter who came to the Syrian town of Kobani to end the IS occupation.
This short documentary about the radical democratic experiment in Rojava was made by the New World Summit, an artistic and political organization dedicated to providing “alternative parliaments” to host organizations that currently find themselves excluded from democracy.
The documentary focuses on the ongoing political, military and ideological transformation in Rojava-Northern Syrian Federation.
The report takes us into the new front against ISIS on the Euphrates River in Syria (Rojava for the Kurds). On the east bank of the river the Kurdish guerrilla - YPG. On the west bank - ISIS in the city of Jarabulus . Kurdish women are firing across the river on the positions of ISIS and explain the added value of the women in the battle against Jihadists.
We focus on volunteers who came to Syria to fight alongside YPG against ISIS. Where countries have decided not to intervene on the ground and look away from the atrocities, there are hundreds of individuals who left their comfortable life in the west and came to fight in Syria and Iraq . Here we tell the story of three of them: A doctor from Norway , a teacher from Sweden and an American student.
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2020.08.25 04:57 AmyBot3000 His High Holiness, the High Septon

Meta Information

Character Name: Septon Leoben
Starting Title(s): His High Holiness, the High Septon, Father and Shepherd of the Faithful, Voice of the Seven on Earth
Age: 68
Physical Description:
While His Holiness's face is, when resting, quite stern and perhaps mean, he is naturally a very expressive man. His face alights with joy when he is joyful and filled with sorrow when he is sorrowful. The High Septon's eyes are a light blue and stand out against the rest of his face-- unlike his thinning hair, they remain strong and vibrant. While not especially skinny, he is thin, and of average height. At first glance, he in unimposing and unassuming. However, he draws quite deeply the attention of those around him and is an expert at keeping an audience. The sincerity of his facial expressions and the emotions they represent are not lost on those around him.
Starting Location: The Great Sept of Baelor
Attribute: Gregarious
Allotted Points: 22
Skills: Silver Tongue, Intimidation, Diplomacy, History & Law, Theology
Mastery: Orator
10 7 5
Username: Username: AmyBot3000
Discord Username: ACaro#6726
Other Characters: N/A
Auxiliary Character Name: Septa Miriam
Starting Title(s): Septa of the Most Devout
Age: 81
Physical Description:
Despite her advanced age, Septa Miriam retains the steel of her youth, as well as much of her previous strength. Plain in appearance, she is kind and nuturing with a welcoming voice and warm expression, On the rare occations that she chooses to be stern, she can be quite intimidating. When passionate about a topic, or in desperate prayer, her expression becomes alive and her sincerity is invulnerable to doubt.
Starting Location: The Great Sept of Baelor
Attributes: Diligent
Allotted Points: 14
Skills: Awareness, Diplomacy, Finances, Theology
7 7
Basic Information
Birth Name: Leoben Cawley
Titles: His High Holiness, the High Septon, Father and Shepherd of the Faithful, Voice of the Seven on Earth
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 4th Moon of 315 AC
Location: The Great Sept of Baelor
Culture: Andal (adopted), Andal/Salty Dornish (birth)
Religion: Faith of the Seven
Affiliations: Faith of the Seven, the Seven-Who-Are-One
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 166 lbs.
Liege: The Seven-Who-Are-One
Predecessor: His High Holiness, the High Septon, Father and Shepherd of the Faithful, Voice of the Seven on Earth
Birth Name: Miriam
Titles: Septa of the Most Devout
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 7th Moon of 302 AC
Location: The Great Sept of Baelor
Culture: Andal
Religion: Faith of the Seven
Affiliations: Faith of the Seven, the High Septon
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Grey
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 123 lbs.
Liege: High Septon


Appearance and Character
While His Holiness's face is, when resting, quite stern and perhaps mean, he is naturally a very expressive man. His face alights with joy when he is joyful and filled with sorrow when he is sorrowful. The High Septon's eyes are a light blue and stand out against the rest of his face-- unlike his thinning hair, they remain strong and vibrant. While not especially skinny, he is thin, and of average height. At first glance, he in unimposing and unassuming. However, he draws quite deeply the attention of those around him and is an expert at keeping an audience. The sincerity of his facial expressions and the emotions they represent are not lost on those around him.
The first High Septon from Dorne is a conservative who finds himself forced to chose between the beliefs he holds and political and moral expediency. He is aided by an old septa who he met while in Dorne during the peak of the R'hllor cult's power there. As a conservative, he is uncompromising and dislikes the conventions that are not rooted in the Seven-Pointed Star, although is not intolerant or traditional. He is a great orator who places a premium on inspiring the crowds of faithful throughout Westeros. He is not antagonistic towards the crown, but does hold a firm belief in the basic logic that as the crown's domain is the profane and the High Septon's is the sacred, and because the sacred is inherently superior to the profane-- the High Septon, while not given license to govern the realm, does have the power and responsibility to protect the faith and the faithful when threatened by the crown.
Leoben Cawley was born to a noble family of Plankytown that were truly no more than blue-blooded merchants. His mother was Eleanor Cawley, his father was Yorick Cawley. Wealthy, his upbringing as a Cawley taught him little that he still remembers. His few pleasures were academic, rather than social, and it was at the earliest possible age-- 14-- that he left home and joined the seminary in the shadow city of Sunspear.
In training to be a Septon, he excelled magnificently. A top student, he quickly outstripped his peers in his scholarship and spirituality. At age 18, he graduated, but was too young to become a Septon. Free of restrictions for the first time in his life, Leoben found himself unable to live long in the secular world. He became a Begging Brother and began a pilgrimage to King's Landing as he intended to wait the years before he was eligible for ordination under a vow of poverty. About this he once wrote, "I was offered a position as a kind of junior Septon and assistant at the [seminary], but the Crone moved my heart; I was a privileged man-- in truth still a boy-- and had never stared in the face of poverty. I had never missed a meal or eaten anything but the fine food I so enjoy. I had never massaged my calluses or been aught but smooth-shaven. On the advice of Septon Vorian, my teacher and the man who will forever be my closest friend and spiritual father, I spoke before the altar of the Stranger and the Father and the Crone and the Mother and the Maiden and the Smith and the Warrior a holy vow of poverty. On that instance, I also swore a vow of chastity, though I was not yet to receive the sacrament of the holy orders. From thence, I set off for the Great Sept."
On Leoben's journey to King's Landing, he grew more and more impatient with the restriction on the age of Septons-- seeing the need for holy men around him in the wake of the winter of 331-32, he spent the final weeks of his journey wrestling with himself.
Upon arriving at King's Landing, he discovered that the High Septon of the day, a man known to be particularly humble, held regular audiences with the faithful. Plying his birth and connections to the Faith, he gained a spot at one of these audiences. When the day came, according to his later writings, despite being admonished to say silent, "I kissed the shoe of the Blessed Father as I had known to do, and when he offered to me his ring, I was seized by some ineffable motivation. My hands drew his High Holiness's hand to clutching and the words poured from my mouth. 'I am a disciple,' 'I am too young, but my soul is not,' 'My life begins only with service to Them.' I do not remember the exact words, but those are the snippets that tickle my thoughts in the twilight hours. I was astounded when the Holy Father said, 'Go, child, it will happen if They will it.'"
Leoben returned to Dorne immediately and was given the covenant of the holy orders upon his return.
Septon Leoben was the youngest Septon since his High Holiness, the High Septon, the child who was given to the Faith by the Most Blessed Baelor. He took up the parish of Septon Vorian and studied with him and gave sacraments with him for some years. It was during this time that he cemented his theology.
When Vorian suddenly died before his time, Septon Leoben lost a significant portion of his faith and relinquished his parish in order to wallow in grief. Years passed before he found the Seven again.
In 361 AC, then a Septon in the Crownlands, he was created Septon of the Most Devout and sent to his Eminence's native Dorne to aid the Faith's ambassador in Sunspear in the managing of the R'hllor crisis there. The woman in question was Septa Miriam, a kind and strong woman who would become a staunch advisor and friend to Septon Leoben. In their time together, she grew to be as much a mentor to his Eminence as had been Septon Vorian. They kept a constant correspondence.
Septon Leoben was delighted when the uprising was quelled, but despaired over the violence, for in his Eminence's sparse personal correspondence with his High Holiness, the High Septon, his High Holiness had expressed a wish that peace and forgiveness be used over violence and anger. His Eminence returned to the Great Sept of Baelor and took up sole leadership of a sept in King's Landing.
In 383 AC, his High Holiness, the High Septon died. His High Holiness, the High Septon was elected at the conclave on the fifth ballot, which was on the third day.
Recent Events
In 383 AC, his High Holiness, the High Septon died. His High Holiness, the High Septon was elected at the conclave on the fifth ballot, which was on the third day.
315: Leoben Cawley is born. 329: Leoben Cawley enrolls in seminary. 333: Leoben Cawley graduates from seminary. 333: Leoben Cawley meets his High Holiness, the High Septon. 334: Septon Leoben receives ordination. 348: Septon Vorian dies. 354: Septon Leoben is put in charge of a Sept in the Crownlands. 361: Septon Leoben is created Septon of the Most Devout and sent to Dorne. 361: Septon Leoben meets Septa Miriam. 362: Septon Leoben returns to King's Landing and assumes control of a parish in King's Landing. 383: His High Holiness, the High Septon dies. 383: His High Holiness, the High Septon is elected on the fifth ballot of the conclave.
Court, an incomplete list
Septa Miriam (AC) Septon Vilio, Septon of the Great Sept of Baelor Septon Denys, Septon of the Great Sept of Baelor Septon Robin, Maester of the Great Sept of Baelor Septa Alyssane, Septa and Abbess of the Motherhouse of the Great Sept of Baelor Septa Margaret, Septa of the Motherhouse of the Great Sept of Baelor Septa Cassa, Septa of the Motherhouse of the Great Sept of Baelor
Family Tree
  • Yorick Cawley, 293-354 AC
  • Eleanor Cawley, 295-361 AC
    • Leoben Cawley, b. 315 AC

Auxiliary Character Biography

Appearance and Character
Despite her advanced age, Septa Miriam retains the steel of her youth, as well as much of her previous strength. Plain in appearance, she is kind and nuturing with a welcoming voice and warm expression, On the rare occations that she chooses to be stern, she can be quite intimidating. When passionate about a topic, or in desperate prayer, her expression becomes alive and her sincerity is invulnerable to doubt.
Born a commoner in the northern Reach, Septa Miriam joined the faith for better opportunities in life, receiving her calling only after entering a Motherhouse. She quickly rose through the ranks and was sent to Dorne to fill the position of Septon Theobald, who had been quietly removed from his position after the discovery of his secret lover and children.
Her tenure was, in the beginning, relatively tranquil, her position at Sunspear was, as with her counterparts in Highgarden, Oldtown, King's Landing, White Harbor, the Eyrie, Storm's End, Harrenhal, and Casterly Rock, both advisory and communicative. Little transpired that required her attention or the attention of the Faith in Dorne and her correspondence with the see in King's Landing was sparse.
When the uprising and riots of the R'hllor cultists in the Shadow City exploded into rebellion, she was among the first to caution against violence and continued to press her perspective with the support of the High Septon. She became close to his Eminence, Septon Leoben, when he was sent to Dorne to aid her in the addressing of the crisis
and was created Septa of the Most Devout at his High Holiness's first consistory in 383 AC. Now, her Eminence serves as his High Holiness's closest advisor and confidante.
Family Tree
  • Samwell, 276-309 AC
  • Jeyne, 271-351 AC
    • Miriam, b. 302 AC
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2020.08.24 06:09 Someweirdo237 Which artists draws the most characters for FEH? A top 5 (actually 9) countdown

So, one night, I had a thought. "Who are the artists that have done the most characters for FEH?" I thought to myself. One visit to Gamepedia's list of artist pages and here we are.
Also if I made a mistake somewhere along the line (which is likely all things considering) let me know, but after you read the notes.
Number 5: Kozaki Yusuke / Maeshima Shigeki / Suekane Kumiko - 15 characters
Kozaki Yusuke needs no introduction, but we're going to do it anyway. He is the character designer of Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates as well as being a manga artist, among other credits. He has done all the Book 1 and Book 3 OCs as well as several brave heroes.
Maeshima Shigeki another Manga (and light novel) artist that has done art for all of Book 2 OCs as well as several of their seasonal alts and the Orginal Xander and Camila.
Finally, Suekane Kumiko, best known as the character designer for the first three Ace Attorney and the Viewtiful Joe series. While she seems to be pigeonholed into drawing masculine men, Ishtar is her lone Female character she drew.
Number 4: cuboon / Kaya8 / Kita Senri - 16 characters
Ah yes, the controversial one. cuboon has illustrated for FE Cipher in the past as well as other games like Star Ocean: Anamnesis. While this artist has been pigeonholed to draw... a certain style of character, they have been given more variety before. (pls don't start a war in the comments)
While Kaya8's Manga and Video game work is probably more well known in Japan, their work in FEH seems to be quite popular. They have drawn most of the Azuras, and Tobin is the only male character they have done.
Finally, we come to Kita Senri who started working for IS with Fire emblem the sacred stones before becoming an art director for Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. Before that, she had also worked for Capcom for the SNK and Samurai showdown serries. For FEH she has done several Ikes and Ryomas as well as several brave heroes.
Number 3: Asatani Tomoyo - 17 characters
Having drawn for several card games like Card Fight!! Vanguard and Zenonzard, Asatani Tomoyo takes the number 3 slot. Having drawn most of the Erikas, Ephraims, and all of the Berkuts they are the only one who has drawn at least three versions of three different characters.
Number 2: PenekoR - 19 characters
Another Cipher artist that has worked on other Japan-only projects (I think). In Feh, they have drawn a variety of different characters including several Xander Alts.
And Finally... Number 1: Wada Sachiko - 20 characters.
Ah yes, the OG of Fire emblem OGs. She has been working with Intelligence systems for a long time, with credits dating back to the BS Fire Emblem game (Basically a downloadable mini fire emblem game that came out between Geneology and Thracia 776). She has worked on several Fire Emblem including being a game director (Yes game director, not art director) for Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones. She also has credits in the advance wars series. In Feh, she has drawn several characters and is the only artist who has drawn a brave hero in every set of them.
The runner ups:
6) Amagaitaro / Mayo - 14
7) Tobi / Daisuke Izuka / Yamada Kotaro - 13
8) Yura - 12
9) Meka - 11
10) HAKO/ lack / Mikuro/ Yoshiku - 9
If I had included Henrietta and Thorr then Kozaki Yusuke and Maeshima Shigeki would have risen up a rank. The reason why I didn't is that they currently are strictly NPCs. Yes, they could be playable, or even enemies in the future but there's no indication that the art required (Attack, Special, Damage) currently exists for them.
Conversely, I added Freyr to Yoshiku's count because he has most of his required art, (Normal, Damage, and part of his attack art) so it can be assumed that the rest of the art exists.
I tried to include some notes about other projects that the artists have worked on, but as you can see, PenekoR was the most difficult to find. And when I did find the projects it was either too obscure to be mentioned or I didn't know exactly what it was. That being said, I can say that they're a gamer so that's something.
There are 29 artists that have only done one character. They are:
Akira Egawa (Legendary Seliph), bthx (Corrin), Clover.K (Brady), DSmile (Spring Est), ekao (Resplended Olwen), Foo Midori (Hot Spring Hinoka), Hirooka Masaki (Female Byleth), Homare (Eremiya), Hoshino Lily (Rebecca), Kibayashi Senri (Altena), Komiya Kuniharu (Resplended Robin), Kotobuki Tsukasa (Ursula), Masao Tsubasa (Gwendolyn), Masatsugu Saito (Summer Laevatain), Mendako (Arthur), Might O (Pirate Brigid), Mizuno Kana (Merric), nabe (Legion), nekomochi (Bernadetta), Saori Toyota (Resplended Erika), Sasashima Suisei (Abel), Shioemon (Tailtiu), Tokki (Tethys), Tsukkii (Valentines Alm), Washimoto (Winter Tharja), Yamao (Death Knight), Yone Kazuki (Fallen Lyon), yoshihisa (Resplended Minerva), ZIS (Tharja)
Out of the 29, seven of them are launch characters (not counting winter Tharja) and twelve of those have first drawn for FEH this year.
Gamepedia forgot to list Akira Egawa (Legendary Seliph's artist) in their list of artists page. :(
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Robin Givens responds to Mike Tyson ‘catching her in bed ...

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  3. Robin Givens & Mike Tyson Relationship Will NOT Be In His ...
  4. Robin Givens Shuts Down That Brad Pitt Rumor WWHL - YouTube
  5. (1988) Mike Tyson & Robin Givens Interview - YouTube
  6. Mike Tyson Shares the REAL Story on Robin Givens & Brad ...
  7. Robin Givens Reveals What It Was Like Dating Brad Pitt ...
  8. Robin Givens Barbara Walters Interview Clip - YouTube

Robin Givens talks with Access Live about her past boyfriends Brad Pitt and Howard Stern! Watch to find out more about her famous exes! » SUBSCRIBE: http://b... Robin Givens Reveals What It Was Like Dating Brad Pitt: ‘He Was Such A Wonderful Person’ HollyStars is a channel ... Barbara Walters Exclusive The historic interview of Robin Givens and Mike Tyson by Barbara Walters on 20/20. Mike Tyson spills the tea on the time he caught his then wife Robin Givens with Brad Pitt. Actress Robin Givens clears up the story her ex-husband Mike Tyson claimed about her and former lover Brad Pitt, saying they were not caught together during ... Robin Givens stops by Shadow & Act and plays a nostalgic game of #ReelItBack where she relives her roles from “Boomerang,” “Ambitions,” and her relationship ...