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Race Report: Indiana Donor’s Network 5k, running with the runs, and can running slow result in running fast?

2017.10.14 22:31 patrick_e Race Report: Indiana Donor’s Network 5k, running with the runs, and can running slow result in running fast?

Race information


Goal Description Completed?
A Finish Yes
B Sub-23:00 Yes


Mile Time
1 7:29?
2 7:23?
3 7:00?


At this point all my real goals are long-term, so I’m just focused on building up base mileage. On Sept 9, I started using a HRM, and recently read 80/20 Running, and am mostly following Pfitzinger, so I’ve slowed my runs down a lot. My average pace in August was 8:44, so far in October it’s 9:19. I’m using a slightly modified Pfitzinger base plan that has me at 27 miles this week, plus one day of cross training (45 min moderate bike).
Dealt with some ITBS last week, but this week have felt great. Until...


...last night had some awesome white chicken chili and was cleaning up dinner when the nagging off feeling in my stomach became a full-fledged crisis. In the three hours between dinner cleanup and bedtime, I had three very violent trips to the facilities.
Oh boy.
This morning, had a slightly more encouraging encounter of the porcelain kind, and hopped in the car to drive 25 minutes.
Packet pickup at 8, then...oh no. Not again. Yep, my 5th trip in 9 hours. Leaving the bathroom slightly tender and rather discouraged, I figured, hey, I’m here, what’s the worst that can happen? I have a major accident in downtown Indianapolis in front of my friends and loved ones? Oh, right.
3 mile warm up along the course, slow, with mile 2 to 2-1/2 at race pace. Did some dynamic stretching while I chatted with friends who were running, laced up my DS Racers, then headed to the start line.


So it’s a charity race, which means lots of walkers, and sure enough there were strollers right at the front of the line. Not ideal. I weaseled my way into the front row. Some chatter with other runners, couple of guys asked about pace. My plan was 7:20-7:30 pace, and they said they’d stick with me. Cool. Cool cool cool.
Boomer, the Pacers mascot, started the race and we were off. A group of 8-10 (including my pace buddies, who didn’t run with me at all) took off pretty quick and pulled me along at 7:00 pace for a few strides until I snapped out of high school mode and settled in to my pace. Most of the first mile I was clicking along at 7:30, +/-5. Felt strong, stomach was cooperating, started picking off a couple of folks as we got to the mile mark.
Mile two I still felt good, but really just wanted to maintain pace. Course was a completed out-and-back, so halfway through the mile I could see who was around me. By the turnaround I was sitting in 6th place, the two guys out front looked strong but the next three looked vulnerable. Except...what’s this gurgle in my stomach? I grimace and determine to run through it, but it must have just been a random side cramp because it faded after about 1/4 mile. Picked up my pace a bit as I was feeling good, passed a couple of folks, saw my friends along the turnaround, and rolled through the 2 mile mark at...wait, .13 miles early? Turns out the city buildings, overpasses, and so forth jammed up my GPS bad and it wasn’t very reliable. Clocked a 7:23 pace, but must have actually run it faster.
Mile three I’m sitting in fourth, feeling good, and start to push the pace a little more. My GPS says 7:00, but I’m not sure if I can trust that. I’m closing in on the runner in front of me, running point-to-point to make up each possible stride. Took an ambitious turn and almost fell into the canal. Whoops. About 2.4 I pass into 4th place, and put in a bit of a surge to keep her from following me. First place is long gone, but second is in sight and flagging. At about 2.75 he looks back and sees me, and this is where my lack of speed work really shows itself. I could grind that pace for longer, I think, and feel pretty strong, I just don’t have that extra gear to make up the distance. Still, knowing he’s checking on me, I (hopefully jovially) yell, “I’m coming for you! Don’t even think about slowing down!” He gives me a thumbs up, picks up his pace, and we basically maintain distance to the finish.
My cheer crew (wife and kids) were shouting for me around the last turn, and that’s really the best part of the race.
3rd place, “recent” PR of 21:59.9, ha.


Obviously I’m a little shocked I placed 3rd with a 21:59, and just as shocked that I finished the race without, uh, embarrassing myself and shaming my family name. I’ll take it!
Shuffled through a two mile cooldown, and ended it feeling absolutely trashed. But I got 8 miles in, my highest mileage day since 2013, and I get to veg out the rest of the day.
More than anything, this was validation that my training plan is working. I’m committed to long, slow miles. My aerobic base is getting stronger and I’m able to go faster longer as a result.
Went to Logan Square Pancake House and ordered an absurd chimichanga breakfast burrito. Chorizo, white quest, avocado, huevos rancheros, and shredded cheese in a deep fried tortilla? With a side of breakfast nachos? I earned it!
Grabbed some coffee at Quills, then headed home in time for the kids’ nap. Local brewery has $6 growlers today for an anniversary deal, so I’ll be heading there later to fill up, probably watch some TV tonight and do laundry, or read, then bounce back with 5 easy miles tomorrow.
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2014.08.12 04:31 Ronem E-mails aboard the U.S.S. SOB

Frantic officer: Hey, I gotta problem. Like a huge problem. Can you guys, restore e-mails? 'Cause, well, mine are all gone.
I looked over to see what SOB was going to say, because this lieutenant was freaking out. I had just spent 2 weeks in the jungle with him in torrential downpours, and he was the calmest person I'd ever met. Prior infantry grunt, now infantry officer. Probably exactly what you're picturing in your head when you think Marine Officer.
This man was on the verge of tears.
SOB: Sir, did your e-mails disappear, or did you maybe delete them on accident?
FO: Um, I guess they disappeared. Yeah. They definitely just freakin' disappeared. Can you guys fix that? I mean I went ashore and – yeah, Ronem, you were there! You saw me, I was there the whole time I never left!
Me: Yes, sir, we were definitely stuck in about 5 feet of rain for a while
I had no idea why he suddenly cared so much I could corroborate his alibi. This man was distraught, not guilty. Or was he nervous? Either way, SOB just smelled his next ass to kiss.
SOB: Sir, let's just have you log in here and I'm sure Ronem here can set you up.
Oh yeah, big surprise there. I have no idea how to recover e-mails. And I really doubt ITB and her IT's can either.
FO sits down and logs in. Once Outlook opens, we see that he in fact has no e-mails. None. Nothing hidden, nothing in the Sent, Trash, Spam, nothing. So now I had a guy who seemed to be putting all of his hopes (for what, I had yet to find out) into an increasingly scared kid. I defaulted to Randall's Method and to my surprise found the button for literally Recovering Deleted E-mails.
Wow. That was amazingly simple.
Wow. He sure had a lot of e-mails
Wow. Someone deleted all of them at the same time, like 2 days ago.
Wait, what? He and I were no where near a networked computer 2 days ago!
SOB: Sir, did you give your password to anyone? Write it down in a book you might have left somewhere?
FO: No! No one! I mean, no one would do this to me.
Me: Sir, this kind of thing cannot happen on its own. As far as we know, you're the only one affected and besides, from what I can see here, all of your e-mails were deleted at the same time, and then removed from the Deleted Items folder. Someone, did this on purpose, and they did it to you, Sir.
FO was silent. I could tell he knew exactly who did this. That same person was also someone he respected until about 5 seconds ago. Now he had to debate revealing the perpetrator's identity and starting some drama, or trying to keep it a secret after busting in to the nervous system of the command half in tears.
You see, officers and enlisted, the two halves aint supposed to touch. Our drama, the enlisted bullshit, stays within the ranks. Officers, they keep their mysteries to themselves. Keeping it all separate usually keeps everyone as happy as their gonna get. Going Arnold Palmer with it all tends to fuck everything up.
Arnold Palmie alert, Arnold Palmie alert!
SOB: Sir, you see, you have us in a bind. We really want to make sure this doesn't happen to you again. But to do that, you're going to have to change your password first. Second, either you can tell us who most likely did this or I'm gonna have to go ahead and let the COMMO know users have violated the service agreement they signed when their accounts were made and an investigation will be started.
That grown man looked about 5-years-old, and SOB stood 10-feet-tall over him. FO had no choice but to reveal the suspect, knowing this enlisted kid was going to be knee deep in the scandal that was to follow. Because up to this point, neither SOB or I had asked him exactly why someone would delete all his e-mails.
FO: I gave Angry Lieutenant (AL) my password when I went ashore, so he could check my e-mails and let me know if anything important came up. But I've known the guy for a long time, and he wouldn't do this to me.
Me: But Sir, we got your e-mails back. I mean I know it's messed up to just delete someone's e-mails but they're all back...
My voice trailed off as I realized AL couldn't just read the e-mails for FO. He could send them as well.
SOB: Sir, maybe we should go find the COMMO, get him up to speed, I think you might feel more comfortable leaving this all with him
FO: Yeah, you're probably right. Man...could AL really have done that? Can you guys prove he did it?
Me: Affirmative, Sir. Beyond a doubt.
Within the hour, our COMMO was over my shoulder as we read the last e-mail sent from FO's account. It contained no leading text. And it's subject was simply “FW:” However, this message was anything but empty. Attached were some 40+ e-mails. This whole e-mail was sent to a woman with the same last name as FO. Unfortunately for everyone, the other 40 attachments hadn't been.
We didn't need to read them. It was clear AL was trying to sabotage FO's marriage. However, officers defend their own. As they should. But even when they're supposed to lead an investigation, they'll do everything they can to guide it to the result they want. Nothing illegal, but they'll refute everything they find until there's nothing left to find.
Not on my fucking watch.
So our COMMO, confronts AL who swears up and down he has no idea who did it. Doesn't know why anybody would, and hopes we find who did. This is also the same officer from my last story that had his personal hard drive wiped by yours truly. Not the smartest user on the planet.
I first set to confiscating the machines in the Infantry office. Two senior leaders tried to stop me, but Sheriff Ronem wasn't having it. With the two machines I browsed through logs in windows, looking for any logon's by FO while he was stomping through mud and mosquitoes with some Central American special forces.
Well, damn. The logs were set to overwrite after filling up their allotted space. (Which was set to the low default.) It had been about 2 days, and that machine was used by about at least 20 different people, many of which just spent two weeks without a computer at all. I couldn't scroll back far enough to see the particular day that the damning e-mail was sent. But as luck would have it, those two senior leaders and AL had designated the second computer as off limits to everyone else.
Well, damn. The logs were there, but no sign of FO's account. In fact, on the day in question only 4 people used the machine at all. The two senior leaders, AL, and one of the injured grunts who didn't get to go play.
Now I would need to get into the exchange server and see when it was accessed on that day. If I was lucky, it was tailored for a heavier load and would still have it's logs from the event. I should mention I didn't actually have domain credentials...exactly. ITB wouldn't budge on that fact. However, for every question I had for the Navy techs, they had at least 5 for me. Which was great, because I got to know them better, and I had a place to hide when SOB was getting on my nerves. They also had no problem sharing their credentials so that I could get work done (and probably save themselves the work).
Yes, yes. I know. Here I am investigating a violation of the service agreement using a method that violates that very same service agreement. But I had no intentions of snooping through personal information or ruining relationships (least of all with someone else's account).
The exchange server had just what I was looking for. FO logged in a few times that day and accessed his e-mail. (For the record we had no OWA set up, or any other means of accessing e-mail. It was a 1Mb outside connection.) Now it's been well established he couldn't have done that. But now I had to figure out how all this proved who did it.
Leader Computer Logs
AL Logged In - 4:38:14PM
AL Logged Off - 6:39:29PM
Exchange Logs
FO Accessed – 4:38:33PM – From General Public Computer
This event, as we determined, was when the user account opened outlook and requested its mailbox.
I'm sure most readers of this subreddit know the agony of logging on to an enterprise network, scripts and policies running and loading, taking forever and all you wanna do is just check your friggin e-mail.
It was just like that on ship, ya know, only completely worse. So I wanted to know how it was possible that AL logged in to his machine, and 19 seconds later FO accessed the exchange server and nobody saw a damn thing.
It took at least three minutes for the logon to complete, so that means at a minimum FO's account started its logon 2.5 minutes before AL even logged on, and then opened Outlook at about the exact same time AL logged in.
So in the span of 3 minutes, both men (one of whom was about 40 miles away) walked into a tiny office with two computers set 6 feet apart, logged in and accessed e-mail and yet whoever used FO's account was apparently invisible.
I took this evidence to SOB and the COMMO and explained the impossibility of AL's story and that no one else logged into the Leaders' computer for and hour before or after AL did, and there were no exchange requests from anyone in the infantry in that same time. (I guess they could have logged on and not checked their e-mail..but that's highly unlikely, and irrelevant).
I was thanked for my diligence and shooed from the office.
That was the last I heard of the event for the rest of the float. Everything went along as if nothing had happened. Needless to say, I was a bit angry. Partially at SOB and the COMMO for failing to bring justice, and mostly at myself for really thinking anything was going to happen at all. This wouldn't be the first time those in power got away with some wrong doings.
About 2 weeks after we got back to our unit in the States, one of our high ranking officers (HRO) called me in to his office.
HRO: Ronem, do you still have those e-mails from the ship. From AL and FO?
Me: Yes, Sir. Do you want me to bring them to you?
HRO: I was hoping you, me, and the legal officer (LO) could talk about what happened.
YES! Finally! I almost skipped down the hallway to get those files. Just knowing something I did was going to be taken seriously was enough for all those hours of extra, tedious tasks from SOB.
For the next few hours, behind a closed door, the two officers sat on either side as I scrolled through each and every of the 40+ e-mails included in that fateful message.
Every single one was to one woman or another, ranging from mundanely flirtatious to explicitly raunchy. It was the most bizarre thing I've ever had to endure. I started to question if this was really worth the comeuppance I so dearly desired.
After we mercilessly read the final e-mail, our Commanding Officer came in for the news.
CO: So, gents, what are we lookin' at here? How bad is it?
HRO: Well, at the very least those two were...well...they were a couple of fuckin' sleezebags. I think FO was trying to sleep with every officer on that ship
LO: I'll definitely have to take this back to their command. Just unfortunate.
HRO: And I think we're gonna have to kill Ronem here, because he's seen just way too much. Hahaha.
I wish I could tell you what ultimately happened in all that, but the two officers in question were with an infantry unit (I was with a support one) and everything followed them to a different base. Anti-climactic to say the least. But the ride was fun, wasn't it?
However, after that, all my guys knew I was who everyone really came to. Not SOB, the defacto leader, but Ronem, the motivated, overworked “working supervisor”.
The medal they gave me for that float wasn't too shabby either. :)
Stay tuned for the Season Premiere of Military Technical Tragedies: Ronem the Repo Man!
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